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  1. Packing and moving electronic items isn’t everyone’s favourite task when moving houses. Below are a few tips that can make packing and moving electronics easy. 

    • Take out the batteries from the electronics. This prevents leaks and overheats. 
    • Charge up the rechargeable batteries a couple of days before moving.
    • Eject DVDs, CDs, and Blu-rays from different devices and tape the drives.
    • Take out the toner cartridges from laser printers. Thereafter, secure them in a dust-proof plastic bag. Eject the other printer cartridges from non-laser printers. 
    • To move something in which you store loads of information, back up the data.
    • Cushion the top and bottom of the electronic box with bubble wrap or towels. This secures everything inside.
    • Wrap up large items in bubble wrap.
    • Avoid using newspapers for packing screens.

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