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The platform guided me through everything I needed for my move and my new home. Their moving concierge answered all my questions. The fact that they had my back saved me a huge headache!
Kim Carpenter
Halifax, Nova Scotia
These guys made sure I did not forget anything and you only need to type in your address once.
Len Bowell
Baton Rouge, LA
Quick and easy way to compare and purchase all the services I needed for my new home.
Jackie Thomas
Denver, CL
Best website for address change!
Ronda Martineaux
Montreal, QC
MovingWaldo solves a real problem facing the RE/MAX customers. We invite our customers to take advantage of their services in every transaction!
Etienne, RE/MAX
Real Estate Broker
We are pleased to allow our members to use the services offered by MovingWaldo to inform us of their changes of address in one click.
CAA-Changement d'adresse
CAA Quebec
Partner program manager
MovingWaldo helps us connect with quality clients looking for professional moving services in their area.
Let’s Get Moving!
Moving company

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Change your address in 5 minutes.

Build your list and notify thousands of places instantly with our free change of address automation tool. Don’t do this the old way!

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Get free delivery on our pre-made packing kits and avoid going back and forth to the store!

Get organized with your Moving Dashboard.

Our step-by-step Moving Dashboard allows you to get things done in a breeze. Share tasks, track progress and collaborate with your favorite people.

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A network for everything moving

MovingWaldo works relentlessly to constantly grow its curated network of trusted vendors. More than 1 000 organizations are available under our roof.


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