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Win your move like a pro with Canada’s #1 moving platform. You can book everything under one roof !

Receive your moving boxes and supplies directly at home. Free shipping on orders over $59.

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Get quotes from reliable movers in your area, based on customer reviews and ratings.

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Find out today’s best deals on home Internet, TV and phone. 

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Select the right insurance coverage for your new beginning, or move your current coverage.

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Notify the government, financial institutions, reward programs, mobile phone carriers and more of your new address, in a one-step process!

Update your address

Notify your local energy provider of your move, or become a client.

Connect utilities


And many more features at your fingertips.

It’s simple, this is your most organized move yet. As a bonus, we save you dozens of calls and headaches.

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No commitment, no cost. Powerful benefits for your move.

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Once registered, your move success manager will guide you, answer your questions, provide the right resources and help you save time and money.

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MovingWaldo is 100% free.

It’s not a secret, the website revenue comes from the suppliers. When you select an internet plan or complete an insurance quote, MovingWaldo is paid by the suppliers. Everybody wins!

The offers on the platform are geolocated based on your new address, exhaustive and displayed to make it easy for you to get the task done. The choice is always yours!

1 Canadian out of 4 now visit MovingWaldo when moving.

Join our community! MovingWaldo has been helping Canadians move since 2015, and we are proud to be the go to destination for families moving in Canada.

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Great website with lots of moving tips. Love that it coordinates disconnecting and reconnecting utilities and address changes all in one place! Super convenient!
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Your platform is extremely user-friendly; it was easy to navigate and I was able to complete all the changes required. I was also very pleased with all the relevant information provided. MovingWaldo truly made my move easier. Thank you!
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Amazing!! Worth it, simple to use, helped me a lot!
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It's a good way to make sure you don't forget anything and you only have to type in your address once.
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Great website, easy to understand and was a loooot faster to change our address to a bunch of companies with Moving Waldo. I recommend!!!
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Super helper so as not to forget anything and speed up the moving process!
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MovingWaldo solves a real problem facing the RE/MAX customers! We invite our customers to take advantage of their services in every transaction!

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