How to Move a Large Sofa or a Sofa Bed?

How to Move a Large Sofa or a Sofa Bed?

If you have ever moved home or even rearranged your living room, you will know what a challenge it can be to move a sofa or sofa bed, especially when stairs are involved! MovingWaldo excels itself in having the know-how in moving even the most difficult items, whether or not you decide to hire a professional to help you. If you decide to go it alone, we can help you every step of the way in moving your sofa or sofa bed. Likewise, if you need to move your sofa through a window, down the stairs, or through a narrow space, our expert step-by-step guide will ensure that your sofa is in its new place as soon and as efficiently as possible. Sofa so good? (Sorry, I couldn’t resist a pun!).

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Step-by-step guide to moving your couch without a professional

There is no reason why you should need a professional to help move your sofa or sofa bed if you follow our guidelines and step-by-step instructions.

1. Clear your path

It is important that you clear any possible obstructions out of your way before you begin to move your sofa. As you’re no doubt aware, these are heavy items of furniture and having to stop and put down your sofa to move another object is not ideal. In assessing the path your sofa will take, you should take notice of any narrow spaces, any immovable objects, and any particularly low ceiling or doorway areas.

2. Plan your movements

It is crucial that you and your helpers (and you will need some!) know exactly where it is you are aiming to get your sofa. You need to be able to synchronize all of your steps and movements to make it both times efficient and as safe as possible. You could even rehearse your steps for potential problem areas.

3. Remove the pillows and mattress (if applicable)

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4. Secure the Frame

You will need to secure your sofa bed’s frame so that it doesn’t unfold whilst you are in the middle of moving it. To secure it, you should find a rope or bungee cord and tie it around the middle of the sofa.

5. Lay your sofa on its back

You should lay your sofa bed onto sections of cardboard placed on the ground. If you have some furniture moving dollies to use, you can put the sofa on them on top of the cardboard. This is to prevent any damage or markings to your sofa whilst it is in transit.

6. Remove any feet

Not your own! If your sofa or sofa bed has any feet then this is the ideal time to remove them. This will make it easier to transport your sofa through narrower areas such as doorways.

7. Moving your sofa through a door

The easiest way to move your sofa is to slide it along the cardboard or furniture dollies. Without any feet, it should easily move through a doorway. If not, you should try to angle the sofa so that it passes through the door all the way to your moving truck.

How to Move a Sofa or Sofa Bed down the Stairs?

This is often the trickiest part of the moving of a sofa! Before I begin I’m always reminded of that Friends episode (The One with the Cop) where Ross has bought a sofa and he’s trying to get it to his apartment! Hopefully, your sofa moving down the stairs won’t result in quite so many problems!

Step 1

If you’re using any furniture dollies, remove them first. You should then slide your sofa forward while making sure you maintain pressure on the side that’s furthest from the staircase. Your sofa will naturally begin to tilt as it is moved toward the stairs. Carefully allow your sofa to rest on the stairs and move it so that it then rests completely on them. The person in front of the sofa will need to ensure that the cardboard that you’re using doesn’t catch on steps and they should also direct the person at the rear as to when they should push.

Step 2

The cardboard is there to reduce friction between the stairs and your sofa, making it easier to manage. If your stairs happen to change direction or have a corner in them, then you will need to stand your sofa up on one end. You will then need to walk it. By ‘walk it’, we mean to move it one edge at a time rather like stepping.

Step 3

Once you have successfully navigated the corner, you can then do the same as before on the cardboard. Make sure someone is always guiding the sofa down until it reaches the bottom.

How to move a sofa through the window from the second floor?

Sometimes the only way to move your sofa is unfortunately through a window! Firstly, it has to be said that you should try to avoid this if you can. Usually, if you have managed to get your sofa upstairs, you should be able to get it back downstairs, even if you have to dismantle it. However, if you’ve tried all options, then getting your sofa through a window might be the only option left.

Hire Help

It should go without saying that if you are attempting to remove a sofa through an upper floor window you’re going to need some moving help and hire some equipment too.


The best piece of equipment is going to be using a specialized hoist which will be attached to your sofa and then lowered down slowly onto the ground. The hiring and using of these hosts are not easy and you should always consult the experts before trying to do it alone. Most removal companies or truck hire companies will be able to assist you as they often offer these services as a part of their removal or truck hire packages.

How to move a sofa through a narrow space?

The problem with moving sofas or sofa beds is usually when you hit a narrow space such as a doorway. Sofas often seem far too big to fit through gaps. With a little knowledge, you can shift that sofa through the small space in no time.

People Power

Firstly, make sure that you have enlisted the help of others as you will need at least two strong friends to help you out. Even smaller sofas can weigh nearly 100 lbs!

Take off pillows and cushions

Remove as much bulk from the sofa as possible to make it more streamline. This is especially important for the feet of the sofa if it has them as they usually stick out a bit.

Measure the sofa

Measure your sofa to double check that it will fit before trying to move. You need to bear in mind to measure the absolute maximum points of the sofa.

Measure the doorway or narrow space

It’s best to measure all the areas you will need to pass through before you start to move your sofa. This will help you to move it swiftly and easily without having to stop checking that it will fit through halfway along.

Remove Doors

Normally, removing the inner doors will help you to move your sofa through the doorway with the maximum possible space. This is a job which will seem cumbersome but it will save you a lot of time if you remove them first before attempting to get a sofa through a doorway that’s just a bit too small.

Move the sofa vertically or horizontally

The easiest way to move a sofa through a narrow space is often to tip it up on its end and ‘walk it’, taking each side in turns forward a bit and shuffling it through. However, sometimes it is easier to move it horizontally, so see which way works best for your sofa.


If you have tried the above, you could try moving your sofa in a diagonal manner. You should pick the sofa up at each end and then tilt it 45° so that the person in front can hook the leading arm of the sofa round the door. The rest can then follow in a motion that is rather like a corkscrew. However, this method requires the movers to be strong thanks to the back and forth movements that are needed.

How Heavy is a Sofa Bed?

Even though a sofa bed can be used as a bed and a sofa, it is usually a sofa first and foremost with having the option of being able to fold out into a bed. The average sofa bed, therefore, weighs around 350 lbs. Of course, there will be variations to this depending on the size of the sofa bed and how it is designed. Nevertheless, moving your sofa bed will require lots of thought, preparation, and a fair few people to help you out!

Should I disassemble my sofa bed before I move it?

If you can move your sofa bed easily without disassembling it then there’s no need to do so. It might be easier to remove the cushions and mattresses before you move it, stowing these separately though. In terms of whether you should do any more dismantling, it really depends on the individual sofa bed. If dismantling it means that you can now get it out of the door where you couldn’t before then, of course, it makes sense to dismantle it before you hire a hoist and take it through your window! However, if you can simply remove the mattress and pillow sections with relative ease, this should be enough for most people to enable them to move their sofa bed as quickly and easily as possible.


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