Should I get an electric or gas snow blower?

January 5, 2021

One Response

  1. Deciding whether to get an electric or gas snow blower comes down to understanding the differences between how the two work.

    • Electric snow blowers are powered by electricity, which is often plugged in to charge the unit. In contrast, gas snow blowers are powered by gasoline. In general, electric snow blowers are more eco-friendly compared to their gasoline-powered counterparts, but they are not as powerful and dragging the electric cord along with you is not convienient. 
    • Gas snow blowers are generally heavier in weight than electric snow blowers, owing to having compartments to store gas and process it to produce energy. Since electric components are more efficient in design, electric snow blowers are lighter.
    • Gas snow blowers (especially 2 and 3 stage variants) are considered better for larger driveways, while electric ones (often single and 2 stage variants are common) are preferred for smaller driveways.

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