Best Cardiff Van Hire

The Top 5 Best Van Rentals in Cardiff That You Can Trust

Numerous factors need to be considered when searching for the best van hire company in Cardiff. It is especially important to search for positive and negative reviews from past clients, the size of the lorry fleet and the type of services offered.

A move can be overwhelming, and you may think your to-do list will go on forever. Since MovingWaldo has done the research already, you don’t have to spend hours searching amongst dozens of van hire companies to know if they’re trustworthy. Here are the top 5 best hire van companies in Cardiff that have been carefully researched so that you can trust them to handle your removal.

MovingWaldo's list of the Best Cardiff Vans for Hire

What is MovingWaldo?

MovingWaldo is a technology company that specializes in simplifying the moving process for individuals and families. Our comprehensive suite of services includes booking trustworthy movers, comparing internet plans, and automating administrative tasks, which can save users hours of paperwork.

How are Van Hire Companies selected?

Our network of van hire companies you can trust is carefully built based on professionalism, years of experience, accreditation, awards, and social proofs from customers. We care to help you through the maze of information the web provides about this unique industry. You can trust the van rentals listed here to guide you and your family safely into moving day!

Are you a good, trustworthy company?

4.9 stars based on 34 reviews from around the web
Free home van delivery
Truck Rental (Van Hire) - UK

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BDS Van Hire Ltd is a van rental company whose mission is to develop a highly successful, all-round van rental business which provides quality services to communities. They are also focused on becoming a standard for an ideal van rental business in South Wales and throughout the United Kingdom. As a local, family-owned and operated company, BDS Van Hire offers high standards meanwhile, retaining a personal, tailored approach to caring for and looking after their customers in Cardiff and surrounding areas.

Services / Products offered in Cardiff

• Van hire
• Car hire
• Hourly hire
• Overnight hire
• Monthly hire
• Flexible hire
• Vehicle Drop-off & collection service

Company rate

Starting at:
• Small commercial van (3.2 CBM) : £35.00
• Medium commercial van (5.9 CBM): £60.00
• Large commercial van (11.3 CBM): £50.00
• Extra large commercial van (14.0 CBM): £75.00

*More prices available on website.

Area Covered

Cardiff and surrounding areas in South Wales


• Free home delivery
• Opens 7 days a week
• Overnight van hire services
• Insurance coverage


• Charge small fee for drop offs at locations greater than 5 miles from Cardiff

Why should you choose BDS Van hire Ltd?

BDS Van Hire Ltd offers well-tailored, personal van hire services. They aim for convenience and high customer satisfaction. They provide free home deliveries for vans with their free vehicle drop-off service. This means that you don’t have to visit the nearest hire centre to take receipt of your van. Instead, you can simply book your vehicle online and wait for it to be dropped off at your home or office/business at your preferred. If you live within 5 miles of Cardiff, this is entirely free.They are also available seven days a week so that customers can access vans throughout the week.

Office 16 Storage Giant Building, 376 Newport Road, Cardiff, CF23 9AE
4.7 stars based on 207 reviews from around the web
Over 40 years of industry experience
Truck Rental (Van Hire) - UK

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U-Drive Limited is a family owned and operated independent self-drive car hire company located in the heart of the south western part of the UK. They have been providing the best solutions in van rentals across the South West UK for 40 years. With a wide network of locations throughout Dorset, Devon, Hampshire, Wiltshire, and Somerset, their modern fleet of over 3,000 rental vans, cars, trucks, and minibuses provide great value at competitive hire rates. Their services include commercial vehicle rental, MOT testing & repairs, removal van hire, and more.

Services / Products offered in Cardiff

• Car hire and leasing
• Van and truck hire
• Vehicle sales
• Vehicle leasing
• Flexi-hire
• Commercial vehicle rental
• MOT testing & repairs
• Removal van hire
• Flatbed truck rental
• Minibus hire & leasing

Company rate

Available on demand

In Business Since


Area Covered

• Hampshire
• Wiltshire
• Dorset
• Devon
• Somerset
• Glamorgan


• Vehicle breakdown coverage
• Accident insurance coverage
• Extra drivers are allowed
• Vans can be driven outside UK (with prior permission)


• Minimum age for vehicle hire is 23 with the maximum being 75

Why should you choose U-Drive Limited?

U-Drive Limited is a lorry hire company that has been existing for over four decades. They have gained quality experience, created a wide network of van hire locations in the UK, and built a solid reputation in that period. Additionally, they offer top-notch customer service. This has particularly helped them gain customer loyalty with a lot of customers. As an extension of their customer-focused services they operate seven days a week, making it a dependable vehicle hire company for most customers.

Dragon House, Coaster Pl, Rover Way, Cardiff CF10 4XZ, United Kingdom
TrustPilo Logo Ratings
4.1 stars based on 49 reviews from around the web
Over 10,000 locations worldwide
Truck Rental (Van Hire) - UK

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Founded in 1918 by Walter Jacobs, Hertz has been reinventing and expanding their van and car services. Dedicating their time to making life easier for their customers with their products, extraordinary levels of service and their award winning loyalty programme, Gold Plus Rewards.Today, with over 10,000 locations in 145 countries across 6 continents, they are among the world’s largest global van and car rental companies, and a trusted provider of vehicles hire services. Their vehicles are available for daily, hourly, and long-term hire.

Services / Products offered in Cardiff

• Car hire: daily car hire, electric vehicles, long-term car hire, the dream collection
• Van hire: daily van hire, hourly van hire
• Business hire

Company rate

Available on demand

In Business Since


Area Covered

UK: London, Manchester, Belfast, Dublin, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Nice, Palma de Mallorca

International: UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Cyprus, USA

*These are the top locations only.


• 10,000 locations in 145 countries
• Flexible rates for customers
• Premium plan for ease and extra convenience
• Effective customer service


• Vehicle hire must be made at least 24 hours before the vehicle pick-up.

Why should you choose Hertz?

This century-old vehicle hire company has consistently committed to offering value for service to customers around the world by making movement easier and affordable. With over 10,000 locations in 145 countries across 6 continents, they are among the world’s largest global car rental companies, and a trusted provider of vehicle hire services. Their extensive and wide network across many countries contributes to why they can offer one of the most affordable vehicle hire services globally.

Bessemer Rd, Cardiff CF11 8BA, United Kingdom
4.1 stars based on 249 reviews from around the web
Renowned company worldwide
Truck Rental (Van Hire) - UK

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Enterprise is a corporation not only expertises in lorry rentals but also sells new and used passenger cars, vans, and other motor vehicles, in addition to auto parts and accessories. Enterprise’s well-known automobile rental company operates in more than 70 countries worldwide; they have been in business since 1957, making them a reliable firm you can always trust. The United Kingdom is one of its most important markets because of the excellent pick-up and drop-off service it provides. Enterprise Car and Van Hire, one of the world’s largest van rental brands, has an automobile or commercial vehicle ideal for transporting the goods associated with your company and meeting your requirements. Whether you’re moving or doing business, Enterprise has a wide variety of vehicles for hire, including pickup trucks, cargo vans, and straight trucks. If you rented a van from Enterprise, you would not just obtain van rental services, they also offer a fleet management service.

Services / Products offered in Cardiff

• Packing and unpacking
• Moving truck rental
• Car sales
• Fleet management
• Business rentals
• Exotic rentals
• Van services
• Towing-equipped vehicle rentals
• Storage services
• Truck rentals

Company rate

Available on demand

In Business Since


Area Covered

Surrey Egham, United Kingdom


• Warm customer service, suitable for different customers, including those with disabilities.
• Well-maintained cars and MPV
• Daily operations
• Rental discounts available for customers
• Personalised service available
• Cost-effective van rental service


• Enterprise does not take cash deposits due to security reasons.

Why should you choose Enterprise Car & Van Hire?

Enterprise Car and Van Hire is one of the best options for consumers to rent a van or car because they provide a broad selection of modern cars, including towing-equipped pickup trucks, straight trucks, and cargo vans, all at rates that are within an affordable price range. Additionally, they have a reach in the United Kingdom because they are situated within 10 miles of 93.4% of the population of the United Kingdom. With 65 years of business, customers may rest easy knowing that this company collaborates with 95% of the top-rated motor insurers in the UK. They provide incredible customer service, with over 80% of calls handled in less than a minute. In addition, since the Enterprise company owns the fleets, you do not need to be concerned about being late or charged by a third party when you want to hire a van.

45 Penarth Rd, Cardiff CF10 5DJ, United Kingdom
3.9 stars based on 76 reviews from around the web
Over 41 years of experience
Truck Rental (Van Hire) - UK

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Established in 1981, Northgate Vehicle Hire has spent years improving customer relations, becoming one of the UK’s largest van hire companies. Their mission is to give businesses the reliable vans they need with minimum stress. They back this up with a high-quality maintenance program and 24/7 breakdown cover on all their vans, as well as deliberate and sufficient investment in their state-of-the-art workshops. Northgate has amassed over 50,000 vehicles across 67 locations in the UK in the last 40 years. They also specialise in buying and selling used vans at fair market valuation.

Services / Products offered in Cardiff

• Vehicle hire
• Fleet solutions: fleet management, accident management, vehicle inspection app, vehicle insurance and maintenance
• Specialist & sector: electric vehicles, construction, logistics, drive to zero

Company rate

Available on demand

In Business Since


Area Covered

United Kingdom


• Wide range of vehicles for hire
• 24 hour roadside assistance and recovery
• Over 50,000 vans and cars to choose from
• Over 40 years of experience


• Do not offer personal vehicle hire

Why should you choose Northgate Vehicle Hire?

Northgate Vehicle Hire is a multi-award-winning van hire service. They are a two-time winner of the Business Vans Awards 2022 and two-time winner of the Business motoring Award 2022. They are famous for quickly delivering vans to their clients and are aided by a well-trained team of agents. Northgate Vehicle Hire is there for all your moving and van needs, they offer flexible hire which offers vans whenever you need them. In addition, they also have more than 50,000 vans for their clients to choose from to make your move as efficient as possible.

Lamby Way, Rumney, Cardiff CF3 2EQ, United Kingdom

Frequently Asked Questions about Vans for Hire

Whether you need a parking permit for a van in the UK highly depends on which public road you plan to park the van on as regulations can vary based on your borough or city. If you are planning to park it in your private driveway, there usually is no need for a permit. Careful research is important and can be done by going to the city or borough’s website or even by calling them to be sure. Once you know that you need a permit, apply for it with the local authorities and make sure to ask for longer access just in case your removal goes on longer than planned. Parking permits will typically cost between £35 and £75 so it’s important to plan your budget accordingly.

It is likely that the size van you need for your removal will be suggested to you either on the van hire company’s website or by a representative in person. You will be required to disclose some characteristics of your home such as: type of property, size of property, estimated number of items or boxes you will have, and more. For example, a 3.5-ton Luton is one of the most used vans for removals in the UK and can hold the items of a two-bedroom flat or small house so about 40 boxes and other essential bulky items like a dining table or fridge. There is also the Long Wheels Base (LWB) Transit van for smaller removals like 1–2-bedroom flats. Here is a table to help you determine which size van you will need for your removal:

Home size

Number of medium boxes

Van size 

Studio flat

(200-250 sq. ft)

20 boxes

LWB transit van

380-540 cu. ft.

1-2 bed. flat

(500-1200 sq. ft)

20-25 boxes

3.5-ton Luton body van with tail lift

550 cu. ft.

2 bed. house

(1100 sq. ft)

25 boxes

3.5-ton Luton with tail lift & LWB transit van

550 & 380 – 540 cu. ft

3 bed. house

(1500 sq. ft)

40 boxes

7.5-ton Luton box van

880 cu. ft.

4-5 bed. house

(2000-3000 sq. ft)

50-55 boxes

7.5-ton Luton box van & 3.5- ton Luton body van

The cost to hire a van is usually determined based on the type of plan you choose: the general flat rate fee or the hourly fee. For hourly rentals, many van hire companies will ask for two hours as a minimum and may impose additional costs based on distance or their own Terms & Conditions. When it comes to flat rates, many companies will offer a flat rate for the entire day or in 4-hour blocks. Here’s the average cost to hire a van for a day:

Van type

Average daily pricing


£60.00 – £70.00

3.5-ton Luton

£80.00 – £100.00

7.5-ton Luton van

£100.00 – £150.00

It is a good idea to get van insurance during your removal as it is likely that damage to your van rental won’t be covered by your existing insurance. While loading all your items inside you may accidentally scratch the van and even a small scratch can cost you lots of money. Most van hire companies will offer insurance at a low cost in case of damage to the vehicle. As for your personal items, it is recommended to check with your personal insurance to see if they are covered in case of any damage during the move.

According to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency you will need a special licence to drive a van if it’s more than 3.5 tons: anything over that weight, including popular 7.5-tonne lorry hires, require a special licence. For a midsize van under 4.25 tons, you will need a category B driver’s licence and a category E if you plan to attach a trailer to it.

Yes, many van hire companies offer one way rentals, but they are usually more expensive. One way van hires are typically for when you rent a truck from one location and return it to another location to the same company or an affiliated one. People tend to rent one way when the distance is longer than a typical local removal (over 60 miles). Their costs are generally higher than the average daily or hourly rate for van hires as companies have to transport the van back to the starting location since some places are much more in demand than others.

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