How to change my address for Internet, TV and Phone services?

Unless you live under a rock, you probably want your internet connection to be installed in your new home as soon as possible! This article guides you on the procedure to follow to successfully move you services with the main 13 Canadian providers.

Moving is also a great opportunity to save money on internet & TV services. Take some time to compare your current plan!

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When should I notify my telecommunications service provider(s) of my move?

It’s never too early to tell your telecom provider(s) about your move. To make sure all your services are reconnected to your new home in time, it is recommended to notify your telecom provider(s) at least four weeks before your moving date. This way, you can easily plan your desired installation time and date based around your day-to-day schedule.

What you should know!

In Quebec, if you plan to move around July 1st, you are part of the 250,000 other Quebecers who will fight for the best times for the installation of Internet, TV and Phone services. In this case, notify your service provider(s) eight weeks in advance. It does not cost anything to be well organized!

Moreover, in the years 2015 & 2016, among all provinces of Canada, those of British Columbia and Ontario were the principal recipients of net interprovincial migration (Statistics Canada). This means that if you are planning your move in one of these two provinces, you are competing with approximately 35,600 people combined for the installation of your TV, Phone and Internet services. You should thus be well prepared and notify your service providers as early as possible!

1. How to move my Bell Services?

Bell offers 5 ways to inform them of your move.

  1. Via MovingWaldo’s Set up telecom service;
  2. Call Customer Service 1 866 527-8771;
  3. Visit a Bell store or a Bell retailer;
  4. Have a Bell representant call you;
  5. Chat live with a representant.

2. How to move my Rogers services?

  1. Via MovingWaldo’s Set up telecom service;
  2. Via your MyRogers account, simply follow these steps:
    • When you’re signed in, select “Profile & Settings”
    • In the Account section, click “Edit” next to “Billing”
    • After you’ve updated your billing address, select “SAVE CHANGES”
  3. Via the MyRogers app, simply follow these steps:
    • Open the app and sign in
    • Tap the menu icon and select “ACCOUNT DETAILS”
    • Tap “Edit Billing Address”
    • After you’ve updated your billing address, select “Review”
    • After you’ve reviewed that the information is correct, tap “SUBMIT CANADA POST ADDRESS” or “SUBMIT ADDRESS AS ENTERED”
    • After the success message appears, tap “OK” to confirm.

The MyRogers app is available for download at Apple’s App Store and the Google Play store!

3. How to move my Videotron Services ?

Videotron offers 4 ways to inform them of your move.

  1. Via MovingWaldo’s Set up telecom service;
  2. Call Customer Service 1 877 486-6690;
  3. Find a Videotron Store;
  4. Ask a representative to contact you.

4.How to move my Cogeco Services ?

Cogeco offers 4 ways to inform them of your move.

  1. Via MovingWaldo’s Set up telecom service;
  2. Call Customer Service 1-866-921-5792;
  3. Via your Cogeco My Account;
  4. Via the online moving form.

5. How to move my Telus services?

Telus offers 3 ways to inform them of your move.

  1. Call Customer Service 1-855-233-2301;

6. How to move my TekSavvy services?

TekSavvy offers 3 ways to inform them of your move.

  1. Call Customer Service 1 833 619-1630;
  2. Submit a request via the Online Help Centre;
  3. Via your TekSavvy MyAccount.

For TekSavvy services, you should note that MyAccount address moves are currently limited to Dry Loop DSL customers in Ontario & Quebec, and Ontario Cable internet customers whose home is serviced by Rogers Network.

Moreover, to make sure that your change occurs as smoothly as possible, it is advised to contact TekSavvy at least seven to ten days prior to your move.

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7. How to move my services? offers 2 ways to inform them of your move.

  1. Call Customer Service in Canada at 1 866 434-5888 (24/7 Support)

2. Via your account

8. How to move my Koodo services?

Koodo offers 3 ways to inform them of your move.

  1. Call Customer Service 1 866 995-6636;

Mon-Fri: 9am-9pm
Sat & Sun: 9am-7pm

Mon-Fri: 10am-10pm
at & Sun: 10am-8pm

Note that fees will be charged when you contact customer service by phone.

2. Via the Self Serve portal;
3. Visit a Koodo Shop.

9. How to move my Freedom Mobile services?

Freedom Mobile offers 3 ways to inform them of your move.

  1. Call Customer Service 1 877 946-3184;
    Mon-Sun: 8am-10pm (local time Toronto)
  2. Via your Freedom Mobile My Account;
  3. Via the My Account Mobile App.

10. How to move my Eastlink Wireless services?

Eastlink Wireless offers 3 ways to inform them of your move.

  1. Call Customer Service 1 888 345-1111;
    Mon-Fri: 8am-9pm
    Sat: 9am-5pm
  2. Visit an Eastlink retail store;
  3. Live chat with an Eastlink representant.

11. How to move my Public Mobile services?

Public Mobile offers 2 ways to inform them of your move.

  1. Contact the Customer Support Team;
  2. Via your Public Mobile My Account.

12. How to move my Petro Canada Mobility services?

Petro Canada Mobility offers 2 ways to inform them of your move.

  1. Contact Customer Service 1 866 788-3475;
    Hours of operation: 7am-1am, ET.
  2. Via your Petro-Canada Mobility My Account.

13. How to move my Acanac services?

Acanac offers only one way to inform them of your move.

  1. Contact Customer Care at 1 866 281-3538.
    Mon-Fri: 9am-9pm EST

Note that some of Acanac’s carriers request a 10-day notice, so we recommend notifying them two weeks before your moving date, at the latest.

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