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Packing Clothes for Moving: A Step by Step Guide

There are a lot of packing tips to take into consideration when you are moving. Packing your clothes for moving is one of the most time-consuming tasks in moving since we have a lot of them. Depending on how many clothes you have, packing clothes for moving can be perceived as a stressful task. Since we have many different types of clothes, sorting and storing them can be hard. You don’t want to forget any clothes in your moving process. Here are some of the best packing tips on how to pack your clothes for moving.

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The Best Way to Pack Clothes for Moving

Step 1: Donate Clothes You Don’t Need Anymore

Moving is the perfect opportunity to sort out the tons of clothes you don’t wear anymore. Whether it’s clothes that are too small or too old, it’s beneficial to sort through them so that you don’t pack them for nothing. If your clothes are still in good condition, you can donate them to one of the best charitable organizations

Step 1 Donate Clothes before packing

Step 2: Make a Packing Checklist for Your Clothes

There are a lot of different clothes and it can be easy to forget to pack one category of clothes. A packing checklist is one of the most underrated tools. It will help you make things run as smoothly as possible from packing to unpacking. A packing checklist for your clothes will also serve as a reminder in case you forget something. It will not only keep you on track but help you stay motivated.

Packing checklist

Step 3: Keep an Essential Clothing Bag With You on Moving Day

Moving can be tiring. When moving to your new place, you don’t necessarily want to unpack the same day of the move.  You might one to keep an essential clothing bag with you with a few clothes in it. This way, you’ll have all the essentials at hand and you won’t have to go digging through the bottom of boxes to find your pajamas or some socks.

Step 3 Moving Day Bag

Step 4: Pack Your Clothes by Season

Packing your clothes by season will make your unpacking smoother and will save you time. You will be able to decide which clothes are a priority to unpack. Winter coats might not be a priority for you if you are moving in the middle of July in a heatwave. Don’t forget that clothes should also be cleaned and dry before packing.

Step 4 Pack clothes by season

Step 5: Use Wardrobe Boxes

Among the clothes you want to keep, there is no need to remove hangers or fold clothes that are usually hung into a regular moving box. This is why the best way to pack your clothes for moving is to opt for a few wardrobe boxes. This packing tip will allow you to easily carry dresses, suits, and delicate pieces without wrinkling them. 

Step 5 Keep Clothes Hanger Packing

Step 6: Pack the Heaviest Clothes at the Bottom and the Lightest Clothes at the Top

Packing the heaviest clothes at the bottom allows a better distribution of the weight in the box making it easier to transport. In the end, with the free space, you can pack the light and small clothes in the empty spaces of the box.

Step 6 Pack Heavy Clothes Bottom Boxes

Step 7: Avoid Packing Shoes and Accessories With Your Clothes

Shoes can be dirty and they can stain clothes. Moreover, accessories such as jewelry are often fragile and can break easily. If you want to avoid any damages, it is suggested to pack your shoes and accessories separately from your clothes.  

Step 7 Avoid Packing Shoes and Clothes together

Step 8: Use Vacuum Storage Bags

Vacuum storage bags are a great solution to save space and efficiently pack a lot of clothes at the same time. They are great if you are looking to store clothes for a short period of time. However, using vacuum storage bags in the long term can damage the shape and the fit of your clothes because they are compressed. 

Step 8 Use Vaccum Plastic Bag to Pack

Step 9: Label, Label, Label

Labeling your boxes is one of the most important steps. You can label your clothing boxes with markers or use a color code to make your unpacking smoother. You should label not only what’s in the box, but whose clothes and what category of clothes are inside. For example, if you have a box of coats, you could add the word “winter” on the box. In the end, don’t forget to also seel your boxes well to avoid insects and liquids.

Step 7 label moving boxes

Bonus Tip: Use Suitcases to Carry Your Clothes

Suitcases are another option to carry your clothes if you don’t have any boxes but you have a lot of suitcases. If you have a lot of clothes, putting them in suitcases is ideal because suitcases generally have wheels on their bottoms. It would be much easier to transport your clothes to your new place. The suitcases often have compartments allowing you to store your clothes by category. 

Pack Clothes Suit Case Moving Tips


Packing tips to pack your clothes include packing them by season and using wardrobe boxes. Every box should also be labeled properly. However, when you’re moving, there are many other things to pack other than clothes. At MovingWaldo, we understand that moving can be a long process that can be very stressful. Things can move fast, and you can quickly run out of time before the big moving day.  To make your moving process easier, don’t forget to check out our change of address platform where you can change your address with multiple providers simultaneously and for free! 

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