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Governments, ID cards and permits

Financial institutions




Charitable organizations and non-profits

Universities and alumnis


and many more…

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Super helper so as not to forget anything and speed up the moving process!

Kim Carpenter
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Great website, easy to understand and was a loooot faster to change my address!

Nick Fortado Calgary, Alberta

Amazing!! Worth it, simple to use, helped me a lot!

Betatriz Tremblay
Montreal, Quebec

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Moving Waldo at a glance

It’s not a secret, we earn revenue from the suppliers listed on the web site. When you select an internet plan or book a moving company, MovingWaldo is paid by the suppliers. Everybody wins! You can read more on how our suppliers are selected.

Choose from over 1000 organizations available to automate your address update in minutes. We can notify organizations such as governmental agencies, financial institutions, insurance carriers, telecom providers, newspapers and magazines, charities, rewards programs, and even more. Just click, send and save…a whole lot of headaches, we promise.

If an organization that you utilize does not integrate with us, you can still add them to your list as a reminder. Just follow the steps and Do It Yourself DIY. Easy-breezy !

We recommend changing your addresses 3 to 4 weeks before you move. In your form you will indicate the effective date of your move. This information will be transferred to your service providers.

To use MovingWaldo, you will need:

  • Your name and contact information;
  • Your old and new address;
  • The date of your move (approximate).

Some service providers will require additional information, which you should know by heart or easily find in your wallet (example: type of vehicle insured).This information allows organizations to find your records, and it can also act as identification questions.

First, you will receive an email confirming that MovingWaldo has received your requests. Then, MovingWaldo will send your address changes to the service providers you have selected. Generally, we ask to allow the service providers up to 10 working days to complete the change in your account.
As a safety measure, each person who wishes to change his address on the platform must create a unique account. A valid and different email address is required for each account.

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We guide millions of families through each step of their moving process, helping them save time and money, and making sure nothing gets left behind.

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MovingWaldo est un guichet unique qui simplifie la planification du déménagement

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