How to change my address on my driver's licence and/or vehicle permit in Ontario?

ServiceOntario is responsible of supplying driver’s licences, plate stickers, health cards, birth certificates and other services, as provided by the Ontario government. When you change addresses, it is imperative to notify ServiceOntario of your new address, so as to make sure your driver’s licence and/or vehicle permit are updated.

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You can inform ServiceOntario of your change of address in two different ways: 

When should I change my address on my Ontario driver's licence?

It is advised to provide ServiceOntario with your new address within 6 days of a move.

What information do I need?

  • Your driver’s licence number or your Registrant Identification Number (RIN) from your Vehicle Registration (Ownership certificate)
  • Your postal code last reported to the Ministry of Transportation Your Health Card number (and Version Code, if applicable)
  • Your Health Card number (and Version Code, if applicable) 
  • New complete residential address (where you live) 
  • New complete mailing address (where you receive your mail, if different from where you live)

What you should know!

Your driver’s licence will arrive in the mail 4 to 6 weeks by the time you changed your address. For your vehicle permit, on the other hand, you will have to pick it up in person at a ServiceOntario centre. If you forget to bring your old permit with you or if you need a replacement, you will be charged a $32 fee. 

Note that when you update the address on your driver’s licence, you must also update the address on your health card at the same time. 

Also note that if you have an Enhanced Driver’s Licence (EDL), you can’t change your address online; you have to do the change in person at a ServiceOntario centre.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I move outside of Ontario? 

The period during which you are allowed to keep your Ontario driver’s licence depends on the provinces. For example, British Columbia requires you to switch over your licence 90 days after moving to B.C. On the other hand, when someone moves to Ontario, they are required to switch over to an Ontario driver’s licence within 60 days of their move. 

As a general rule, know that if you have a valid Ontario driver’s licence, you can drive anywhere in Canada.

That said, if your Ontario driver’s licence happens to expire while you are outside of Ontario, a couple of options are available to you. First of all, you can renew a driver’s licence up to 180 days before the expiry date, so you can plan ahead of time and renew it before leaving Ontario. To do so, you can: 

Second of all, if your licence recently expired and you plan on returning within 6 months, you can apply for an extension and receive a one-time, temporary driver’s licence that is valid for up to 6 months. To do so, you can submit a request online, or you can send a signed letter, that includes: 

  • your driver’s licence number or name and date of birth
  • the length of time and reason for your absence 
  • an out-of-province mailing address 
  • telephone number and/or email address 
  • a copy of your driver’s licence photo card
And mail it to: 

Ministry of Transportation Licensing Administration and Support Office 
Special Enquiry Unit 
87 Sir William Hearst Avenue 
Room 178 

Toronto, ON M3M 0B4 
Fax: 416-235-4414 

Finally, if you plan on not returning within 6 months, you have to contact ServiceOntario at 416-235-2999 or 1 800 387-3445 (toll-free within Canada), and you can discuss your options directly with them.
What if I move outside of Canada?
Every country has different rules regarding driver licensing, so we recommend looking into it beforehand to know whether or not you need an international driving permit.

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