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The Best Internet Providers in Texas

There are various internet providers in Texas, and it’s not always easy to find the right one. These providers offer different package deals on the internet, telephone connectivity, and television streaming services depending on each user’s needs, expectations, and online activity. There are different speeds available for each use, which is determined by the actual internet usage as well as the number of devices connected.

Read this guide to better understand the internet and TV technologies available in US

Where available, there are advanced services offered by service providers that have fiber-optic networks and satellite enhanced connections. With the customer’s needs coming first, user satisfaction is the top priority for each user’s package deals. Flexibility, choice, and adaptability are what set apart each service provider. To help you find the best internet provider in Texas, keep reading.

MovingWaldo's list of the Best Internet Service Providers in Texas

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How are Internet Service Providers selected?

All Internet services providers listed are selected carefully from the best companies on the market. We care to help you through the maze of information the web provides about this industry. You will certainly find the perfect match for your Internet need!


Are you a good, trustworthy internet provider?

Internet providers



Spectrum was established in 2014 as a trademark of Charter Communications who have been servicing America for over 20 years. They market consumer and commercial cable services, including internet, telephone and other wireless services. They even service 30 million Americans in over 40 states. You can be sure your getting top notch internet with Spectrum.

What services are offered by Spectrum?

Internet: Spectrum provides different tiers of internet service that serve each specific user’s needs and expectations. Their speeds vary from the Everyday Low Price to Basic, Standard, Turbo and even the Extreme and Ultimate tiers. Through these classifications, they are able to serve all kinds of users in the market. They also have free internet service for qualifying families in low-income areas that were launched in 2020 to assist in remote learning and working.

Television: Spectrum provides cable television services in three tiers depending on the user’s needs. The Select tier offers over 125 channels, the Silver tier offers over 175 channels, and the Gold tier offers over 200 channels. There are also different channel combination options through their Choice, Stream and Essentials categories. You can access any of these through Spectrum’s apps on Roku, Xbox One, Apple TV, iOS, Android device, internet browser and most streaming devices.

Home Phone: Spectrum offers home phone or landline telephone services, also known as Spectrum Voice. They use a telephone cable modem to offer this service, either by itself or in combination with the household’s main cable modem. Users enjoy unlimited local and long-distance phone calls in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico and the Virgin Islands. There are also other additional features such as voicemail, E911 access and even Caller ID.


• Excellent online reviews
• Bundling options available
• Various services available


• Very few Fiber Internet options

Internet providers


Founded it 1981, Xfinity is dedicated to keeping up with the ever-changing digital world. They are even known as the largest supplier of cable internet access in the US. Xfinity offer various tiers of internet, TV, home security along with mobile and home phones. Xfinity internet is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a solid internet connection at home.

What services are offered by Xfinity?

Internet: Xfinity offers the largest gig-speed network available. Through their xFi Gateway modem plus router, you will have WiFi control and also advanced security which helps block cyber threats against the users in your home. They offer unlimited internet through their xFi Complete service. They do have a cap to their bandwidth for those who are not aboard the xFi Complete service tier.

Television: Xfinity offers live television, sports, music and streaming services all in one place. They are focused on providing users with a full-spectrum viewing experience. Xfinity’s TV service is of such a high quality that many businesses use it. In fact, they even have TV packages for restaurants, fitness centers, bars and retail shops. They also offer in-room entertainment for hotels and motels.They have numerous resources to ensure that they deliver quality and uninterrupted TV services.

Home Phone: Xfinity Voice provides landline telephone services for homes and offices. Xfinity voice allows users to communicate via the internet using VoIP but with a private network instead of an IP address which is public. This digital migration has several benefits, for example it uses E911 which allows 911 phone operators to automatically determine the source of the 911 call, therefore delivering service more effectively.


• Various services available
• Free modem/router with most options
• Affordable pricing


• Fees may apply for unlimited internet

Internet providers


Established in 1992 as Classic Communications and rebranded into Suddenlink in 2006, Suddenlink provides services such as cable television, home phone, high-speed internet and home security. They are the fourth-largest cable operator in the United States, with over 4.6 million subscribers. They are also the sixth largest pay-TV service provider in the country, with over 3.5 million subscribers.

What services are offered by Suddenlink?

Internet: Suddenlink provides internet packages of up to 940 Mbps. With this, users can stream 4K video content on multiple devices. There are also low-cost options for qualifying students, veterans and senior citizens. Suddenlink also has advanced technology for intelligent coverage with smart WiFi.

Television: With Suddenlink’s flexible TV packages, users get to choose their own channel lineup. They also have a Bluetooth-enabled remote that allows users to issue voice commands when selecting their favourite channels and shows. There are also add-ons to enhance their experience while enjoying premium entertainment.

Home Phone: There are many perks to Suddenlink’s home phones such as unlimited talk and text and nationwide networks access included in the package at no additional cost. Suddenlink often has deals for their current subscribers that can even go up to 50% off during certain times of the year.


• Bundling options available.
• Has a lot of extra perks
• Often has promotions
• Various services available.


• Price hike after one year with some plans

Internet providers


AT&T is an American multinational company based in Dallas, Texas. It is known as one of the largest telecommunications company in the world. It is also the largest provider of mobile phone services as well as largest provider of landline telephone services in the United States. They offer a huge spectrum of services from internet to WiFi, prepaid services, bundles, wireless streaming, television cable services and much more. You can be sure to have a solid internet connection with AT&T.

What services are offered by AT&T?

Internet: AT&T offers various internet services. These include AT&T internet, both fixed and wireless internet, DSL and dial-up internet. There are also different internet plans available depending on the user’s budget. There are also low-cost internet packages for those who would prefer that. One can also easily upgrade to a faster speed if they need to. Internet speeds are reliable, with available support whenever necessary.

Television: AT&T also offers different packages for television streaming services. These come in different tiers depending on the user’s needs. These include AT&T TV, AT&T Now, DirecTV and U-verse TV. Each come with a preset number of channels and access, including different price ranges. Users are able to check their AT&T TV channel lineup and decide if they would like to add or not. There are also various options available such as live TV or recorded shows, as well as Google Assistant with AT&T TV.

Home Phone: AT&T also offers services for home telephones. These include digital phone service, landline connections and wireless home phone service. They offer several perks within these services including caller ID, call blocking, call protect and other phone call features. There is also available customer care support. There are different home phone plans for different home uses too. Apart from home phones, there are also other services provided for your home such as cameras, hotspots and modems.


• Bundling options available
• Affordable prices
• Has a lot of extra perks
• Often have promos


• Fiber Internet not available everywhere

Internet providers


Established in 1983 under Bell Atlantic, Verizon is known for their commitment to making your internet experience the best it can be. Their services are global but mainly based in the United States. Their range of services include the internet, cable television, landline services, mobile phones, digital television and IPTV. They are known in the market as America’s reliable network.

What services are offered by Verizon?

Internet: Verizon has 100% fibre-optic internet and super-fast home internet plans to meet their users’ needs and expectations. Their users also get to do more with unlimited plans for streaming tons of shows, music, movies and sports.

Television: With Fios, Verizon is able to provide their users with TV plans that use the fibre-optic network. There are also no extra charges for local sports networks. With Fios TV, users can access more than 425 channels and even test the platform for free for 60 days.

Home Phone: Fios Digital Voice is Verizon’s advanced voice service that is based on an 100% fibre optic network. It has enhanced phone call features that give users control and flexibility when receiving and making calls. One extra advantage is the ability to manage your calls from any device using the My Verizon app.


• Often has promotions
• Affordable pricing
• Excellent customer service


• Limited availability

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers

Yes in most cases you can have 2 internet providers in 1 house. If both internet providers you choose use Cable internet, you may have to install a separate cable line from the outside of your house. If both have different types of connections, having 2 internet providers in 1 house should not be a problem. Contact your internet provider directly to know if you can have two internet providers in one house.

There are 4 main types of internet connections:


Fiber internet is ranked #1 when it comes to the fastest internet speeds. Fiber internet will typically have 50-1000 Mbps. The average price for fiber internet is around $50 to $125 per month. Fiber internet is good for families, gamers, and businesses. If you want to increase your internet speed, Fiber internet is a great option.


Cable internet is ranked #2 when it comes to the fastest internet speeds. Cable internet will typically have 20-200 Mbps. The average price for cable internet is around $20-$75 per month. Cable internet is great for Netflix fanatics, families, and students.


DSL internet is considerably slower than cable internet. DSL internet will typically have 5-45 Mbps. The average price for DSL internet is around $20-$55 per month. DSL internet is good for completing online assignments, social media browsing, and casual internet users.


Satellite internet is one of the slowest types of internet. Satellite internet will typically have 10-30 Mbps. The average price for satellite internet is around $25-$125 per month. Satellite internet is not usually used in urban areas, it is for households in rural areas that cannot access cable, fiber, and DSL internet.

Mbps means megabits per second. It is a way to quantify the speed of your internet connection. The higher your Mbps are, the faster your internet speed will be!

To check your internet speed online you can use an internet speed checking tool. There are various internet speed checking tools online; click here to check your internet speed.

Several factors can affect the speed of the plan you choose from your internet provider. These factors include other people using it at the same time, your type of usage, and if you choose a plan that is too low in megabits per second based on your lifestyle.

SpeedGood for whatGood for who
5 – 10 Mbps
  • Checking emails
  • Browsing
  • Listening to music
  • Minimal internet users
  • People living alone
10 – 40 Mbps 
  • Online assignments
  • Social media 
  • Netflix
  • Youtube
  • Students
  • Casual internet users
  • Children and teens
40 – 100 Mbps
  • Video calls 
  • Netflix
  • Working from home
  • Online classes
  • People working from home 
  • Students
  • Families
100 – 500 Mbps
  • Video calls 
  • Gaming 
  • Streaming
  • Gamers
  • Streamers
  • Big families
500 – 1000 Mbps
  • Heavy gaming 
  • Streaming 
  • Commercial  internet
  • Heavy gamers
  • Heavy streamers
  • Businesses

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