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5 Best Satellite Internet in Canada

Satellite Internet has been the go-to connectivity option for many individuals and companies based in remote areas of the world. The widespread reach and promise of the internet anytime, anywhere makes its appeal strong, especially where options such as cable or fiber networks are not available. 

Here’s a summary of satellite internet, its alternatives, and satellite internet providers that are ready to serve people looking to stay connected in rural parts of Canada.


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MovingWaldo’s list of the 5 best Satellite Internet in Canada

How to Tell the Difference between Satellite, DSL, Cable and Fiber Internet

Satellite Internet in Canada

Satellite internet in Canada is essentially defined by its own name, meaning that your regular internet connection is made possible using satellites; 3 to be specific. One satellite is at the satellite internet provider’s hub, the other is orbiting the earth in space, and the third is installed at your home or location. A simple search on your computer is transmitted via your satellite into the Internet Service Provider (ISP) ’s space satellite, then to your ISP, and a search result travels back to you from your satellite internet provider’s hub through the space satellite.

Satellite internet uses satellites from space to supply you with an internet connection. Due to the long distance between us and space, satellite internet is likely to have slower internet speeds than DSL, Cable, and Fibre internet. However, this type of internet is still very reliable. It is highly recommended for people in rural areas as you can still use your favorite streaming services and browse through the internet like anyone else who uses DSL, Cable, and Fibre internet! Read the Ultimate Guide on Internet and Technologies in Canada to get even more information on the subject.


Digital Subscriber Line internet, or DSL for short as most people know it, refers to the internet that is transmitted through a telephone network that is already in existence. The pre-existing telephone connection needs to go through your DSL internet location to be installed by the ISP.


If DSL internet is delivered through telephone lines, then Cable internet is delivered through TV cable networks, as you’ve probably correctly guessed. It’s not uncommon, therefore, to find cable TV companies also offering Cable internet services. A modem or router is often installed to connect your computer to the coax cable, which transmits data for you.

Fiber Internet

Currently hailed as the fastest type of internet, Fiber internet operates by transmitting data through fiber optic cables. They are often either installed underground, on poles, or even underwater. To get the internet to your home, the cables are connected to your location modem, then to your computer.

Why Would You Use Satellite Internet?

With such fast options as fiber internet available, why would anyone choose to install satellite internet? There are really only a couple of scenarios where deciding to contact satellite internet providers and installing satellite internet would be ideal.

The thing about fiber and cable internet is that they don’t often easily reach rural areas. In these scenarios, Satellite internet becomes the best possible option for anybody still trying to stay connected.  The second scenario where satellite internet is a viable choice is installing to replace dial-up internet. As one of the very first forms of distributable internet, dial-up internet is also the slowest. Its satellite variation is an agreeable upgrade. So if you’re located in rural Canada and are looking to get connected, here are some of the best satellite internet providers that you can get in touch with.

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How are Internet services providers selected?

All Internet services providers listed are selected carefully from the best companies on the market. We care to help you through the maze of information the web provides about this industry. You will certainly find the perfect match for your Internet need! 

Best for Businesses

Canada Satellite is on this list for its strong reach of satellite internet provider services that can be utilized anywhere in the country. Canada Satellite is the mobile satellite industry leader as they own the biggest supply of satellite communications equipment in Canada. Their internet is so good that they offer the same high quality to individuals in rural areas as they do to the government and big businesses. They are also committed to providing you with the best satellite internet prices in the country!

What services are offered by Canada Satellite?

  • Mobile, Vehicular, and Fixed satellite internet plans, ranging from 200MB to 30GB per month on a contract period of at least 12 months.
  • Speeds ranging from 380Kbps to 450kbps.
  • Satellite phones, Satellite TV, satellite tracking, and accessories and equipment.

What is the Cost?

  • Internet terminal prices range from 2500 CAD to over 10,000 CAD in price, depending on the type of connection needed.
America's Best Satellite Internet

Best for Commercial Purposes

Pledging 100% dedication to the establishment of internet communication solutions in remote areas, Galaxy Broadband satellite internet providers are based in Ontario but still capable of reaching many remote parts of North America’s rural countryside. 

Galaxy Broadband is committed to giving you the absolute best service in the North American satellite internet industry. They provide satellite internet services to anyone who needs it anywhere in North America. Galaxy Broadband is devoted to providing you with the safest satellite internet services as their systems are continuously monitored to ensure a safe

What services are offered by Galaxy Broadband?

  • Satellite internet equipment such as satellites, satellite dishes, routers, and modems.
  • Stable networks with predictable internet speeds and crystal clear quality.
  • Internet speeds of up to 80Mbps.
  • Intended for businesses

What is the Cost?

  • Equipment is often included in the installation price, available upon request.
  • Plans are up to $15 per GB of data.

Best for Residential Internet

For the rural internet user in a residential setting that is trying to remain connected to the world, Xplornet has become a leader as far as satellite internet providers go. 

For over a decade, Xplornet has provided their rural residential customers with high-speed satellite internet. They are customer-focused, which is why they always prioritize the needs of their clients.

What services are offered by Xplornet?

  • Home internet packages with speeds of up to 50Mbps.
  • Home phone call packages.
  • Best rural internet option

What is the Cost?

  • Unlimited data plans ranging from $59.99 – $99.99/ month.
  • Home phone plans from 21.99 to 24.99 per month.
  • Wi-Fi routers at $6.00 per month.

Best for Commercial Purposes

As also a manufacturer of satellite communication devices, Ground Control prides itself as the satellite internet provider of choice for both individual professionals and large corporations. Ground control is a front runner in the international satellite internet industry. While Ground Control is international, they are dedicated to providing rural located Canadians with an exceptional satellite internet connection.

What services are offered by Ground Control?

  • VSAT, BGAN, FleetBroadband, and SCADA-M2M broadband satellite connectivity.
  • Terminals, satellites, and routers for better connectivity.
  • Internet speeds of between 600Kbps and 20X5Mbps, depending on service of choice.
  • Iridium and Thuraya equipment manufacture.
  • Satellite phone services.
  • Intended for businesses.

What is the Cost?

  • Portable satellite internet terminals starting at $2200
  • Monthly billing for internet usage ranging from $1 per MB to $4 per MB depending on the amount of data used.
America's Best Satellite Internet

Best for Residential Internet

To create a broadband speed higher than the average, Starlink uses lasers that travel at lightspeed. Every individual Starlink satellite is connected to four others within its network. This allows for the network to be stable and reliable.

In 2020, the company rolled out public beta testing across the US and Canada. Since then, users in certain provinces in Canada can now sign up for the satellite internet service.

What services are offered by Starlink?

  • Upload speed latency should be between 25ms and 35ms
  • Download speeds to be between 37Mbps and 60Mbps with upload speeds of about 4.5Mbps to 17.7Mbps (to be confirmed)
  • Quick network services that work virtually anywhere

What is the Cost?

The Starlink satellite dish costs about C$649, while the service itself costs C$129 per month. Elon Musk has stated that the prices will reduce in the future due to network expansion. He has also stated that in the provision of rural internet to people who may not be able to afford it, the prices may be lowered significantly.

To learn more, read our full article on Starlink Satellite Internet.


With such a good lineup of internet service providers that are ready to get you connected, how do you choose the service that is right for your needs? It’s all down to where you are located in the rural Canadian countryside and which one of these amazing providers offers services that you require depending on your internet usage.  Hopefully, this article serves as a guide to help you make the right choice so that you can enjoy the internet wherever you are in Canada, at any time!

Frequently Asked Questions about Satellite Internet

Are the Satellite Internet providers listed above available in all Provinces?

We have built this list to help you find the best Satellite Internet Services near you. Whether you live in the city or in the countryside, the selected providers operate in areas all over Canada (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, …). Please check the service availability in your area on their website before subscribing.

Do all Internet service providers offer unlimited Internet?

Not all, but many Internet service providers in Canada offer unlimited Internet. With unlimited Internet, you can stream and download as much as you want. It also helps you stay up to date with all sorts of information and news. However, sometimes due to restricted tethering you cannot share your Internet connection with multiple devices (more than the allowed number).

In addition to that, the cost of unlimited Internet is typically extremely high. So, if you do not require an excessive amount of Internet, it is better that you go for something that is less costly and fulfills your Internet requirement.

Do I have a penalty if I cancel my satellite Internet contract?

If you are still in contract with your current Internet Service Provider, cancelling your contract early may result in heavy penalties. They might ask you to pay for the remaining months of the contract or there might be an equipment fee, a cancellation fee also known as contract termination fee, involved.

So, if there are only a few months left in your contract, you can stick to it and simply move your contract to a new address for the time being. Or you can pay Early Termination Fee to cancel your Internet contract and change to one that you prefer.

How do I cancel my satellite Internet provider?

To cancel your Internet Service Provider, the first thing that you need to do is understand the cancellation process by going through their website or by using a help-line number. There are some Internet Service Providers that offer services on non-contractual basis, but if you are in a contract, you will need to know the accurate costs of cancelling your Internet service provider i.e. Early Termination Fee.

Other options are to take help from those Internet service providers that offer ”buyout” from your current contract or you can use a cancellation service that assists in negotiating lower bills and at times cancel the Internet service on your behalf.

Do alternative Internet service providers offer good Internet speed?

First, you will need to identify potential alternative Internet service providers in your area because considering the best Internet Service Provider that does not offer service in your area is pointless. Next, you are going to assess the available alternatives based on speed and monthly costs. Many alternative Internet service providers can offer good Internet speeds. Internet that utilizes fiber-optic technology offers unmatchable speed and prevents the signal strength from degrading over the distance. The added benefit of fibre Internet is symmetric speed i.e. equal upload and download times on the Internet connection.

How much should I pay for Internet per month?

Average price for Internet usage per month in Canada is $53 and an average household spends about approximately $203 per month on Internet. The average bundle offer for Internet service is mostly placed at $50 per month.

To reach to your budget level, you can choose to negotiate your monthly Internet bill, opt to reduce your Internet speed, explore other options and compare services and prices, consider going for TV bundle offers, or buy your own equipment e.g. modem, router, etc.

You can also check EBOX, Distributel, B2B2C, Transat Telecom, Teksavvy, VMedia and Bravo Telecom for budget-friendly Internet services.


What Internet speed do I need for:

  • Work an office job: 2.0 Mbps will be enough if you only use email, video conferencing tools and social media on only ONE device.
  • Netflix at night: At least 1.5 Mbps and for HD quality, 5.0 Mbps will be required.
  • Internet browsing and social media: 5.0 Mbps for Internet browsing and 10.0 Mbps for social media.
  • Online gaming: Minimum upload speed of 1 Mbps and download speed of 3 Mbps for online gaming.
  • A student apartment: 6.0 Mbps or higher
  • A family: 12-25 Mbps depending on the family size.

Will someone need to come to my house if I switch Internet service providers?

After you have ordered your new Internet Service Provider, it is up to you whether you want to schedule an installation date to have a professional come to your house and set up the Internet system for you or you can choose to install it yourself by ordering self-install kits.

A self-install kit would include a modem, a router, coaxial cables, ethernet cables along with an installation manual. After you have successfully installed the system yourself, you will need to call and ask your Internet service provider to turn on the service.

Why do people buy their own modem?

Some people may choose to buy their own modem or router based on different purposes and preferences. The most common reason for buying one’s own modem is if they plan on using their Internet service for a long period. In this case, renting a modem will be costlier. Moreover, buying your own modem gives you an advantage of customization options in the future. This serves as a potential reason for people to purchase their own router. Many individuals prefer buying their own modem to have full control over the network and to avoid throttling of the connection speed by Internet Service Providers.


Why moving is a good time to switch Internet Service Provider?

Whether you are moving out of your Internet service provider’s network or not, moving to a new place is indeed a good opportunity for you to explore new options. It is always worth checking other Internet Service Providers at your new address. They might offer a higher quality Internet connection at much better prices. But it is essential that you first understand your Internet needs and then make the right decision.

When choosing an Internet Service Provider, you should take into consideration:

  • The speed
  • Availability
  • Upfront and monthly costs
  • Bundle offers
  • Reliability of your new Internet Service Provider

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