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oxio Internet: Reviews, Services, Pricing & More!

Established in 2017 by Marc-André Campagna and Francis Careau, oxio is a cloud-based telecommunications service provider supplying internet to Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia along with TV and home phone services in Quebec only. oxio’s goal is to provide innovative, fair and equitable internet access to everyone. They always take a moment to truly understand their client’s situation to give them the best customer service possible. Most importantly, oxio knows that navigating through an internet provider’s website can get confusing which is why they thrive on making their clients’ experience as simple as possible.

Review of oxio Internet

Where is oxio available?

oxio provides affordable, unrestricted and fast internet along with TV and residential home phones to Quebec. oxio is also available in British Columbia and Ontario, but only for internet service.

oxio internet review map of serviced areas

oxio reviews from the Web


4.5 stars based on ‎1400+ reviews from around the web

Affordable Internet Packages




(4.4/5 out of 600 reviews)

“The wifi speed is as advertised, the price is great, I rarely have any issues, and the customer service is GREAT. Today I chatted with their customer service online, and they were quick, friendly and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend oxio.”

  • Vitumbiko M.


(4.3/5 out of 181 reviews)

“I was with TekSavvy for a number of years and was happy with the service but not with the price increases. I saw that oxio had a lower price for a faster speed, and I really liked what I saw when I looked into the company. I have been with them for a month now and had zero issues and am enjoying the noticeably faster speed. The support that I received from sign-up to cut-over was fantastic. “

  • Rob C.


(4.7/5 out of 612 reviews)

“Great service, no cuts, good speed, simple to install.”

  • Sarah-Jeanne L.


(4.2/5 out of 21 reviews)

“It was very quick and easy to subscribe, the eero router they provide for free is very good, and the customer support was fast, helpful and friendly. I have nothing to complain about; my experience with them is great!”

  • Antoine

Services offered by oxio Internet

1. oxio internet

The cost of oxio’s internet is one of its competitive advantages. For the rapidity of its internet speeds, oxio is very affordable. oxio’s internet makes use of coaxial cable technology (FTTN). This helps create a stable, uninterrupted high-speed internet connection even during peak periods. Below is a table of the varying internet speeds by province.

oxio internet plan speeds 




British Columbia

Download/Upload Speeds (Mbps)

  • 10/1.5
  • 30/10
  • 60/10
  • 120/20
  • 200/30
  • 30/5
  • 75/10
  • 150/15
  • 300/20
  • 25/2.5
  • 30/5
  • 75/7.5
  • 100/10
  • 150/10
  • 300/15

*Subject to change 

oxio internet pricing 

Transparency is one of oxio’s promises. oxio is committed to providing affordable, unrestricted, and fast internet with no hidden charges. What you are charged from the onset is fixed prices. There is no extra unstated cost that may apply. oxio internet pricing is taken a step further as it gives a detailed breakdown of all their tariffs (as seen in the image below). Generally, the oxio internet pricing consists of the following charges: Network, Logistics, Hardware, Marketing, Payroll, and Profit. Of course, these prices vary depending on the offering, but you can see the full breakdown of each plan before payment. Additionally, prices vary among the provinces covered by oxio.

oxio internet pricing

*Price breakdown may vary depending on your location. See pricing in your location here.

About the eero 6 wifi router offered by oxio

oxio has collaborated with Amazon to make the eero 6 router available to all their clients.  The eero 6 is a masterpiece AI wifi router. The wifi router is tailored to fit your home. Its inbuilt AI masters your home’s layout, which, in conjunction with the wifi’s TrueMesh technology, will send strong, uninterrupted wifi signals throughout your entire home. The AI also clears up network congestion by determining the best wifi channel and ensuring you’re connected to it, which caters to the supply of stable internet service. The eero 6 also comes with Ad-blocking features, content filters for parental control, and a lot more. It also pairs seamlessly with Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit.

2. oxio television

oxio television is a cable TV network that offers a wide variety of your favourite TV shows, movies, sports, news, and more. oxio TV has over 140 channels. Some of the channels available are BET, E!, HBO, CNBC, FOX News, Animal Planet, History Channel, Food Network, Cartoon Network, Disney, Nickelodeon, ABC, CBS, and so much more. oxio television is extremely customer-focused; you get to mix and match the bundles and channels to suit your viewing preferences. You also get to record your favourite shows on a cloud-based server in case you missed its live showing. You can also pay for increased storage space, so you don’t have to worry about deleting your favourite recordings. Some select channels come with a replay feature. oxio television is only available in Quebec for now. 

3. oxio home phone

The oxio home phone is a hassle-free residential phone connection that helps you stay connected with your loved ones throughout Canada. With the oxio home phone, you get free long-distance calls across Canada, caller ID, as well as voicemail and call waiting features. However, the oxio home phone is only compatible with the oxio router. You also have to be connected to the internet to make calls because oxio uses IP telephony (or VoIP), which requires an internet connection. The oxio home phone is only available to residents in Quebec for now.

Why MovingWaldo recommends oxio

MovingWaldo recommends oxio above all for their dedication to providing a reliable internet connection and their affordable pricing. oxio has proven over time to be consistent with fast and uninterrupted internet access. When creating a plan, they also adopt a transparency policy to see the breakdown of all charges (including how much profit is made per subscription). Most importantly, oxio has an easy to use website and offers modern trendy services like the eero 6 wifi router. Below is a detailed list of the pros and cons of oxio.

Pros & Cons of oxio

As good as an internet service provider is, you still need to weigh your options and see what other people say about a service. Below is a quick oxio review. 


  • Transparent pricing (price breakdown available when creating a plan)
  • Referral program ($25 discount)
  • Free installation
  • Fast and stable internet connection
  • Free modem and router rentals
  • No contract
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Wifi scheduling for different devices
  • Content filters (site blocking for parental control)
  • TrueMesh networking capabilities
  • Built-in ad-blocking
  • eero Secure+ (you can choose to add an extra level of security)
  • Wireless updates for new features and improvements
  • Cloud recordings on oxio TV
  • Free long-distance calls all across Canada for home phones


  • TV and home phones only available in Quebec 
  • Home phone only operates when connected to wifi 
  • No customer service by phone

FAQ - The Most Frequently Asked Questions About oxio

Do I have to install the equipment myself, or will a technician come to my home?

You can install oxio internet, home phone, and television by yourself. All you need to do is follow the simple instructions in the installation guide on the website. There are also tutorial videos to help guide you. If you’re having difficulty with installation, you can always contact the online help center for assistance.

I am moving, how do I transfer my oxio services to my new home?

If you are moving, you need to schedule a free move of your services to transfer your oxio services to your new home. The good news is that you don’t even need to contact oxio to do so*. 

Step 1: Login into your oxio account

Step 2: Navigate to the Account Information” tab, and click on the button entitled “I’m moving.”

Step 3: Enter your new address, your departure date, your new home’s move-in date, and your availabilities to then schedule the technician visit. 

*Please note that this option is currently only available in Quebec. 

To transfer your oxio services to your new home in British Columbia and Ontario, contact oxio directly.

How does oxio’s referral program work?

oxio’s referral program offers you and a friend one month of free internet. Visit the oxio client portal to get your referral code. You can copy the code or use the integrated tools to share directly with friends via SMS, email, and social networks. There are no limits in the referral program, which means the more you refer, the more you earn. You get 1 month free on every referral. Note, the promotion is activated when the friend whom you referred enters their third service month with oxio.

How can I contact oxio if I need help?

Although oxio does not have a call line, you can contact the help center through:

You can also run a search query on their website to find possible answers to your questions. If the answers are insufficient to assist you, please contact oxio directly.

How do I verify the current status of my internet, television or home phone connection?

To verify the current status of your internet, television, or home phone connection, go to OXIO’s website, navigate to the Support page and click on Service Status, you’ll be able to view the current status of your Internet, television and telephone services in your province. You also get to read announcements of potential weather interference or other factors that may affect your internet quality or internet set up appointment with a technician.


oxio is on top in the Internet industry, hence helpful reviews from clients. When choosing an Internet provider, what other people say about a service can always come in handy, but it will still depend on your preference and the additional services you’ll need.

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