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5 Best Mississauga Internet Providers – Discover reliable Unlimited Internet Providers near me

People that are moving out of their homes to a new location should always be aware of the things that they need to handle when they move. One of the everyday things that always comes to mind is the Internet connection. Let’s be honest, today; you can’t avoid having this type of service at your home.

Although Rogers and Bell are most Ontarians go to brands, there are some alternatives you may want to consider.

So, if you are searching for the right internet plan in Mississauga, you have quite a few options. The ones that we checked are: Virgin Plus, oxio, VMedia, Diallog telecom, Coextro. Knowing what they offer is essential so you can make the right decision for your home. Let’s continue and find out what these providers have to offer in terms of services and products in Mississauga, ON.

MovingWaldo’s list of the 5 best internet providers in Mississauga, ON

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How are Internet Service Providers selected?

All Internet services providers listed are selected carefully from the best companies on the market. We care to help you through the maze of information the web provides about this industry. You will certainly find the perfect match for your Internet need!


Are you a good, trustworthy internet provider?

Internet providers



Initially established as Virgin Mobile Canada in 2005, the company was renamed in 2021 as Virgin Plus. Virgin Plus provides internet and TV services in Ontario and Quebec along with mobile phone services across Canada. Virgin Plus refers to its clients as Members who continuously receive exclusive offers and benefits. Virgin Plus is also giving back to Canadians. The Virgin Plus With Purpose program focuses on empowering at-risk, underserved and marginalized youth.

Recommended Internet Plans

Internet 50

$ 40 /month
  • Download speed: 50 Mbps
  • Upload speed: 10 Mbps

Internet 100

$ 45 /month
  • Download speed: 100 Mbps
  • Upload speed: 10 Mbps

Internet 50 + Virgin Plus TV

$ 75 /month
  • Download speed: 50 Mbps
  • Upload speed: 10 Mbps

These offers are subject to the availability of services at your address. Pricing is subject to change.

What services are offered by Virgin Plus?

Internet: Virgin Plus Internet offers unlimited usage for your household, quick and easy ordering, and customer service through the MyAccount App. Internet plans start at $40/month with unlimited usage. Internet is only available in Ontario and Quebec. Plan availability may vary based on your address. Virgin Plus also has mobile phone plans that you can add to your internet account, whether you bring your own phone or pick up a new one.

Television: Virgin Plus offers TV packages that let you stream all your favourite content, on all your favourite devices using the app. No set top box needed. Also, when signing up on a 6-month term, you get a free Google Chromecast. Virgin Plus TV is available to new clients who want to purchase both internet and TV services starting from $75/month. Virgin Plus TV cannot be purchased independently from an internet plan. Service availability may vary based on your address.


• Exclusive offers and benefits for Members
• Modem rental included in pricing
• Unlimited usage on all internet plans
• Award winning My Account App


• TV only available with internet purchase
• Internet and TV only available in Ontario and Quebec

Why choose this Internet Provider in Mississauga?

The benefits and exclusive offers Virgin Plus gives to their Members is what sets them apart from the rest. Additionally, Virgin Plus provides free modem rentals, and has an award-winning customer service app.

Simple and transparent service
Internet providers
Exclusive offer on Internet and TV services from oxio

Use code MWALDO to get your first month of oxio internet for free! aka $0.


oxio offers Internet services in Ontario. oxio claims to distinguish themselves considerably from other Internet service providers in the province, major or smaller industry players, because of its clear and straightforward service offer, 100% focused on the client and its needs. oxio’s philosophy is based on having no short-term promotions, hence avoiding a surprise rate increase when the promotion comes to an end. They have fair and accessible pricing, and customer support makes sure to provide their customers with friendly guidance towards the best possible plan for them. Look to know if oxio is available in your region here.

Recommended Internet Plans

Internet 30

$ 48 /month
  • Download speed: 30 Mbps
  • Upload speed: 5 Mbps

Internet 75

$ 50 /month
  • Download speed: 75 Mbps
  • Upload speed: 10 Mbps

Internet 150

$ 79 /month
  • Download speed: 150 Mbps
  • Upload speed: 15 Mbps

These offers are subject to the availability of services at your address. Pricing is subject to change.

What services are offered by oxio?

Internet : All Internet plans include high speed, limitless and stable Internet connection. There are four available plans, starting from as little as 48$ per month (speed of 30 Mbps), going up to 79$ per month (speed of 300 Mbps). The eero 6 router and modem are included with each plan, and all downloads are unlimited at all times.


• 60 days satisfaction guarantee or money back
• No contract
• Free installation
• Modem and eero 6 router included
• Free long distance calls all across Canada


• Service not available everywhere in Ontario
• Only offers Internet services

Why choose this Internet Provider in Mississauga?

oxio is a no-nonsense option, meaning that their prices are upfront and transparent, they have options for everyone, and they make sure they offer the highest quality services. Their website is user-friendly so you can easily choose the best plan for you. Finally, their Internet plans are simple and straightforward; unlimited download capacity; no contracts; free installation; free modem and router and reliable speeds.

Internet providers


VMedia is Canada’s leading independent telecom and broadcasting company, offering unlimited Internet, TV, Home Phone, and Home Security service, and is available coast to coast. They offer the most affordable prices, the best choice and flexibility, and excellent customer support. VMedia is recognized as an innovation leader in the industry, and was the first to launch numerous consumer-friendly service features, including being the first company to offer all unlimited internet plans and no contracts with any of their services. With VMedia, you can even use your own modem.

Recommended Internet Plans

Internet 30

$ 38
  • Download speed: 30 Mbps
  • Upload speed: 5 Mbps

Internet 50

$ 47
  • Download speed: 50 Mbps
  • Upload speed: 10 Mbps

Internet 50 + Premium Flex TV

$ 97
  • Download speed: 50 Mbps
  • Upload speed: 10 Mbps

These offers are subject to the availability of services at your address. Pricing is subject to change.

What services are offered by VMedia?

Internet : VMedia’s high speed and reliable internet service is available in a range of plans and speeds to suit every household budget and bandwidth need. All of VMedia’s internet plans are unlimited, with no data caps and no extra monthly overage charges, so you can surf, stream, download and more, without ever having to worry about any extra charges. Their customers can choose fast, unlimited home internet, selecting Cable or DSL plans, depending on their network preferences. From low cost FTTN 15 to high speed, competitively-priced Cable 300, VMedia provides the best value for your home internet solution.

Television : VMedia is a pioneer in live TV streaming and IPTV technology, offering over 200 channels in low cost ‘build your own’ TV packages and “a la carte’ options, so you can customize your channel lineup. Watch VMedia TV with their VBox or stream VMedia TV with your preferred streaming device by downloading the VMedia TV app on Amazon Fire, Apple TV, iOS, Android TV and Roku, Watch all the top shows, hit movies, latest news, exciting sports, and more. Check out VMedia’s free TV offer here.

Home Phone : The company offers 2 great Home Phone Plans; Unlimited Canada & US or Unlimited World. Both plans come with unlimited calling and a great selection of 15 features such as 3-way calling or call transfer. And you can keep your current phone number. With VMedia’s Home Phone app, you can save on your mobile long distance charges and extend your plan and its long distance advantages to your smartphone. Finally, VMedia Home Phone operates with high quality VoIP technology to provide you the best experience.

Home Security : With VMedia Protect, you have access to an advanced, wireless home security system that comes with professional monitoring to ensure your security 24/7, whether you are home or not. With their mobile app, it is easy to monitor your system and manage your alerts. You can also receive notifications in case of any event or emergency. With a team of professionals, VMedia Protect makes sure you and your family are always safe.

Note that the availability of the packages may vary from location to another. You can check the availability of the services directly on VMedia’s website.


• Available across Canada
• Competitive pricing
• Easy online sign up
• No contracts


• VoIP 911 has certain limitations versus traditional 911*

*For more information on the limitations, we invite you to contact VMedia.

Why choose this Internet Provider in Mississauga?

VMedia is available across the country, offering low prices, great value and no contracts. The company therefore ensures that their internet and other services are affordable, and also accessible to everyone.

VMedia also plays a major role fighting for fair competition and fair pricing so consumers across Canada can enjoy high speed internet services at the low prices they deserve. The company continues to focus on this important consumer advocacy role, with ongoing lobbying efforts with the CRTC and the federal government to encourage a fair and more transparent market for internet and other services.

Plans for everyone
Internet providers
Exclusive offer on Internet and TV services from Diallog telecom

First 3 months at 50% off


Enjoy reliable high-speed Internet plans with Diallog Telecommunications. Based in Toronto, Diallog has been providing a full suite of telecom services to Canadian residences and business customers across Canada for over 20 years. Whether you’re gaming, surfing, streaming or socializing, they’ve got an unlimited home internet plan to suit your needs–and their service packages include use of a supplied modem so no need to rent or purchase. Diallog’s personalized approach to customer service is sure to leave you in good hands. 

Recommended Internet Plans

Internet 50

$ 20 /month
  • Download speed: 50 Mbps
  • Upload speed: 10 Mbps

Internet 120

$ 35 /month
  • Download speed: 120 Mbps
  • Upload speed: 10 Mbps

Internet 500

$ 37
  • Download speed: 500 Mbps
  • Upload speed: 20 Mbps

These offers are subject to the availability of services at your address. Pricing is subject to change.

What services are offered by Diallog telecom?

Internet: Like most providers, the plan you’ll be eligible for will typically depend on where you’re located. Unlimited home internet plans starts at $30 and Diallog uses many different technologies to bring the Internet to your home. This means they can either use cable or DSL, depending on what is available at your address. DSL speeds start at 15 Mbps and go up to 50 Mbps. If cable is available at your address, speeds start at 5/1 Mbps and go up to 150/15 Mbps. All of their plans have unlimited usage and no extra metering.

Home Phone Services: If you subscribe to Diallog Internet, you receive 3 months of service for free, then pay $10 a month for unlimited in Canada or you can opt for an unlimited plan in North America for only $15 a month.

Business: Diallog has been providing telecom solutions for small and medium-sized businesses for many years. Whether you need Internet services or a business phone system, Diallog has access to all carriers and products, so they can provide you with the best rates and resource management, regardless of your location. All activations receive a dedicated account manager.


• Free Modem Rental
• 50% off Installation
• Unlimited Usage
• $40 Referral Discount


• Residential packages and prices not shown on website

Why choose this Internet Provider in Mississauga?

Diallog offers a variety of service packages at a very good price. Their unlimited plans are fast enough to support multiple devices in your home and new customers will receive 50% off the one-time installation fee. Plus, no contracts, metering or extra costs for your usage.

Internet providers


If you’re looking for a simple, straightforward and affordable service provider for your internet, tv and home phone, Coextro is the right choice for you. Their huge range of internet packages and the area start at just $29.95 and all include unlimited data so they’re great for on-demand tv channels like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Phone plans start at $19.99 and all include a phone system packed with features like visual call waiting and 3-way calling as well as unlimited calling. 

As a Coextro tv customer you get an exclusive service called SimplTV. It’s the lowest priced, basic tv package  available in Canada today.  You get 17 channels including CBC, CTV and CITY and by using a simple app, you can stream them live to any of your devices.  You can even pause them when you want!  Incredibly, this service is available completely free of charge to GTA residents and is exclusive to Coextro customers!

Coextro is a Mississauga internet provide that was founded locally in 2010 with a focus on superior customer service and amazing prices. Passionate about technology and giving everyone access to it, they make sure all of their customers receive the highest quality service.  And they’re good guys:  active in their community, they offer a special program to registered non-profit organizations to provide them with internet access free of charge. 

Find out more here


These offers are subject to the availability of services at your address. Pricing is subject to change.

What services are offered by Coextro?

Internet: Starting at $29.95 Coextro offers a large range of Internet plans in Etobicoke with speeds from 40 Mbps up to 500 Mbps, depending on the service available at your address. With Coextro, all plans include a pure fibre or hybrid fibre optic based network, unlimited data so you can stream all you want without any extra cost, and even no charge local TV for residents of the GTA! 

Television: Coextro offers an exclusive service called SimplTV. You can use the Skinny Basic TV app to stream live, local, broadcast television stations on the device of your choice. You have access to 17 channels such as CBC, CTV, CITY, and more. SimplTV also allows you to pause live TV. Plus, as we mentioned earlier, this service is available for no-charge to GTA residents and is exclusive to Coextro customers!

Home Phone Services: Starting at $19.99 a month, all phone plans include a fully-featured phone system, which means you have access to visual call waiting, call display, or 3-way calling.  You also get unlimited calling (and the VOIP adaptor is included free of charge). You can choose between Unlimited Canada, Unlimited Canada and USA or World Plan.

Why choose this Internet Provider in Mississauga?

With Coextro you get unlimited data, unlimited calls and outstanding customer service – all at amazing prices.  Visit their website to choose the best package for you and in no time at all you could be exploring the unlimited opportunities of internet and tv entertainment. 

Conclusion on the best Internet providers in Mississauga

It is not that easy to choose between the 5 alternatives Mississauga offers for Internet providers. We analyzed Virgin Plus, oxio, VMedia, Diallog telecom, Coextro. Indeed, they have some standard features, but overall, they do present different offers, and it is in your interest to know all the details about them. Your next Internet Service Provider (ISP) should offer high-speed internet, an average monthly price, and unlimited usage, if that is what you need. What do you think, have you decided which one to choose?

Good to know
In the Canadian telecommunications industry, there are two types of providers regulated by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). There are the direct providers, which are the owners of the lines. Among them, we find big companies like Rogers, Bell and Shaw. Then there are the resellers. To provide service to their customers, they use the lines of direct providers. Direct and indirect Internet providers offer similar services. That said, direct providers often offer more advanced technology, which is mostly reflected in the speed or TV options. If you choose a reseller, you will have a visit from an installer of a proprietary company to connect the service (Rogers, Bell or Shaw), so keep that in mind!

Do you live in a rural area?

For those who live in rural areas in Canada, check out our selection of satellite Internet providers or the other rural internet options in Ontario and Alberta.

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers

Not all, but many Internet service providers in Canada offer unlimited Internet. With unlimited Internet, you can stream and download as much as you want. It also helps you stay up to date with all sorts of information and news. However, sometimes due to restricted tethering you cannot share your Internet connection with multiple devices (more than the allowed number).

In addition to that, the cost of unlimited Internet is typically extremely high. So, if you do not require an excessive amount of Internet, it is better that you go for something that is less costly and fulfills your Internet requirement.

If you are still in contract with your current Internet Service Provider, cancelling your contract early may result in heavy penalties. They might ask you to pay for the remaining months of the contract or there might be an equipment fee, a cancellation fee also known as contract termination fee, involved.

So, if there are only a few months left in your contract, you can stick to it and simply move your contract to a new address for the time being. Or you can pay Early Termination Fee to cancel your Internet contract and change to one that you prefer.


To cancel your Internet Service Provider, the first thing that you need to do is understand the cancellation process by going through their website or by using a help-line number. There are some Internet Service Providers that offer services on non-contractual basis, but if you are in a contract, you will need to know the accurate costs of cancelling your Internet service provider i.e. Early Termination Fee.

Other options are to take help from those Internet service providers that offer ”buyout” from your current contract or you can use a cancellation service that assists in negotiating lower bills and at times cancel the Internet service on your behalf.

First, you will need to identify potential alternative Internet service providers in your area because considering the best Internet Service Provider that does not offer service in your area is pointless. Next, you are going to assess the available alternatives based on speed and monthly costs. Many alternative Internet service providers can offer good Internet speeds. Internet that utilizes fiber-optic technology offers unmatchable speed and prevents the signal strength from degrading over the distance. The added benefit of fibre Internet is symmetric speed i.e. equal upload and download times on the Internet connection.

Average price for Internet usage per month in Canada is $53 and an average household spends about approximately $203 per month on Internet. The average bundle offer for Internet service is mostly placed at $50 per month.

To reach to your budget level, you can choose to negotiate your monthly Internet bill, opt to reduce your Internet speed, explore other options and compare services and prices, consider going for TV bundle offers, or buy your own equipment e.g. modem, router, etc.

You can also check EBOX, Distributel, B2B2C, Transat Telecom, Teksavvy, VMedia and Bravo Telecom for budget-friendly Internet services.

  • Work an office job: 2.0 Mbps will be enough if you only use email, video conferencing tools and social media on only ONE device.
  • Netflix at night: At least 1.5 Mbps and for HD quality, 5.0 Mbps will be required.
  • Internet browsing and social media: 5.0 Mbps for Internet browsing and 10.0 Mbps for social media.
  • Online gaming: Minimum upload speed of 1 Mbps and download speed of 3 Mbps for online gaming.
  • A student apartment: 6.0 Mbps or higher
  • A family in Toronto: 12-25 Mbps depending on the family size.

After you have ordered your new Internet Service Provider , it is up to you whether you want to schedule an installation date to have a professional come to your house and set up the Internet system for you or you can choose to install it yourself by ordering self-install kits.

A self-install kit would include a modem, a router, coaxial cables, ethernet cables along with an installation manual. After you have successfully installed the system yourself, you will need to call and ask your Internet service provider to turn on the service.

Some people may choose to buy their own modem or router based on different purposes and preferences. The most common reason for buying one’s own modem is if they plan on using their Internet service for a long period. In this case, renting a modem will be costlier. Moreover, buying your own modem gives you an advantage of customization options in the future. This serves as a potential reason for people to purchase their own router. Many individuals prefer buying their own modem to have full control over the network and to avoid throttling of the connection speed by Internet Service Providers.

Whether you are moving out of your Internet service provider’s network or not, moving to a new place is indeed a good opportunity for you to explore new options. It is always worth checking other Internet Service Providers at your new address. They might offer a higher quality Internet connection at much better prices. But it is essential that you first understand your Internet needs and then make the right decision.

When choosing an Internet Service Provider, you should take into consideration:

  • The speed
  • Availability
  • Upfront and monthly costs
  • Bundle offers
  • Reliability of your new Internet Service Provider

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