Why should I negociate internet plans when I move?

Moving to a new house is known to be the second most stressful event in people’s lives, right after losing a loved one. It forces us to confront a host of different problems that we’re not used to dealing with daily. This often means that we end up doing things in a haphazard and disorganized way and not fully seize the opportunities that comes with moving. One of them being to save money by negotiating home services for your new address.

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Most of us are guilty of being ‘lazy consumers’ – signing up to an attractive 12 months initial package and then not wanting to go through the hassle of switching when it comes up for renewal. Companies understand this and generally try to tempt us to sign up to something like a security system, insurance policy or Internet service at a certain rate and then switch us onto a standard package once the promotion has been completed. This is almost always good for them and bad for us. This is why moving is your ultimate opportunity to think twice before you keep the same unfavourable plans. This article will examine why you should leverage moving to save money on telecoms. 

1. You have negotiation leverage when you move.

It makes Internet Service Providers (ISP) nervous when you move because they hold nothing on you for a short period of time. You are disconnected and it is the only moment you are completely free from your current ISP. At all time, it is free to cancel your current plan. Therefore, you should take some time to shop around and negotiate packages available at your new address. You don’t lose anything by asking for a better deal – the worst thing that can happen if you falling off your current deal. The fact that you are on the move is the weak spot of your current provider. Use that negotiation leverage!

2. You get the "new customer" discount.

Most Internet Service Providers (ISP) use attractive promotional offers for new customers. This is especially advantageous before moving into a new house because you’ll have to go through a lot of the hassle anyway. Thus, you may as well flirt with the tempting introductory offers that are out there and save some money on the first 12 months.

3. You have to organize the installations at your new address anyway…

Every other day, the “lazy customer” plays out well for ISP because they know we all hate going through the burden of staying at home all day waiting on the technician. For this reason, it would usually take most of us a serious reason to dump them. This undercover retention tactic isn’t working when you move because this day is going to happen no matter what. This is why moving is your ultimate opportunity to switch to another provider without breaking your routine!

4. Your housing situation has changed - Find a plan accordingly.

Moving from a small apartment to a large suburb house will definitely have an impact on your telecom needs. The good new is Internet Service Providers (ISP) are engaged in an incessant battle for customers, meaning that they are constantly updating plans and offering attractive new deals. Perhaps they will give you a larger internet allowance, free cable television or something else that appeals to you. Whatever you are looking for – it is almost certain that there is a great new plan out there that suits your personal needs. You just have to look for it !

5. It’s a great time to be alive! Nowadays, you have alternatives you didn’t know about.

The telecoms industry used to be very uncompetitive – with a few large companies dominating the market. However, that has rapidly changed over the past decade and consumers now have more choices than ever before. There are a host of smaller ISP offering excellent value and creative plans to savvy consumers.


Don’t get us wrong, it is not recommended to bounce around different providers to save a few bucks. At the end, you will become an unwanted customer. Therefore, moving is the ultimate event to switch plan and save some money on the way. The arguments in favour of switching, greatly outweigh the arguments against and you are almost certain to get better value. However, because you will have to go through most of the hassle of switching when you move to a new house – you might as well get the benefits of cheaper prices and better plans as well. In conclusion, the only argument why you should stay with your current ISP when moving is by pure loyalty!

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