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5 Best Kitchener Internet Providers.

It is quite common that when setting up to a new location, people need to also think about their telecommunication providers. Nobody wants to move to a house that hasn’t got all the systems in place, especially phones, the Internet and so on. So what do we do when we are in this situation and need to find a solution?

Although Rogers and Bell are most Ontarian’s go to brands, there are some alternatives you may want to consider. The companies that we decided to go for are VMedia, Distributel, Diallog Telecommunications, Waterloo Wireless and oxio. Indeed staying informed is essential, and one of the best ways to do so is by understanding who are the top players in a particular area. So let’s start!

MovingWaldo’s list of the 5 best Internet Providers in Kitchener

VMedia is Canada’s leading independent telecom and broadcasting company, offering unlimited Internet, TV, Home Phone, and Home Security service, and is available coast to coast. They offer the most affordable prices, the best choice and flexibility, and excellent customer support. VMedia is recognized as an innovation leader in the industry, and was the first to launch numerous consumer-friendly service features, including being the first company to offer all unlimited internet plans and no contracts with any of their services. With VMedia, you can even use your own modem.

What services are offered by VMedia?

Internet : VMedia’s high speed and reliable internet service is available in a range of plans and speeds to suit every household budget and bandwidth need. All of VMedia’s internet plans are unlimited, with no data caps and no extra monthly overage charges, so you can surf, stream, download and more, without ever having to worry about any extra charges. Their customers can choose fast, unlimited home internet, selecting Cable or DSL plans, depending on their network preferences. From low cost FTTN 15 to high speed, competitively-priced Cable 300, VMedia provides the best value for your home internet solution.

Television : VMedia is a pioneer in live TV streaming and IPTV technology, offering over 200 channels in low cost ‘build your own’ TV packages and “a la carte’ options, so you can customize your channel lineup. Watch VMedia TV with their VBox or stream VMedia TV with your preferred streaming device by downloading the VMedia TV app on Amazon Fire, Apple TV, iOS, Android TV and Roku, Watch all the top shows, hit movies, latest news, exciting sports, and more. Check out VMedia’s free TV offer here.

Home Phone : The company offers 2 great Home Phone Plans; Unlimited Canada & US or Unlimited World. Both plans come with unlimited calling and a great selection of 15 features such as 3-way calling or call transfer. And you can keep your current phone number. With VMedia’s Home Phone app, you can save on your mobile long distance charges and extend your plan and its long distance advantages to your smartphone. Finally, VMedia Home Phone operates with high quality VoIP technology to provide you the best experience.

Home Security : With VMedia Protect, you have access to an advanced, wireless home security system that comes with professional monitoring to ensure your security 24/7, whether you are home or not. With their mobile app, it is easy to monitor your system and manage your alerts. You can also receive notifications in case of any event or emergency. With a team of professionals, VMedia Protect makes sure you and your family are always safe.

Note that the availability of the packages may vary from location to another. You can check the availability of the services directly on VMedia’s website.


  • Available across Canada
  • Competitive pricing
  • Easy online sign up
  • No contracts


  • VoIP 911 has certain limitations versus traditional 911 *

*VoIP 911 has certain limitations versus traditional 911. For more information on the limitations, we invite you to contact VMedia.

Why choose this Internet Service Provider?

VMedia is available across the country, offering low prices, great value and no contracts. The company therefore ensures that their internet and other services are affordable, and also accessible to everyone. 

VMedia also plays a major role fighting for fair competition and fair pricing so consumers across Canada can enjoy high speed internet services at the low prices they deserve. The company continues to focus on this important consumer advocacy role, with ongoing lobbying efforts with the CRTC and the federal government to encourage a fair and more transparent market for internet and other services.


Distributel is one of Canada’s leading independent telecommunications providers. It was launched in 1988, and it is one of the pioneers of this industry. At first, it was focused only on providing long-distance calls and now is a full-service telecommunications provider. They have offices across the country and continue to create new partnerships and bring innovative solutions to their clients.

What services are offered by Distributel?

Internet : the company has some options when we check their Internet plans. It’s important to know what kind of activities you usually do via Internet. If you like to play online games and watch movies, the basic one that has a speed of 75 Mbps is going to be enough. If you know, multiple users are going to be connected at the same time, and downloading movies might be one of the activities going for the 150 Mbps plan should be the choice.

Television : Distributel has some neat TV packages that you can choose from. If you like movies or sports then you need to know that you can select your add ons that contain channels on a specific subject. Their basic package has more than 30 channels included, and it’s a great way to start your one.

Home Phone : it’s good to know that Distributel also brings some good offers for their home phone services. They all feature unlimited local calling, and the main difference is in the minutes offered in Long Distance. There are also some cool features that any user is going to find useful like call waiting, voice mail, and more. Choosing the right plans depends on how many calls are done outside Canada.

It is possible to check the availability of the service directly on Distributel ‘s website.

Enjoy reliable high-speed Internet plans with Diallog Telecommunications. Based in Toronto, Diallog has been providing a full suite of telecom services to Canadian residences and business customers across Canada for over 20 years. Whether you’re gaming, surfing, streaming or socializing, they’ve got an unlimited home internet plan to suit your needs–and their service packages include use of a supplied modem so no need to rent or purchase. Diallog’s personalized approach to customer service is sure to leave you in good hands. 

What services are offered by Diallog Telecommunications?

Internet: Like most providers, the plan you’ll be eligible for will typically depend on where you’re located. Unlimited home internet plans starts at $30 and Diallog uses many different technologies to bring the Internet to your home. This means they can either use cable or DSL, depending on what is available at your address. DSL speeds start at 15 Mbps and go up to 50 Mbps. If cable is available at your address, speeds start at 5/1 Mbps and go up to 150/15 Mbps. All of their plans have unlimited usage and no extra metering.

Homephone: If you subscribe to Diallog Internet, you receive 3 months of service for free, then pay $10 a month for unlimited in Canada or you can opt for an unlimited plan in North America for only $15 a month.

Business: Diallog has been providing telecom solutions for small and medium-sized businesses for many years. Whether you need Internet services or a business phone system, Diallog has access to all carriers and products, so they can provide you with the best rates and resource management, regardless of your location. All activations receive a dedicated account manager.


  • Free Modem Rental
  • 50% off Installation
  • Unlimited Usage
  • $40 Referral Discount


  • Residential packages and prices not shown on website

Why choose this Internet Service Provider?

Diallog offers a variety of service packages at a very good price. Their unlimited plans are fast enough to support multiple devices in your home and new customers will receive 50% off the one-time installation fee. Plus, no contracts, metering or extra costs for your usage.

Waterloo Wireless

Waterloo Wireless is an internet service provider in the southwestern Ontario region. They have been providing reliable internet connection since 2005. They saw an opportunity in rural areas and feel that these locations were not getting the best service. This is how the company started, today the Internet is important for the entire world, and they took charge to become a reliable provider.

What services are offered by Waterloo Wireless?

Internet : they have multiple package options to choose from, and it all depends on how you usually use your Internet connection. If you want to browse sites, watch movies and go on social media, the starter ones are the best. They have a speed of 5 Mb/s. If you want to download movies or games, the best plan they have offers a download speed of 25 Mb/S. So be aware of this when making your choice.

Note that Waterloo Wireless only offers Internet services. To know more about the availability of the service, don’t hesitate to contact them directly.

oxio offers Internet services in Ontario. oxio claims to distinguish themselves considerably from other Internet service providers in the province, major or smaller industry players, because of its clear and straightforward service offer, 100% focused on the client and its needs. oxio’s philosophy is based on having no short-term promotions, hence avoiding a surprise rate increase when the promotion comes to an end. They have fair and accessible pricing, and customer support makes sure to provide their customers with friendly guidance towards the best possible plan for them. Look to know if oxio is available in your region here.

What services are offered by oxio?

Internet : All Internet plans include high speed, limitless and stable Internet connection. There are four available plans, starting from as little as 48$ per month (speed of 30 Mbps), going up to 79$ per month (speed of 300 Mbps). The eero 6 router and modem are included with each plan, and all downloads are unlimited at all times.


  • 60 days satisfaction guarantee or money back
  • No contract
  • Free installation
  • Modem and eero 6 router included
  • Free long distance calls all across Canada


  • Service not available everywhere in Ontario
  • Only offers Internet services

Conclusion !

In conclusion choosing from the 5 alternative Internet service providers that we mentioned: VMedia, Distributel, Diallog Telecommunications, Waterloo Wireless, and Execulink for Waterloo, Cambridge, and Ontario can be a bit tricky. Please don’t make a rash decision and take into account all the benefits that each provider has to offer.

Remember that offers change quite a lot, and it’s always best to see for yourself what the telecommunication service providers have to offer right now. After that, it should be a lot clearer on what you need to do.

Good to know

In Canada, the telecommunication industry has two types of provider. There are the direct suppliers, they are the owners of the lines. Among them, there are Rogers, Bell and Shaw, for instance. Then there are the resellers. They use direct provider lines to provide service to their customers. For the internet, the service you get between a direct and indirect provider is similar. That said, direct providers often offer more advanced technologies that mostly translates to speed or TV options. If you opt for a reseller, you will have the visit of an installer of an owner company to connect your service (Rogers, Bell or Shaw), to keep in mind!

It is important to note that although a business is available in a region, some addresses may not be covered unfortunately. Always check with an agent to confirm service availability.

Other Internet Providers in Ontario

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