Manitoba Utility Bills

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Manitoba Utility Bills: How Much Does It Cost for Hydro Bills, Water, Gas, Internet, Cable & Home Phones in 2023?

How Much Is the Average Monthly Cost of a Utility Bill in Manitoba?


The average monthly cost of a utility bill in Manitoba is $364.

There is a lot to enjoy in Manitoba – beautiful lakes, world-class museums, and exquisite festivals. Manitoba offers safe cities, clean air, and a wide variety of cultures and languages, which attracts many people. Churchill, aka the polar bear capital of the world, is also located here. Manitoba also provides free public education and healthcare, making it an ideal place for families. If you plan to move to Manitoba, you must know how much it costs for hydro bills, water, gas, internet, cable & home phones in 2023. Let’s dive in.

Type of Utility Bill in Manitoba

Average cost

The Average Hydro Rates in Manitoba


The Average Cost of Water Bill in Manitoba


The Average Cost of Gas in Manitoba


The Average Cost of Internet in Manitoba


The Average Cost of Cable in Manitoba


The Average Cost of Home Phones in Manitoba


Total Average Cost of Utilities in Manitoba

(per month, gas not included)


The Average Cost of Bills in Manitoba

The Average Hydro Rates in Manitoba

What Are the Average Monthly Hydro Rates in Manitoba?


The average monthly hydro rates in Manitoba are $102 for 1000kWh.

How Does Electricity Work in Manitoba?

The way electricity works in Manitoba is that 97% of the total electricity is from renewable hydropower. Seventy percent of the electricity is produced by hydroelectric generating stations on the Nelson River in northern Manitoba. Manitoba has one of the most reliable electricity systems in the world, and it is virtually emission-free.

Manitoba Hydro manages the electricity needs of Manitoba. The Public Utilities Board of Manitoba (PUB) regulate the rates. Due to the current regulatory situation in Manitoba, the residents are unable to purchase their electricity from a retail other than Manitoba Hydro.

The electricity rates by Manitoba Hydro are comprised of two charges:

  • Basic monthly charge: Includes the direct costs of metering, portions of the distribution system, as well as billing administration.
  • Energy charge: Based upon the electric energy (kWh) consumed or billed.

Did you know you are allowed to generate your own electricity in Manitoba?

This is called non-utility generation. If you are generating more energy than you are using, your excess energy can be sold back to Manitoba Hydro at the excess energy price.

What Are the Factors Affecting the Cost of a Hydro Bill?

Following factors affect the cost of a hydro bill in Manitoba:

  • Source of electricity (hydro or diesel)
  • Threshold (Amp usage)
  • Transmission and distribution system
  • Power plant costs
  • Weather conditions
  • Regulations
  • Seasons and location
  • Load factor
  • Power factor
  • Cost of electricity itself
  • Regulatory costs
  • Taxes
  • Single-phase or three-phase

What Are the Average Monthly Hydro Rates in Manitoba?

The Public Utilities Board (PUB) has received an amendment to Manitoba Hydro’s recently submitted multi-year General Rate Application (GRA), which lowers the requested average energy rate increase to 2% for each of the fiscal years 2023–2024 and 2024–2025.

The average residential customer without electric heating will see a bill impact of the two percent average rate increase, effective September 1, 2023, of less than $3 per month (based on an average consumption of 1,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) per month), and the average residential customer with electric heating will see a bill impact of under $6 per month (based on an average consumption of 2,000 kWh per month).

The average residential customer without and with electric heating will see an extra rise of less than $3 and $6 per month, respectively, as a result of the 2% average increase that will take effect on April 1, 2024.

Manitoba Hydro is the province’s largest Crown Corporation. You can only buy electricity from Manitoba Hydro as there are no other utilities.

Here’s the breakdown of the hydro rates:

Basic monthly charge not exceeding 200 Amp


Basic monthly charge exceeding 200 Amp


Energy charge


Residential seasonal rates – electricity

Basic annual charge not exceeding 200 Amp


Energy charge


Residential diesel rates – electricity

Four remote and northern communities remain off the Manitoba Hydro transmission grid and are reliant on diesel generation electricity supplied by Manitoba Hydro. These communities comprise what is known as the “Diesel Zone.”

Basic monthly charge not exceeding 60 Amp


Energy charge


Here are the average monthly Hydro rates in Manitoba:


Cost Per Month

600 kWh



750 kWh



1000 kWh



*Does not include taxes.

(*Hydro MB)


The Average Rates for Manitoba Water Bills

How Much Is the Average Monthly Cost of a Water Bill in Manitoba?


The average monthly cost of a water bill in Manitoba $65.

How Does Water Work in Manitoba?

The way water works in Manitoba is that The Public Utilities Board (Board) has rate and other regulatory responsibilities for all of Manitoba’s water and/or wastewater utilities but does not approve rates for the City of Winnipeg. 

The board manages over 240 water and/or wastewater utilities, including 200 municipal utilities and 40 cooperative and privately owned utilities. 

These water utilities deliver safe domestic water to your home and take care of the wastewater too. In return for these services, you pay an amount proportional to the usage in a month.

As for the City of Winnipeg, the City Council approves all utility rates and services charges. A meter is installed outside your home that measures the usage. 

You are billed for the following things:

  • Tap Water
  • Sewerage

Most water bills in Manitoba have two main components:

  • Fixed fee component:  Costs of billing, meter maintenance, and future meter replacement.
  • Variable amount: Includes the cost of drawing water from the water source, cost of operating and maintaining the aqueduct, pumping stations, reservoirs, drinking water treatment plant, and distribution system.

In the City of Winnipeg, the water is drawn from Shoal Lake and transported to your house. The sewerage water is collected, transported, and treated before disposing it to Red and Assiniboine Rivers.

What Are the Factors Affecting the Cost of Water?

Here are a few factors that affect the cost of water:

  • Type of home
  • Meter size
  • Household members
  • Seasonal usage
  • Appliances
  • Water treatment plant costs
  • Cost of drawing water from the lakes
  • Maintenance and upgrades to the water system

What Are the Average Rates for Water Bills per Month in Manitoba?

The average rates for water bills per month in Manitoba depend on how you are billed:

  • Basic charge: It is billed at a daily rate and is based on meter size.
  • Water/Sewerage Rate: Based on consumption

Here’s the cost breakdown:

Average Monthly Water Bills Based on Meter Size in Manitoba

Meter Size (inches) 

Daily Fixed Cost



1 1/2″




Privately-owned meters

All meter sizes


Average Monthly Water Bills Based on Usage in Manitoba

Per cubic meter per quarter

Water Rate

0 – 272


Over 272


Sewer rate: $2.91 for Per cubic meter per quarter.

Average Monthly Water Bills by Cubic Meter in Manitoba

Here are the average rates for water bills per month in Manitoba for a 1” meter*:

Cubic Meter (m3) 

monthly usage

Average Cost


10 m3

1-2 people


20 m3 

2-3 people


30 m3

3-5 people


*Fixed meter charges for 30 days (for 1” meter): $24.60

(*My Utility Bill)

The Average Natural Gas Rates in Manitoba

What Is the Average Gas Rate in Manitoba?


The average gas rate in Manitoba is $137.64 per month.

How Does Natural Gas Work in Manitoba?

The way natural gas works in Manitoba is that you can either buy your Primary Natural Gas from Manitoba Hydro or from an independent natural gas marketer. Whichever supplier you choose, Manitoba Hydro will continue to deliver the natural gas to your home or business and bill you for it.

The Public Utilities Board of Manitoba (PUB) reviews the natural gas rates quarterly in February, May, August, and November.

You can buy natural gas from the following retailers:

  • Manitoba Hydro (Centra Gas)
  • ECNG Energy
  • Just Energy
  • Planet Energy

If you go for Manitoba Hydro, you can choose 1 of 2 Primary Gas rate options:

  • Quarterly rate service (adjusted 4 times per year): Customers pay the market cost; there is no mark-up or profit added. The prices will change throughout the year.
  • Fixed-rate service (fixed for a term of at least 1 year): Primary Gas rate stays the same for the length of the contract, regardless of the market prices.

What Are the Factors Affecting the Cost of Natural Gas?

There is no natural gas or NGL production in Manitoba. All the natural gas used in Manitoba is delivered on the Canadian Mainline. Natural gas is traded in a competitive market where the sellers put gas on sale and the buyers (gas utility companies) bid for purchase. The prices vary throughout the year.

Here are a few other factors that affect the cost of natural gas in Manitoba:

  • Transmission and distribution service area
  • Municipality
  • Season (winter or summer)
  • Delivery charge
  • Usage
  • Plan (Fixed or quarterly rate service)

What Are the Average Monthly Natural Gas Rates in Manitoba?

You are charged for the following in Manitoba for natural gas:

  • Basic monthly charge
  • Primary gas charge
  • Supplemental gas charge
  • Transportation charge
  • Distribution charge

The basic charge remains the same irrespective of the natural gas usage. Primary gas charge and supplemental gas charge depend on how much gas you consume in a month. The primary gas charges also vary from one retailer to another. The supplementary charges are only applicable if there’s a gas shortfall.

The rate for gas as of February 1st, 2023, is 18.78¢/m3.



Basic monthly charge


Gas Commodity




Transportation to centre


Distribution to customer



Usage Per Month (m3)

Average Monthly Cost (@18.78¢/m3)








The Average Internet Prices in Manitoba

What Is the Average Cost of the Internet in Manitoba?


The average cost of the internet in Manitoba is $91 per month.

How Does the Internet Work in Manitoba?

The way the internet works in Manitoba is that you can benefit from the services through the following mediums:

  • DSL (5-45 Mbps)
  • Cable (20-200 Mbps)
  • Fiber-optic (50-1000 Mbps)
  • Satellite (50-150 Mbps)

Many popular internet service providers like Primus, VMedia offer unlimited internet usage at lightning-fast speeds. The internet has become more affordable in Manitoba since 2016 as there has been an average price drop (-$19, -21%).

Since 26.8% of Manitoba’s population resides in rural areas, internet connectivity in those areas is also crucial. But the prices are significantly higher in rural Manitoba — almost a $43 difference for 5/1 Mbps service.

Telecommunications are federally regulated in Canada through the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). Local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) deliver internet services to households. You can use the National Broadband Internet Service Availability Map by the Government of Canada to see which ISPs operate in your area.

What Are the Factors Affecting the Cost of the Internet?

Here are the factors that affect the cost of internet in Manitoba:

  • Location (urban or rural)
  • Service provider (ISPs)
  • Type of connection (DSL, cable, fiber-optic, or satellite)
  • Speed and bandwidth

What Is the Average Cost of Internet Bills per Month in Manitoba?

According to the CRTC, Canada’s administrative tribunal regulating broadcasting and telecommunications, the average person in Manitoba pays $91 per month for a 50/10 Mbps service with unlimited monthly data transfer. Here are the average Internet costs in Manitoba based on the type of connection and speed.

Type of Internet 


Average Cost


75 Mbps/ 7Mbps



75 Mbps/ 7.5 Mbps



50 Mbps/ 5 Mbps



10 Mbps


(VMedia, Can-Com and Bell MTS)

The Average Cost of Cable TV in Manitoba

What Is the Average Monthly Cost of Cable TV in Manitoba?


The average monthly cost of cable TV in Manitoba is $58.

How Does Cable Work in Manitoba?

Unlike other provinces, Manitoba still loves legacy cable TV. In fact, many ISPs like VMedia only offer their services offer cable only. Cable TV providers vary from city to city. It might be available in one place and not the other due to several infrastructure limitations. 

The best part about having cable TV is that you can watch local TV channels without any hassles. From your local hockey game to regional news, you get everything! Cable TV runs even if you don’t have access to an internet connection and have exclusive channels such as local sports channels that internet streaming services do not. 

Many local cable TV operators are operating in Manitoba, offering various packages, prices, and features. Typically, you are charged based on how many basic and exclusive channels you opt for.

According to CRTC, Manitoba has the lowest average price for Basic TV in all of Canada. 

But in recent years, the reign of legacy cable TV is ending. Service providers are offering IPTV services that only run if you are connected to the same ISP. There can be interruptions like those experienced in your internet connection, but people consider it a more convenient option.

What Are the Factors Affecting the Cost of Cable?

Legacy cable TV heavily depends on the physical hardware and infrastructure for uninterrupted services. Both can affect the cost of cable. Here are a few other factors that determine how much you’re going to pay for your favourite channels:

  • Area of service
  • External factors (local competition, downturn in the cable market, etc.)
  • Local or state taxation and fee laws
  • Costs of shows and broadcasts
  • Cable prices
  • Number of channels
  • Type of channels (sports, international, local, news, entertainment, etc.) 
  • HD Channels
  • VOD (Video on Demand) availability

What Is the Average Cost of Cable TV per Month in Manitoba?

Here are the average cable costs in Manitoba based on their type of plan.

Cable TV Company Name

Plan and Basic Channels



Basic Package (10 Basic Channels)


Bell MTS 

Good TV Package


Bell MTS 

Better TV Package


(*Teksavvy,& Bell MTS)

The Average Cost of Home Phones in Manitoba

What Is the Average Cost of Home Phones in Manitoba?


The average cost of home phones in Manitoba is $48 per month. 

How Do Home Phones Work in Manitoba?

Home phones and landlines are a connection to your past. Yes, smartphones are great, but they cannot match the sound quality of landlines. Although, the quality can vary depending on where you live and who provides your service.

Home phones offer quick and reliable communication. Traditional copper landlines are self-powering, so they keep working even if the power goes out. Your landline is also associated with your exact address. In case of an emergency, EMTs know where you are.

Many households have elderly who are more familiar with landlines than the all-new tech-savvy smartphones. It’s easier for them to make and receive calls. Some hearing aids, heart monitors, and home security systems also work directly with your phone line.

Long-distance calling, 911, voicemail, caller display, all those things are common on both cell phones and home phones.

In Manitoba, 57.7% of households still have landline telephone service. Most people have home phone services bundled up with Internet and Cable TV.

Many service providers in Manitoba offer unlimited calling within Canada and the USA with low long-distance calling rates. The price plans differ based on the features being offered. 

Here are a few features you should look for in a home phone plan:

  • Caller ID with name
  • Remote voicemail access
  • Call waiting with caller
  • Caller ID block
  • Voicemail
  • Long-distance calling
  • Smart Ring

What Are the Factors Affecting the Cost of Home Phones?

Home phones are still in the game as they offer benefits that a digital phone or VoIP cannot match. The added features decide how much the service provider is going to charge you. Here are some of the factors that affect the cost of home phones:

  • Number of countries included in the plan
  • Added taxes or fees
  • Added features like (Long-distance calling, 3-way calling, caller ID block, online account management, etc.)
  • Voicemail
  • Call waiting

What Is the Average Cost of Home Phones per Month in Manitoba?

Here are the average home phones costs in Manitoba based on their type of plan.

Company Name

Plan and Inclusions


Bell MTS

Basic Phone Line 


local calling)


Bell Canada

Home phone Lite – Unlimited local calling 

+ Unlimited Canada and U.S.


  • $10 for this added feature

Bell MTS

Home phone Line – Unlimited local calling 

Unlimited direct-dialed

long distance in Canada

and to the U.S.


*** Phone activation, connection fees and other one time charges are not included in the rates above.  

(* Bell Canada, & Bell MTS)

The Average Utility Costs in Winnipeg

What Is the Average Utilities Cost in Winnipeg?


The average utilities cost in Winnipeg is $364 per month.


Average Monthly Cost


1000 kWh @ 9.324¢/kWh



20 m3



400 m3



50/10 Mbps service with unlimited monthly data transfer




Home Phone 


Total average utility cost in Winnipeg 

Gas not included

$364 per month

*The average cost of utilities in Winnipeg is the same in Manitoba because Manitoba Hydro is the widely used energy and natural gas provider in the entire province.

*Winnipeg is the largest city and capital of the province of Manitoba. Learn more on the cost of living in Winnipeg.

 (*VMedia, Can-ComBell MTS ,Hydro MB & CRTC)

The Average Cost of Utilities Across Canada

What Is the Average Cost of Utilities in Canada?


The average cost of utilities in Canada is $348 per month.







Home Phone

Total Monthly Cost



Included in hydro





$323.96 (gas not included)








$320.87 (gas not included)








$241.81 (electricity not included)

British Columbia







$410.90 (gas not included)








$363 (gas not included)








$369.20 (gas not included)








$383 (gas not included)

New Brunswick







$324 (gas not included)

Nova Scotia







$391 (gas not included)


Utilities ensure that your household functions properly and remains comfortable, but the cost is recurring and variable. Knowing average household utility costs can help you reduce your usage and save tons of money at the end of the year.

Manitoba is one of the more affordable provinces to live in. The most expensive city in Manitoba is Winnipeg, and it’s still cheaper than most of the cities in Canada. 

It has the strongest and most stable economy in Canada. It is a market economy based on natural resources. The top economic contributors are tourism, electricity, agriculture, mining, oil, and forestry, meaning many job opportunities are available in the province. 

Are you moving to Manitoba soon? Check out 11 things to know when moving to Manitoba.

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