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5 Best Rural Broadband Providers in the UK

When it comes to broadband, coverage in urban areas of the UK is around 97%, while rural coverage is 80%. This is why we think you should be knowledgeable of what type of broadband and which provider will meet your needs. Living in a rural area doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a good broadband service. Check out the following broadband providers below for your top rural broadband options recommended by MovingWaldo!

Best Broadband for Rural Areas in the UK

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How are broadband providers selected?

All broadband providers listed are selected carefully from the best companies on the market. We care to help you through the maze of information the web provides about this industry. You will certainly find the perfect match for your Internet needs!

Are you a good, trustworthy broadband provider?

Connecting rural communities with advanced broadband services


Gigaclear, owned by European leading infrastructure investors, aims to connect rural areas with reliable and quality efficient broadband service. 2010 marks the beginning of delivering quality broadband services in rural communities. The company’s broadband model is based on an extensive FTTP (Fibre To The Premises) network that has reached over 300,000 rural homes and businesses and is still growing.

Gigaclear broadband pricing starts at £17 a month with an 18-month contract.

What services are offered by Gigaclear?

Broadband: Gigaclear is a full fibre broadband that is based on FTTP networking technology. The company offers four packages with average downloading and uploading speeds ranging from 200 Mbps to 900 Mbps. All packages come with free standard installation with a Linksys router and smart wifi included.

TV: Gigaclear has partnered with Sky Tv for their home entertainment services. You can benefit from the following on-demand channels: Amazon Prime TV, Netflix, and Disney+.

Home Phone: Gigaclear offers home phone service that can exempt you from line rentals of conventional landlines. There is no hassle of changing numbers and handsets when you switch your service to Gigaclear. The features offered include voicemail, caller ID, call divert, call block, and more.


  • Free add-on features available for home phone service
  • Broadband comes with smart wifi technology for better coverage
  • Home entertainment is available without the hassle of keeping a box or a dish
  • Free installation
  • Free Linksys router


  • Limited availability of features in some areas

Why MovingWaldo recommends Gigaclear

With a generous cause of delivering poorly-served and rural communities with great broadband, Gigaclear has a widespread network in almost 22 rural UK counties and is continually growing. The network is fully fibred FTTP tech based which means excellent speeds, more reliability, and lesser outages. The home phone service is available for add-on with your broadband package for merely £3 a month. The broadband service offers smart wifi for better connectivity.

Offers some of the highest internet speeds in the UK


Virgin Media is a broadband network and one of the most renowned mobile networks in the UK that offers some of the highest broadband speeds in rural areas. Launched in 2010, the company has gained massive acknowledgement by winning various awards for three consecutive years. Virgin Media can show off with a strong portfolio of around 49.3 million UK connections. Virgin Media always looks towards the future with the power of its high-speed broadband connectivity.

The broadband and phone packages start at £26 a month

What services are offered by Virgin Media?

Broadband: Virgin Media offers impressive broadband speeds ranging from 56 Mbps to 1130 Mbps. The broadband plans have the option of being bundled with TV & phone. Gig1 plan is their fastest and best suited for gaming and sharing huge files speedily.

TV: Virgin Media offers TV services with their fast-speed broadband internet. The channel selection offered is extensive and flexible. The plan includes a nice number of channels, many recording options and Netflix streaming if subscribed. The option of streaming your favorite shows and movies on multiple devices is also available.

Home Phone: Virgin Media provides home phone services for staying in touch with family. This landline service comes in five different plans. Option of voice mail and call divert is available with additional costs.


  • The company offers unlimited downloads
  • No setup fee required
  • Offers free servicing and repair
  • Many packages to simplify the customer’s choice
  • Fastest broadband provider


  • Security suite is an additional cost

Why MovingWaldo recommends Virgin Media

Virgin Media is legitimately one of the fastest options when it comes to broadband providers with its high speed plan offering 1130 Mbps. Virgin Media has been in the running for a long time and has bagged the top spot in the relevant industry with its unparalleled download speeds. With super reliability and flexible package offerings, there is something for everyone. The good news is that the setup is free of cost and the support is unbeatable. They offer the fastest services at market-compatible prices.

Broadband provider making it possible to have many devices connected at once


EE is a broadband service provider company and is a subsidiary of BT(UK’s renowned mobile network). EE has been on a mission to make Britain more and more digitized by their broadband service ever since 2010. Both home and business broadband are backed up by 4G and a fixed line connection. You can count on the FTTP (Fibre To The Premises) to ensure speeds up to 1000 Mbps so you can connect up to 100 devices at a time. The company has won multiple awards for being the most trustworthy in its industry.

EE broadband plan starts from £24 a month

What services are offered by EE?

Broadband: EE offers full-fibre broadband which is one of the most reliable services in the UK. High downloading and uploading speeds supported by smart wifi ensure a lag-free connection. Fibre Max 900 offers downloading speed of 900Mbps.

TV: Up until a year ago, EE offered EE Tv box packages for home entertainment. Now, they have partnered with Apple TV for television services. You don’t need any box or device for connectivity. However, you have to be a subscriber of EE broadband or mobile network to benefit from the offer.

Home Phone: The FTTP plans do not come with a landline. There are different plans for landlines that you can add-on yourself. Pay-as-you-go costs will depend on how much you use. The voice call, call divert, caller ID, and other features are available as well.


  • The broadband plans come with a free annual subscription of Norton security premium for 10 devices
  • EE app eases the manageability of the broadband
  • The packages include smart wifi for better quality on all devices
  • You get 10% off your broadband bill if you are a user of EE mobile


  • No on-demand channels available on their Tv service
  • The service may not be available in some areas

Why MovingWaldo recommends EE

The name EE being linked to BT means that the users get to experience one of UK’s best and most trusted mobile broadband network. EE broadband is proven to give a lag-free service with high speeds. The broadband plans come with a lot of perks like a subscription to Norton Security Premium for a year for 10 registered devices. The customer service is UK based which means you get your problems solved promptly.

Highly rated customer service


Sky is a British broadcasting company that was founded in 1990. In addition to broadcasting, Sky also extends to telecommunication services. Broadband and SkyQ are the star products. The company is acclaimed for its best customer service. The broadband service is trustworthy with excellent speeds. Sky relies on sustainability and reliability to make its business thrive. They offer high speeds through full fibred broadband internet aiming to make the world more and more digitized.

The broadband pricing plan starts at £25 a month with an 18-month contractual period.

What services are offered by Sky?

Broadband: Sky broadband is a full fibre high-speed internet with downloading speeds of 900Mbps in their extreme package which is perfect for gaming, UHD streaming, and video calling simultaneously. You have the option of availing of SkyQ tv with the broadband plan.

TV: You can watch live and on-demand tv with SkyQ which comes with the advanced voice command remote. The option of recording up to 500 hours comes with SkyQ along with stopping, pausing, and rewinding a live show. The ultra HD channels give a great watching experience. A multi-screen option is available.

Home Phone: Sky Talk is a landline service offered by Sky. Sky talk offers a new range of packages that include all UK mobile and UK landline dialling. It also offers international dialing for 50 destinations that have a time limit of one hour. After that standard Sky international dialing rates are carried forward.


  • Spare data rolls over for three years
  • The streaming sky app requires no data
  • The broadband comes with a built-in security shield
  • Award-winning customer service (2021 Expert Reviews Awards)


  • The extreme broadband package may not be available in some parts of the UK

Why MovingWaldo recommends Sky

The name Sky is enough to say about the reliability of the services provided by this company. Sky broadband offers money-back guaranteed high speeds of 900Mbps with a built-in security shield and smart wifi ensuring a glitch-free and uniform service. The Sky TV offers so much in-home entertainment that starts with unlimited channel variety to crystal clear picture quality. Another plus is its customer service which was recognised at the 2021 Expert Reviews Awards.

Best value for price


With over 660k home-based broadband users, Vodafone aims to simplify digital solutions globally through their full-fibre network with offered speeds up to 910 Mbps. They are aware that individual needs can vary which is why they have a custom plan for everyone without compromising on the quality, speed, and reliability of the broadband. Vodafone intends to link more people who remain unconnected in rural areas with their broadband, home phone and television services.

Vodafone broadband and landline service plans start at £20 a month.

What services are offered by Vodafone?

Broadband: Vodafone broadband services range from 38Mbps to 910Mbps with unlimited usage. It comes with reliable wifi auto optimisation for even faster connectivity. The user is not bound by any downloading limit with the broadband internet and the services are reliable in over 100 cities.

TV: Vodafone is the largest cloud-based TV platform in the UK. You will find the facility of Live TV, video on demand, Netflix, HBO and PrimeTV Video on this single platform. This service is enhanced with smart features like recording live programs, 4K streaming, voice search and smart replay. Best for sports fans with coverage of major sports events.

Home Phone: Vodafone’s landline service makes it easier for you to stay connected for longer talking time. The service comes with call divert and call record enhancements. You have the option of combining mobile and landline numbers for ease of use and cost-cutting. Roaming charges are applied when you travel.


  • No cap on downloading limit
  • Set up is free of cost
  • Offers ease of budget with family bundle plans
  • Auto-optimising wifi
  • Best for deals and low prices
  • Award winners for the Best Value and Fastest Broadband Provider at the Uswitch 2021 awards


  • The broadband speed limit offered varies with the area of operation
  • Limited parental control features

Why MovingWaldo recommends Vodafone?

Vodafone’s 2021 won award for Best Value and Fastest Broadband Provider make them of the best internet providers you will find when it comes to high speed and reliability. So whether you are a gamer or you want to download heavy files, Vodafone’s highest speed of 901Mbps will never disappoint you. The full fibre layout ensures a glitch-free system. The TV service offers high-definition movies with box sets and lives tv coverage. Vodafone is the best for deals and low prices.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about broadband for rural areas

Why are broadband speeds slower in rural areas?

Broadband speeds are slower in rural areas partly as a result of infrastructure.  Houses are further apart in the countryside producing difficulties to connect many homes with fast broadband speeds. Another factor can be the infrastructure that was built ages ago tends to not be up to date with recent technology making it challenging to obtain faster broadband speeds. 

The UK Government is dedicated to investing over £22 million for the costs of building faster broadband by 2025. Fifty-eight percent of the UK make up the hard-to-reach rural areas. 


How can you improve broadband speeds in rural areas?

While improving broadband speeds in rural areas is challenging, it is not impossible! It is important to remember, broadband speed decreases the further you travel. 

If you are looking to improve speed, an easy way would be to gather your neighbors and discuss purchasing a faster broadband service altogether. You may also get fibre broadband delivered by fibre optic cables, this is amongst the most popular options that appear in most English households because it is high-speed, reliable, and efficient especially for rural areas. Another way to improve broadband speeds would be to ask a private company to install a local network to sharpen your internet speeds.

Can you have 2 broadband providers in 1 house?

Yes, you can have 2 broadband providers in 1 house (or more), whichever type of internet you want to install. It is recommended to let both providers know that you want to install two separate lines so that they can properly plan your home’s wiring.


What does Mbps mean?

Mbps means megabits per second. It is a way to quantify the speed of your broadband connection. The higher your Mbps are, the faster your broadband speed will be!

What are the different types of broadband?

Fibre, cable, and ADSL are the three most common types of broadband in the UK:

Fibre: Fibre broadband is ranked #1 when it comes to the fastest broadband speeds. Fibre broadband will typically have 30-1000 Mbps. The average price for fibre broadband is around £27-£65 per month. Fibre broadband is good for families, gamers, and businesses. If you want to increase your broadband speed, fibre broadband is a great option.

Cable: Cable broadband is not as widespread as ADSL in the UK but it’s usually faster. It uses a coaxial cable setup and its speed ranges from 35Mbps to over 300Mbps. The UK’s main cable service provider is Virgin Media. The average price for cable broadband is around £22-£52 per month.

ADSL: ADSL broadband is considerably slower than cable broadband. In terms of speed, there is ADSL2+, with a maximum speed of around 24 Mbps, while ADSL1 has a maximum speed of around 8 Mbps only. The average price for ADSL broadband is around £18-£35 per month. ADSL broadband is good for completing online assignments, social media browsing, and casual internet users.

How do I check my broadband speed online?

To check your broadband speed online you can use a broadband speed checking tool. There are various broadband speed checking tools online, but the easiest way is to search “speed test” directly into Google and the tool will immediately appear.

What can affect the speed of my broadband?

Speed needed by lifestyle 


Good for what

Good for who

5 – 10 Mbps

  • Checking emails
  • Browsing
  • Listening to music
  • Minimal internet users
  • People living alone

10 – 40 Mbps 

  • Online assignments
  • Social media 
  • Netflix
  • YouTube
  • Students
  • Casual internet users
  • Children and teens

40 – 100 Mbps

  • Video calls 
  • Netflix
  • Working from home
  • Online classes
  • People working from home 
  • Students
  • Families

100 – 500 Mbps

  • Video calls 
  • Gaming 
  • Streaming
  • Gamers
  • Streamers
  • Big families

500 – 1000 Mbps

  • Heavy gaming 
  • Streaming 
  • Commercial  internet
  • Heavy gamers
  • Heavy streamers
  • Businesses

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