How to change my address for my driver’s licence in Saskatchewan?

Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) is the corporation responsible for providing the Saskatchewan Auto Fund, the public auto insurance program that manages the driver’s licensing and vehicle registration system in Saskatchewan. When you move, it is crucial to notify SGI, so as to make sure your driver’s licence is updated accordingly.

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Who is required to notify Saskatchewan Government Insurance of their change of address?

If you currently are in possession of a driver’s licence in Saskatchewan, then you must update it within 15 days of moving to your new home to make sure SGI doesn’t send mail to your old address.

How to change my address with Saskatchewan Government Insurance?

There are four different ways for you to change your address on your driver’s licence:

  1. Visit a motor licence issuer
  2. Visit MySGI account online and edit your personal information
  3. Call 1-844-855-2744 and make sure to have your Customer Number from your driver’s licence ready
  4. Use the online ExpressAddress service, on which you can update your address for various bills and services

What you should know!

  • When you change your address, you don’t need to renew your driver’s licence and won’t be provided a new one by SGI.  
  • Your Saskatchewan driver’s licence lasts for 5 years. It is only after those 5 years that you will need to renew your licence and get a new photo before the expiry date.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am moving permanently from another province to Saskatchewan?

In this case, you can drive with your out-of-province driver’s licence for 90 days before getting a Saskatchewan driver’s licence. To do so, you need to meet Saskatchewan residency requirements and complete a declaration that declares you a resident.

You must provide at least 2 pieces of original identification, as well as 2 Saskatchewan residency documents, which must include your civic address/land location and be dated no more than 90 days. Refer to the SGI site for a list of acceptable documents.

To be eligible for a driver’s licence in and be considered a Saskatchewan resident, you have to be:

  • owning, renting or leasing an accomodation in Saskatchewan where you normally live, or living with an immediate family member who’s a Saskatchewan resident;
  • filing income tax in Saskatchewan (if needed). In the case where you haven’t lived in Saskatchewan long enough to file a personal income tax return, you can provide evidence that you usually live in Saskatchewan; and
  • not holding a driver’s licence from a jurisdiction other than Saskatchewan.

What if I am moving temporarily from another province to Saskatchewan?

People like students, visitors, or temporary workers, who are moving temporarily to Saskatchewan from another province aren’t required to get a Saskatchewan driver’s licence.


  • If you are temporarily visiting Saskatchewan, you are not eligible to apply for a Saskatchewan driver’s licence and your existing out-of-province license gives you the same privileges it does in your home province.
  • If you hold a Super Visa, which is a multi-year visitor visa, you are eligible to apply for a Saskatchewan driver’s licence or non-driver photo identification.

Temporary workers:

If you’re temporarily in Saskatchewan for work purposes, you are allowed to use your valid, out-of-province driver’s licence to operate a vehicle authorized by that licence.

You may be eligible to apply for a Saskatchewan driver’s licence if you have documents to prove identity, residency and entitlement to be in Canada:

  • You will need to provide at least 2 pieces of original identification to confirm your identity. They both have to prove your legal name, birth date and signature.
  • These documents have to be originals (not photocopied) from an authority such as the provincial or federal government or a federal agency.


If you’re a full-time student going to an educational institution in Saskatchewan, you are allowed to drive a vehicle with your valid, out-of-province driver’s licence and can do so for the entire time you are a full-time student.


As mentioned at the beginning of this article, changing your address on your driver’s licence is important task. An equally important one is updating your address for your health card, you bank, insurance and so on. Make your life easier by downloading your checklist for address changes in Saskatchewan.

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