Top 7 Most LGBT friendly cities to live in Canada with the Best quality of life – 2024

Since Canada’s legalization of same-sex marriage in 2005, Canadian cities have created their own neighborhoods, parades, festivities, resources, and communities to raise awareness for the LGBT community.

Canada, known for its progressive values, embraces the LGBT community with open arms. From the vibrant energy of Toronto to the progressive spirit of Vancouver, each city on this list not only prioritizes 2SLGBTQQIA+ rights but also offers a welcoming gay village atmosphere, economic opportunities, and a celebration of diversity that underscores Canada’s commitment to inclusiveness. We have created a list of the top 7 most LGBT friendly cities in Canada with the best quality of life. 

Top 7 Most LGBT friendly cities to live in Canada with the Best quality of life – 2024


We based our ranking of the most LGBT-friendly cities to live in Canada with the best quality of life in 2024 on the following criteria: crime severity index and the place with the most number of legal protections and policies.

Our safety ranking method relies on a thorough analysis of the Crime Severity Index, sourced from Statistics Canada’s 2022 records. This index encompasses all Criminal Code violations, encompassing traffic offenses, drug violations, and other federal statute breaches.

It assesses the gravity of crimes reported to law enforcement, considering both their frequency and severity. Using a baseline of 100 set in 2006, it indicates whether crime severity has increased or decreased since then.

Here’s how to interpret the Crime Severity Index values:

  • Below 70: Indicates low crime severity
  • 70 to 99: Suggests moderate crime severity
  • 100 to 139: Indicates high crime severity
  • 140 and above: Reflects very high crime severity

The “best quality of life” aspect is measured based on feedback from real people who have moved to this area in our database or real people from trusted online forums. More specifically, we look for positive feedback on job opportunities, quality of education, quality of healthcare, feeling of safety, public transportation, environment (cleanliness), as well as availability of recreational facilities and parks.


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Most LGBT friendly cities to live in Canada

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1. Toronto, ON

toronto lgbt gathering parade
  • Population: 2,794,356
  • Crime Severity Index: 51.87

Toronto, Ontario is best known for having Canada’s largest city for gay community, making it one of the most LGBT friendly cities in Canada. Not to mention Toronto’s crime severity index of 51.87 making it a safe place for our LGBT friends. This place holds a significant place in 2SLGBTQQIA+ history as the third jurisdiction globally, and the first in the Americas, to legalize same-sex marriage, following Belgium and The Netherlands. 

The gay friendly city thrives on a supportive community, with LGBT organizations like the Gay & Lesbian Community Appeal of Toronto, VIVIR LGBTQ, Friends of Ruby Drop-In Youth Centre, Senior Pride Network, and The 519. 

Among these, 2SLGBTQ+ Parenting in Toronto offers confidential support, guidance, resources, and advocacy for the University of Toronto community and their families, fostering awareness on family care issues vital to education and employment equity at the university.

Statistics Canada (2021) and Crime Severity Canada (2022)

Toronto, ON

2. Ottawa, ON

ottawa lgbt parade
  • Population: 1,017,449
  • Crime Severity Index: 52.91

The Canadian Capital, otherwise known as Ottawa, is one of the most 2SLGBTQQIA+ friendly cities in Canada. Ottawa is known for its music festivals, ice-skating rinks and hiking trails. If you are looking for a safe place to live and raise a family, Ottawa is the place for you. The crime severity index score is at 52.91, making it a safe place to live.

Ottawa’s LGBT community is well-supported with centers like Kind Space and the Ottawa Trans Library, providing essential resources and support. The heart of the city’s vibrant LGBT scene lies in the Bank Street Gay Village, located just a few blocks from Parliament Hill. This lively neighborhood not only houses a thriving community but also stands as the most vibrant area for residents identifying as part of this community in Ottawa.

Statistics Canada (2021) and Crime Severity Canada (2022)

Ottawa, ON

3. Montreal, QC

montreal lgbt quartier gay
  • Population: 3,675,219
  • Crime Severity Index: 61.35

Montreal has long been an advocate for the LGBT community with the Montreal Pride, the “Gay Village” and its abundant selection of same-sex bars and clubs. It is considered one of the LGBT friendly cities to live in because of the 61.35 crime severity index. Montreal’s LGBT scene flourishes with diverse venues for dating like Pop Montréal, and Bareoke, catering to different tastes and expressions.

The city’s LGBTQ+ community finds support at the Montreal LGBTQ+ Community Center (CCLGBTQ) and resources like Info-Crime Montréal and Interligne for recording and addressing hateful acts. Remarkably, GrS Montreal stands as the world’s only center specializing in gender affirmation surgeries with its convalescent home. Montreal’s gay villages, including Plateau and Mile End, offer vibrant communities, while the city further fosters inclusivity with LGBTQ-focused real estate services.

Statistics Canada (2021) and Crime Severity Canada (2022)

Montreal, QC

4. Halifax, NS

halifax lgbt parade
  • Population: 465,703
  • Crime Severity Index: 72.19

Besides its historical charm, community spirit, fantastic seafood and natural landscapes, Halifax is also known for its LGBT-friendly atmosphere with a crime severity index of 72.19. Halifax’s South House (SoHo) stands as the city’s sole full-time gender justice center, offering vital support as a non-profit organization. LGBT travelers can navigate Halifax with ease using the destination guide provided by Halifax Destination Halifax.

The organized events facilitate the LGBT community’s exploration of Halifax. The city also boasts numerous LGBTQ-affirming therapists, ensuring accessible mental health services. Nova Scotia enforces legal protection against LGBT discrimination in all public and private areas through the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act.

For a vibrant nightlife, Gay Halifax recommends venues like Alexander Keith’s Brewery, Good Robot Brewing Co, Pacifico Nightclub, Obladee Wine Bar, The Split-crow, and The Toothy Moose. Moreover, Halifax’s inclusive adoption laws allow any adult over 19, regardless of relationship status or orientation, to seek adoption of a child younger than themselves.

Statistics Canada (2021) and Crime Severity Canada (2022)

Halifax, NS

5. Calgary, AB

calgary lgbt parade
  • Population: 1,306,784
  • Crime Severity Index: 75.22

Calgary boasts vibrant Queer entertainment venues such as Twisted Element, Rising Tide in Montgomery, The Backlot, and Dickens Pub. Annually, the city hosts the Calgary Pride Festival, organized by the non-profit Pride Calgary, emphasizing LGBTQ rights and inclusion. 

The trendy Beltline neighborhood on 17th Avenue SW is a hub for chic shops, cutting-edge restaurants, and a lively nightlife featuring 2SLGBTQQIA+ friendly bars and clubs, adding to Calgary’s inclusive atmosphere.

Alberta, Canada, upholds LGBTQ rights, with legal measures in place to prevent acts of intimidation near specific properties. The Centre for Sexuality in Calgary offers diverse services, including counseling and health education, while organizing Camp fYrefly, a leadership camp for LGBTQ adolescents. 

Statistics Canada (2021) and Crime Severity Canada (2022)

Calgary, AB

6. St. John's, NL

st john lgbt parade
  • Population: 185,565
  • Crime Severity Index: 81.04

St John’s is one of the most LGBT friendly cities in Canada with its unique colorful buildings and elderly streets as well as its awareness towards the LGBT community. It has a crime severity index of 81.04. 

In St. John’s, gender can be legally changed without surgery, and non-binary gender identity is acknowledged, with workplace and housing discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity strictly forbidden. The city enthusiastically celebrates Pride Month, marked by festivities and rainbow flag raisings at various locations. Ongoing projects, like those by NL Queer Research, aim to preserve and promote the history of the province’s LGBT community. 

The Planned Parenthood Newfoundland & Labrador Sexual Health Centre in St. John’s advocates for positive sexual health for all, particularly 2SLGBTQIA+ individuals. Spectrum, formerly known as the St. John’s Queer Choir, fosters community and identity through choral music. The city offers a Pride Guide Community to navigate the city, along with programs and services like Camp Eclipse and resources such as Lonely Planet: LGBT Travelers.

Statistics Canada (2021) and Crime Severity Canada (2022)

St. John's, NL

7. Vancouver, BC

vancouver lgbt parade
  • Population: 2,642,825
  • Crime Severity Index: 92.38

Located around Davie Street and Commercial Drive in Grandview is the majority of Vancouver’s LGBT community. Vancouver is known to be an inclusive and accepting city with many amenities to offer, such as safety with crime severity index of 92.38. 

The LGBT community is welcome in British Columbia, and they actually have LGBT Rights in British Columbia. Homosexuality and Gay Marriage is legal in Vancouver. Vancouver also offers residence LGBT friendly beaches like Wreck Beach, grand parks like Queen Elizabeth Park, the Downtown Strict which includes shopping and restaurants or if you fancy a night out you can find all the famous bars on Granville Street in the Entertainment District.

Statistics Canada (2021) and Crime Severity Canada (2022)

Vancouver, BC

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It’s clear that these places are more than just cities—they’re communities that accept and celebrate everyone. Canada, as a whole, stands out for being open-minded and supportive. 

These cities not only stand up for 2SLGBTQQIA+ rights but also make sure everyone feels at home with equal opportunities, diverse cultures, and friendly vibes. Looking ahead, these cities show us a bright future where being yourself is not just accepted but truly embraced.

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Last year’s ranking (2023)

  1. Toronto, ON
  2. Montreal, QC
  3. Vancouver, BC
  4. Ottawa, ON
  5. Edmonton, AB
  6. Winnipeg, MB
  7. Calgary, AB
  8. St John’s, N.L.
  9. Halifax, N.S.
  10. Nelson, BC


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