Top 5 Safest Neighborhoods to live in Montreal with the Best Quality of life — 2024

One of the top reasons to live in Montreal is its diverse boroughs, each with unique communities. With its cultural diversity, Montreal is easy to navigate and explore at your own pace. Montreal’s commitment to public safety, coupled with its strong sense of community and well-designed urban environment, contributes to its reputation as a safe place to live. 

However, when considering a move, it’s important to look at the cost of living too so you can enjoy your stay in the area you would like to live. 

To help you compare, MovingWaldo listed the top 5 neighborhoods to live in Montreal with the best quality of life in 2024.


Our safety ranking methodology is based on a careful analysis of the total number of crimes, which is derived from the official website of the Service de Police de la Ville de Montréal, recorded from each neighborhood’s station data in 2021. The crime rate is calculated per 1,000 people. The crime profiles showed the total number of offenses, such as crimes against the person and property crimes. 

The “Best quality of life” aspect is measured based on feedback from real people who have moved to this area in our database or real people from trusted online forums. More specifically, we look for positive feedback on job opportunities, quality of education, quality of healthcare, feeling of safety, public transportation, environment (cleanliness), as well as availability of recreational facilities and parks.


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Safest Neighborhoods to live in Montreal

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1. Verdun

Apartment in Verdun
  • Population: 107,564
  • Crime Rate: 22.26 crimes per 1,000 people

Verdun has an impressively low crime rate of 22.26 crimes per 1000 people. This area offers a mix of residential and commercial spaces, making it an ideal place to live and work. 

Located in the southeastern part of the island, Verdun has something for everyone. It even has a beach known as Plage Urbaine de Verdun – which is very rare in Montreal. If you have a furry friend, Verdun has over 39 km of paths and cycle paths, with over 10 km of pedestrian walk paths located near the local river. As for driving, Verdun is connected to the rest of Montreal through access to highways 15 and 20. 

Its other amenities include Wellington Street where in the summer you can enjoy the famous Verdun Jazz Fest with live music and food that is offered to everyone! This is one of the reasons why we consider it in the first position on the list.

Ville de Montréal – Verdun (Dec 2023), SPVM (Dec 2023) & Statistics Canada (2021)

Verdun, Montreal

2. Rosemont

Apartment in Rosemont
  • Population: 112,909
  • Crime Rate: 29.44 crimes per 1,000 people

Rosemont, which has a crime rate of 29.44 crimes per 1000 people and located in the centre east of the city. This area includes two different public schools along with three public libraries that are operated by the Montreal Public Library’s Network. 

Getting around the city is not a hassle in Rosemont, thanks to the STM. Rosemont is surrounded by the orange and blue lines including Metro Rosemont, Beaubien, Pie-IX, L’Assomption and Jean Talon, to name a few. Alternatively, if you will be driving in Rosemont, be sure to read parking signs and pay your parking meter on time as parking tickets can range from $60 and up!

Rosemont is the perfect blend of businesses, residence and green space. You will find the iconic Montreal Botanical Garden, near the Olympic Park, filled with flowers, plants, and insects where people are often seen walking or running on their downtime. 

If you are not interested in flowers, it is worth visiting Montreal’s Little Italy where you can expect to find authentic Italian gelato, pizza, coffee shops, boutiques and small businesses. Just a few blocks away is located the Jean Talon Market, where fresh produce and baked goods can be bought.

Ville de Montréal – Rosemont La Petite-Patrie (Dec 2023), SPVM (Dec 2023) & Statistics Canada (2021)

Rosemont, Montreal

3. Kirkland

Apartment in Kirkland
  • Population: 19,413
  • Crime Rate: 40.60 crimes per 1,000 people

From the green parks and single family homes, Kirkland is an ideal spot for young couples looking to start a family. The neighborhood is filled with natural surroundings like the Kirkland Park and Meades Park where young ones can play any sport of their choosing. 

Locals not only love how peaceful the neighborhood is, but also how close it is to the Montreal International Airport (YUL) — by car it is a 15-minute drive and by public transport, 48 minutes. Residents over 65 years old represent the largest age group of Kirkland, with many senior homes available like the Chartwell Manoir. 

For safety, it is indeed a safe neighborhood, with a crime reported of 40.60 crimes per 1,000 people. It is to be noted that Kirkland is one of the neighborhoods of Montreal where English is spoken more commonly over French. Despite its small population, this neighborhood offers a secure and inviting place to call home, making it an excellent choice for those seeking safety and peace.

SPVM (Dec 2023) & Statistics Canada (2021)

Kirkland, Montreal

4. Anjou

Apartment in Anjou
  • Population: 44,800
  • Crime Rate: 40.63 crimes per 1,000 people 

Anjou is located to the east of Montreal, near two major highways known as the 40 and 25. In this neighborhood, you will find 18 parks and green spaces, 7 outdoor ice rinks, 14 tennis courts, 2 libraries, 5 outdoor swimming pools, 2 arenas, 3 community centers and 6 baseball and softball fields, to name a few. You can also enjoy the neighborhood’s local market, where fresh produce can be purchased at the Marché Les Halles D’Anjou. 

Anjou is an enormous school sector with 10 schools ranging from kindergarten through college. The largest park in Anjou is known as the Haut-Anjou district near rue Jarry Est, west of Boulevard Métropolitain. Here you will find a mix of shops, residential streets and senior homes. 

You can expect to find a mix of residential buildings ranging from apartments, condominiums, town houses, senior homes and family homes making it one of the best neighborhoods to live in Montreal. For safety, it has a reported crime rate of 40.60 crimes per 1,000 people. 

Ville de Montréal – Anjou (Dec 2023), SPVM (Dec 2023) & Statistics Canada (2021)

Anjou, Montreal

5. Outremont

Apartment in Outremont
  • Population: 102,088
  • Crime Rate: 43.99 crimes per 1,000 people 

Outremont is known to be a crowd pleaser due to its reputation as a European sophistication. It is considered a tourist attraction due to its buildings that date back to the 17th century. The town’s riverbank has been converted into a port which offers maritime facilities.

While it is a higher end area, this neighborhood ranks as one of the best neighborhoods in Montreal, with a total crime rate of 43.99 per 1,000 people. This makes it an inviting choice for those seeking both urban vibrancy and a secure environment. Locals have said that Outremont is a quieter neighborhood among all the Montreal boroughs, but that is what adds to its charm. 

If you are looking for some downtime over the weekend, Outremont is located next to the Mile-End and the Plateau Mont Royal, where you can find amazing brunch spots like Fabergé, support small businesses or go to Bar Waverly for a cocktail.

Ville de Montréal – Outremont (Dec 2023), SPVM (Dec 2023) & Statistics Canada (2021)

Outremont, Montreal

Featured in this article


Montreal offers a plethora of opportunities for individuals and families alike. Whether you’re drawn to its artsy districts or historic areas, it provides a rich tapestry of experiences. When deciding on a new location to move, it’s important to weigh more than just financial factors because safety is a key consideration that shouldn’t be overlooked.

By prioritizing safety alongside other lifestyle preferences, individuals can make informed decisions that lead to fulfilling and secure living arrangements. 

Are you planning to move soon? Learn about the best Montreal movers!


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