Edmonton LRT: Average Rent and Property Prices Near Every Valley Line Station – 2024

Edmonton stands out as one of the few Canadian cities where affordable housing matches income levels, with abundant job opportunities in oil, gas, agriculture, and manufacturing. This attracts newcomers, fueling population growth and traffic congestion.

Recognizing the need for improved transportation, Edmonton embarked on expanding its LRT by adding the Valley Line. The Southeast Valley Line was completed in late 2023, with the West Valley Line slated for completion in 2028.

MovingWaldo understands the importance of accessible transportation and knows that moving near an LRT station can greatly reduce commute time in anyone’s daily life. That’s why we’ve compiled housing cost data near existing and future Edmonton LRT stations, helping people to have the option to embrace a car-free lifestyle.

Read on to discover our highlights like the cheapest and most expensive stations to live near!


Considering the numerous benefits the Valley Line LRT project brings to Edmonton, we conducted a thorough analysis using property purchase price data sourced from Realtor.ca

Additionally, we incorporated the average monthly rent prices of 1-bedroom apartments obtained from Kijiji. We also sourced local demographic data from Local Logic

The outcome is a carefully compiled list and an easy-to-use map that show the average price for one-bedroom rentals and the average property buying price near each of the Edmonton LRT Valley Line Southeast and West 28 stations.

*Rent covers 1-bedroom apartments, while housing includes condos and single-family homes listed for sale. Data for housing, derived from the 24 latest listings, was gathered within a radius of 0.5 to 1 kilometer from the stations. Rental data for 1-bedroom apartments was collected within a radius of 1 to 3 kilometers from the stations.


1 – Valley Line West (In construction)


⭐ Most convenient: Alex Decoteau Stop

⭐ Best for families: West Edmonton Mall Station

Cheapest to purchase: Brewery/120 Street Stop

Cheapest to rent: Brewery/120 street stop

⭐ Most expensive to purchase: Glenora Stop

⭐ Most expensive to rent: Alex Decoteau Stop

⭐ Most ideal for young adults: 124 Street Stop


2 – Valley Line Southeast (In use)


⭐ Most convenient: Churchill Stop

⭐ Best for families: Avonmore Stop

Cheapest to purchase: Bonnie Doon Stop

Cheapest to rent: Millbourne/Woodvale Stop

⭐ Most expensive to purchase: 102 St. Stop

⭐ Most expensive to rent: Churchill Stop

⭐ Most ideal for young adults: Strathearn Stop

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Edmonton LRT: Average Rent and Property Prices Near Every Valley Line Station

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1. Alex Decoteau Stop (In construction)

  • Time to Churchill Connector: 7 minutes
  • Predominant dwelling type: Apartments
Average Rent Price (1-bed apt.) Average Home Price
$1,253 $572,758

Realtor.ca (March 2024) & Kijiji (March 2024)

About the area

Alex Decoteau Stop is the most expensive station to rent nearby, as it is highly sought after in Edmonton due to its proximity to downtown, which typically leads to higher rental prices due to convenience and accessibility. Luxury apartments like those at The Shift in Alex Decoteau offer attractive features such as modern appliances, updated interiors, and access to recreational amenities, further driving up rental rates.

The area’s high walkability and proximity to other LRT stations, bus links, and a two-line junction further enhance its appeal, offering residents easy access to essential services and leisure activities.

This station is situated near NorQuest College and offers a variety of dining options, including Japanese, Turkish, and Italian cuisine. The area features lively streets and an abundance of nightlife options, as well as hotels, boxing studios, and coworking spaces. Such amenities, along with its proximity to city centers, often result in higher rental prices. Additionally, its accessibility to the existing LRT can further enhance the neighborhood’s desirability, driving up rents.

Online reviews praise Alex Decoteau for its inviting open space, green space, abundant seating, and charming small fountain. Many appreciate the mural festival, which adds to the neighborhood’s appeal.

Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3L5, Canada

2. West Edmonton Mall Station (In construction)

  • Time to Churchill Connector: 35 minutes
  • Predominant dwelling type: Single detached and apartments
Average Rent Price (1-bed apt.) Average Home Price
$1,227 $239,760


Average Rent Price (2-bed apt.) Average Rent Price (3-bed apt.)
$1,466 $1,836

Realtor.ca (March 2024) & Kijiji (March 2024)

About the area

West Edmonton Mall Station, nestled in the Summerlea neighborhood of Edmonton, Alberta, offers an ideal setting for families seeking a vibrant, convenient, and dynamic lifestyle in Edmonton. With proximity to schools, shopping centers, parks, and community centers, the station caters to the diverse needs of families of all ages.

The nearby Westgate shopping district further elevates the area’s amenities, providing easy access to various services and entertainment options and enhancing the overall quality of life for residents. It is also served by a transit centre across the street.

Families can enjoy various attractions at West Edmonton Mall (Canada’s biggest mall), including its water park, amusement park, and indoor skating rink. Nearby schools like Belmead School, Jasper Place High School, and St. Francis Xavier High School offer diverse academic programs such as Regular Programming – High School and Career and Technology Studies, catering to families’ educational needs.

Although families are drawn to the area, recent safety concerns, such as petty crimes like abandoned vehicles, assaults, and break-ins have arisen, amounting to 103 crimes per 1000 people over the past three months. Despite this, residents feel secure, attributing these incidents to the unusually large number of stores in the vicinity.

Edmonton, Alberta T5T 3J7, Canada

3. Brewery/120 Street Stop (In construction)

  • Time to Churchill Connector: 10 minutes
  • Predominant dwelling type: Apartments
Average Rent Price (1-bed apt.) Average Home Price
$1,081 $199,853

Edmonton Police CA (Mar 2024), Realtor.ca (March 2024) & Kijiji (March 2024)

About the area

The Brewery/120 Street Stop, situated in Queen Mary Park, emerges as the cheapest station to purchase a property nearby. Ranked as the 7th best neighborhood in Edmonton for quality of life in 2024, Queen Mary Park offers a blend of convenience, excellent connectivity and affordability.

Despite its central location within Edmonton’s business district, the neighborhood’s housing options, predominantly consisting of older apartments and condos built in the 1950s and 1960s, contribute to its affordability.

While the area receives mixed safety reviews due to occasional incidents like break-ins and theft, some residents recommend security cameras for added safety. Police patrols are a common sight in the vicinity, ensuring peace of mind.

However, while the area boasts mixed reviews on safety, with some residents feeling secure while others note occasional incidents like break ins and theft , it’s advised to opt for buildings with security cameras for added safety. Police patrols are a common sight in the vicinity, aiming to deter crime and ensure residents’ peace of mind. The crime rate from October 2023 to December 2023 is 86 crimes per 1,000 people. The neighborhood offers ample amenities, including parks, leisure activities, restaurants, grocery stores, and shopping options.

T5H 0W7, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

4. Glenora Stop (In construction)

  • Time to Churchill Connector: 16 minutes
  • Predominant dwelling type: Single detached
Average Rent Price (1-bedroom apartment) Average Home Price
$1,180 $1,165,360

Realtor.ca (March 2024) & Kijiji (March 2024)

About the area

The Glenora Stop is the most expensive station to purchase property nearby, boasting high property values and a luxurious living environment. With a majority of residents earning higher-than-average incomes, Glenora features large, expensive homes dating back to the early 1900s, alongside modern ones, contributing to its upscale reputation. Residents may also join the Royal Glenora Club, with nearly 63 years of legacy, members enjoy world-class facilities, dining, and global club affiliations, fostering a lifelong membership desire.

Additionally, Glenora offers an abundance of green spaces, with around 10 parks nearby, including Ramsay Ravine, providing residents with ample opportunities for outdoor recreation.

Located just west of Downtown Edmonton, Glenora offers convenient access to major amenities, including shopping, dining, healthcare, and other services. The neighborhood benefits from extensive public transportation options, with all major east-west bus routes passing through Glenora, providing easy citywide access via bus or LRT from downtown stations.

Despite its high-end reputation, Glenora residents express concerns over construction traffic, particularly related to the expansion of the Valley Line West LRT. Nonetheless, the neighborhood’s prestige and desirability remain evident, as highlighted by its status as one of Edmonton’s most famous and sought-after neighborhoods. As the LRT system continues to expand, Glenora’s accessibility and luxurious living environment make it an attractive option for those seeking upscale urban living in Edmonton.

Edmonton, Alberta T5N 2B1, Canada

5. 124 Street Stop (In construction)

  • Time to Churchill Connector: 22 minutes
  • Predominant dwelling type: Single detached and apartments
Average Rent Price (1-bed apt.) Average Home Price
$1,198 $351,942

Realtor.ca (March 2024) & Kijiji (March 2024)

About the area

124 Street stop is the most ideal station to live nearby for young adults seeking an energetic lifestyle in Edmonton. With a vibrant commercial scene with trendy shops, cafés, and art galleries, this bustling district offers stylish living spaces perfectly suited for the younger crowd. Situated between Glenora Station and Brewery/120 Street Stop, it provides easy access to green spaces and urban amenities, fostering a lively urban atmosphere that residents adore.

Despite being close to Downtown, just a 22-minute from the Churchill Connector, 124 Street keeps its unique vibe in Westmount, Edmonton. With a walkability score of 79, residents can easily explore the area on foot and enjoy its diverse offerings. However, concerns arise about construction delays and limited street parking, making it harder to reach nearby businesses.

Some vandalism has been reported in certain apartment buildings, raising safety concerns. Yet, as Edmonton expands, 124 Street remains vibrant and attractive to young adults seeking excitement and convenience. Its proximity to major transit routes, like LRT stations and bus stops, adds to its appeal, providing easy transportation options. Despite traffic congestion, 124 Street continues to draw young adults with its trendy atmosphere and vibrant community.

Edmonton, AB T5M 0J5, Canada

6. Churchill Stop (In use)

  • Predominant dwelling type: Apartments
Average Rent Price (1-bed apt.) Average Home Price
$1,970 $819,905

Realtor.ca (March 2024) & Kijiji (March 2024)

About the area

Churchill Stop stands out for its exceptional accessibility, serving as a vital transfer point for the Metro Line, Capital Line, and Valley Line within Edmonton’s Light Rail Transit network, as it is located near The Churchill Connector.

Anticipated to become a major hub by 2040, Churchill Stop is ready to accommodate four out of the city’s five approved LRT lines, cementing its significance in Edmonton’s transportation network. Situated near Downtown Edmonton, the city’s central business district, Churchill Stop provides quick access to essential services, corporate offices and shopping destinations.

Nearby amenities like corporate offices, restaurants, and cultural landmarks are easily accessible from the station, driving up demand for rental properties in the area.

However, concerns about safety, including encounters with unhoused individuals in the Pedway, have been noted. Despite these issues, Churchill Stop offers a variety of rental options, with apartments comprising 93% of the area, appealing to those seeking downtown convenience.

With the future Churchill Stop, it is just a one-minute commute from the 102 St. Stop, which locals say is a great new train line connecting the southeast with downtown. Online reviews have highlighted the need for improved security at the train station due to the presence of individuals that are sometimes a bit threatening.

Edmonton, AB T5J 2C3, Canada

7. Avonmore Stop (In use)

  • Time to Churchill Connector: 14 minutes
  • Predominant dwelling type: Single-detached
Average Rent Price (1-bed apt.) Average Home Price
$1,177 $524,300


Average Rent Price (2-bed apt.) Average Rent Price (3-bed apt.)
$1,510 $1,892

Realtor.ca (March 2024) &  Kijiji (March 2024)

About the area

Avonmore ranked 5th among Edmonton’s top neighborhoods for quality of life in 2024, offers a safe and serene environment for families. With a low crime rate of 6.10 per 1000 people, it’s a reassuring choice for residents. Despite its proximity to 75th street, a major road, the area remains tranquil. Moreover, Avonmore is predominantly residential, with 60% of its residents being single families, offering a family-friendly atmosphere.

Avonmore families benefit from Avonmore School and a vibrant community league offering activities like a babysitter registry, book club, and recreational facilities. Joining the league provides socialization, educational and recreational programs, and a voice in development decisions, with discounts at local businesses.

Although there are green spaces nearby, such as Mill Creek Ravine Park, Avonmore has limited shopping and dining options within walking distance compared to other neighborhoods in Edmonton. Its distance from downtown may inconvenience those needing frequent access to the city center.

Edmonton, Alberta T6C 2Y3, Canada

8. Bonnie Doon Stop (In use)

  • Time to Churchill Connector: 11 minutes
  • Predominant dwelling type: Single detached and apartments
Average Rent Price (1-bed apt.) Average Home Price
$1,165 $264,629

Realtor.ca (March 2024) & (March 2024)

About the area

Bonnie Doon, situated outside the city center, boasts a convenient 11-minute LRT ride to Churchill connector. With a cost of living 6% lower than the Edmonton average, it offers affordable housing options. One of the reasons for its affordability according to Realtor.ca is because the neighborhood features a balanced mix of homeowners and renters, reflecting lower demand compared to other areas. Construction of new homes has occurred gradually over decades, fostering a sense of stability and community.

Despite its affordability, Bonnie Doon offers essential amenities like its own shopping mall, the Bonnie Doon Mall, and a health center, the Bonnie Doon Health Center. However, residents have faced challenges with foul odors stemming from sewage and wastewater, an ongoing issue according to locals online. While praised for its location, concerns about petty crime, particularly theft from vehicles, persist among residents.

Edmonton, AB T6C 4E3, Canada

9. Millbourne/Woodvale Stop (In use)

  • Time to Churchill Connector: 22 minutes
  • Predominant dwelling type: Single-detached and row houses
Average Rent Price (1-bed apt) Average Home Price
$1,165 $301,702

Realtor.ca (March 2024) & Kijiji (March 2024)

About the area

The Millbourne/Woodvale Stop is the cheapest station to rent nearby and is about a 19-minute LRT ride to the Churchill Connector. One of the reasons it is a cheaper place to rent is because it is 3rd to the last station and one of the farthest stations from downtown. Its distance from central Edmonton and the river valley may deter some residents.

Residents have access to Greenview Park and Jackie Parker Recreational Area, perfect for small groups or family picnics. The neighborhood comprises mostly single-family residences, with residents typically aged between 20 and 49.

Woodvale is known for its community spirit, offering various sports leagues through the Woodvale Community League and amenities such as a skating rink and the Mill Woods Golf Course. Membership in the Woodvale Community League costs $25.00 annually from September 1st to August 31st).

Belonging provides benefits to the member and the community. Even though Millwoods seems quiet and boring to some people, it’s actually very safe. Crime rates are low, mostly just involving small things like break-ins and car theft.

Edmonton, Alberta T6L 1W9, Canada

10. 102 St. Stop (In use)

  • Time to Churchill Connector: 1 minute
  • Predominant dwelling type: Apartments
Average Rent Price (1-bed apt) Average Home Price
$1,321 $917,065

Realtor.ca (March 2024) & Kijiji (March 2024)

About the area

The 102 St. Stop, situated in Downtown Edmonton, stands out as one of the most expensive stations to purchase property nearby due to its proximity to high-rise luxury buildings offering penthouses and luxury condos. It is also just a minute from this station to the Churchill connector.

Living near Edmonton’s LRT system is convenient, but downtown’s busy vibe, especially during peak hours, might deter those seeking peace. Despite being near amenities like City Center Mall, beauty boutiques, cinemas, and banks, online reviews express concerns about noise and congestion due to construction closures.

Edmonton, AB T5J 4B7, Canada

11. Strathearn Stop (In use)

  • Time to Churchill Connector: 18 minutes
  • Predominant dwelling type: Single-detached and apartments
Average Rent Price (1-bed apt.) Average Home Price
$1,127 $770,608

Realtor.ca (March 2024) & Kijiji (March 2024)

About the area

In Strathearn, most people are single, about 53%. Many residents are between 20 and 34 years old, making up 29% of the neighborhood. The next biggest age group is between 35 and 49, at 22%. Living near Strathearn offers young adults easy access to Whyte Avenue, known for its lively restaurants, bars, and cultural events.

This trendy area hosts the Edmonton Folk Music Festival each summer and the Strathearn Art Walk every September, providing ample opportunities for young adults to enjoy music and local artistry.

Additionally, Strathearn’s proximity to four universities, including the highly regarded University of Alberta and Grant MacEwan University, makes it an ideal location. However, the neighborhood’s accessibility to major roads like Connors Road and 98 Avenue may result in increased traffic congestion during peak hours, potentially impacting commuting times and local noise levels.

Despite some online reviews expressing concerns about the area’s older appearance and the potential impact of increased infrastructure on the cost of living, Strathearn remains appealing to young adults. Its vibrant atmosphere, cultural events, and convenient access to educational institutions and entertainment venues, as well as the accessibility to the LRT Valley Line Southwest, make it an attractive option.

Edmonton, Alberta T6C 3H8, Canada

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Frequently asked questions 

What is The Churchill connector?

The Churchill Connector links the Valley Line and future above-ground lines to Churchill LRT station. It features stairs, escalators, and an elevator, facilitating riders’ transfers to Capital and Metro Line trains.


What is the LRT-Edmonton Valley Line Southeast schedule and frequency?

The LRT-Edmonton Valley Line Southeast runs from Mill Woods in the southeast to 102 Street downtown.

Mon-Fri Frequency
5:00 am – 6:00 am 10 minutes
6:00 am -10:00 am 5 minutes
10:00 am-2:30 pm 10 minutes
2:30 pm -6:30 pm 5 minutes
6:30 pm -9:30 pm 10 minutes
9:30 pm-end of service 15 minutes
Sat Frequency
5:00 am-6:30 pm 10 minutes
6:30 pm-end of service 15 minutes
Sun Frequency
5:00 am-end of service 15 minutes

Can you bring bikes on the Edmonton LRT?

Starting August 30, 2021, bicycles are permitted on the LRT at all times. Riders must dismount and walk their bikes on LRT platforms.

Here’s what to do:

  • Walk your bike in LRT stations and vehicles, using stairs, escalators, or elevators while yielding to others.
  • Pay the regular ETS fare; bikes ride for free.
  • Enter and exit through the middle doors of the LRT vehicle, using designated doors marked with green signs.
  • Stay with your bicycle at all times, holding onto it while riding the LRT.


  • Sit on your bike or prop it against seats or doors.
  • Chain your bike to poles or seats.
  • Allow mud or grease to drop onto LRT property or passengers.

Note: ETS may refuse entry to cyclists in crowded or unsafe conditions. Regulations are governed by City of Edmonton Bylaw No. 8353. ETS is not liable for damages to bicycles on its property.


Does a transit pass in Edmonton work for LRT?

A transit pass in Edmonton works for the LRT (Light Rail Transit). Users can use their transit pass to access the LRT system along with other Edmonton Transit Service (ETS) services such as buses and the Edmonton Metro Line. Get an arc card, plan your trip and check the offers on daily park and ride options located around the city for your convenience.


How is Edmonton implicated in Transit Oriented Development (TOD)?

In Edmonton’s city plan for Transit-Oriented Development (TOD), pedestrians and cyclists are prioritized. Streets, buildings, and public spaces should be designed to create a high-quality environment with appealing streets and engaging building fronts. Roadways and paths must provide easy access to transit stations. TOD aims to create complete communities with residential, employment, and retail uses easily accessible by foot, bicycle, and transit.

The area within 400 meters of the station is known as the “station neighborhood.” Retail and commercial development will primarily occur along arterial and collector roads, supported by curbside parking, providing jobs and services for the TOD neighborhood.

Draft guidelines establish minimum and maximum expectations for housing types in TODs. Neighbourhood stations may include duplexes or row/townhouses, with low to mid-rise apartments on arterial and collector roads. Mid-rise apartments may be suitable in enhanced or center neighborhoods.


Where can I live near the Valley Line Stations?

Housing projects, properties for rent, and properties for sale near the Valley Line West:


Housing Projects

Lewis Farms Stop
Aldergrove/Belmead Stop
West Edmonton Mall Station
Misericordia Station
Meadowlark Stop
Glenwood Sherwood Stop
Jasper Place Stop
Stony Plain Road/149 Street Stop
Grovenor/142 Street Stop
Glenora Stop
124 Street Stop
Brewery/120 Street Stop
The Yards/116 Street Stop
MacEwan Arts Stop
NorQuest Stop
Alex Decoteau Stop


Housing projects, properties for rent, and properties for sale near the Valley Line Southeast:


Housing Projects

102 St. Stop
Churchill Stop
Quarters Stop
Muttart Stop
Strathearn Stop
Holyrood Stop
Bonnie Doon Stop
Avonmore Stop
Davies Station
Millbourne/Woodvale Stop
Grey Nuns Stop
Mill Woods Stop



The Edmonton LRT Valley Line, including Southeast and West extensions, is an important addition to the city’s transit infrastructure. The opening of Valley Line Southeast in November 2023, featuring 12 stations, marked a significant milestone as Edmonton’s first low-floor LRT system. Meanwhile, Valley Line West, currently under construction with 16 planned stations, is set to be completed by 2028.

Projected projects like Capital Line South and Metro Line Northwest Phase 1 reflect Edmonton’s commitment to transportation accessibility, promising to alleviate congestion and enhance residents’ quality of life. The LRT expansions provide a safe and reliable mode of transportation, leading to shorter commute times and increased freedom to explore the city.

Overall, moving to Edmonton with the presence of the Edmonton LRT Valley Line Southeast and West extensions offers improved accessibility and convenience. If in the future you decide to live in the areas near the station, our data above for renting and buying a property will help you decide where to settle, and booking movers will make it easier for you to move.

Stay tuned for our future projects about transit expansions in Edmonton by visiting our studies page.


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