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Top 5 Best Self Storage in Des Moines, IA – Find the perfect storage units near me!

Looking for affordable, safe, and reliable storage units in Des Moines, IA? Here’s how we help. We’ve built a list of the best storage units that you can trust, based on real customer reviews and ratings. From standard storage units, climate-controlled storage units to extra-large storage units, you can rely on these companies with your most precious possessions.

This piece will highlight 5 major storage companies located in Des Moines, IA that can help make moving easy. This article will provide you with the required information that you need to decide on which storage service best suits your needs.

MovingWaldo's list of the 5 Best Self Storage and Units in Des Moines, IA

What is MovingWaldo?

MovingWaldo is a Free Moving Concierge Service. Since 2016, we help millions of people tackle moving tasks in minutes. We care to take the stress away from moving by offering free tools, tips and tricks and referral of service providers that you can trust. MovingWaldo is everything moving under the same roof!


How are Storage Units and Facilities selected?

Our network of storage partners is carefully built based on professionalism, quality of facilities and services, awards, and social proofs from customers. We care to help you through the maze of information the web provides about this storage industry. You can trust the companies listed here to store your belongings safely!


Are you a good, trustworthy company?

4.6 stars based on 58 reviews from around the web


StorageMart is one of the best storage companies that offer safe and reliable units for your goods. The company provides various unit sizes to store anything from boxes and furniture to bicycles and cars. The customers can also choose a temperature-controlled storage unit to meet their requirements. The clean and well-lit spaces along with friendly on-site management make it easy for the customers to trust the brand. StorageMart is so confident about its services that they promise a rent-free storage unit for a month if you’re not satisfied with your experience.

Services / Products offered in Des Moines

• Availability of hand carts and dollies
• Availability of climate-controlled units
• Availability of Rv storage
• Residential storage
• Commercial storage
• Indoor and outdoor vehicle storage
• Moving of supplies
*Services may vary between locations

Company rate

Available online

Area Covered

Visit their website to find out all about Storage Mart locations in Des Moines, IA


• A clean and well-lit facility
• Friendly and cooperative staff
• Variable unit sizes available
• Gated facility


• 24h access only by request

139 SW 63rd St, Des Moines, IA 50312, United States
4.6 stars based on 49 reviews from around the web


Affordable Family Storage is a renowned American storage company that started in 2014 and has expanded to 18 locations. The company is known for providing exceptional service, easy move-ins and move-outs, and clean and secure storage units to its customers. The facility offers various units, enough to accommodate every person’s need and budget. Along with variety, their storage properties are monitored 24/7 through surveillance cameras.

Services / Products offered in Des Moines

• Residential storage
• Business Storage
• Climate-controlled storage
• Drive-up Storage
• Moving supplies available
• 24/7 video monitoring
• Free on-call guidance
• Online reservation and payment options
• Garage units for Vehicle storage

Company rate

• Starting at 5×5 – $30 +tax
• Starting at 10×30 – $225 +tax

BBB Bureau Rating


Area Covered

Visit their website to find out all the Affordable Family Storage locations in Des Moines, IA.


• Affordable rates
• 24/7 security
• Climate-controlled storage
• Exceptional customer service
• Month-to-month lease


• Gate access not available 24/7
• Limited automobile storage options

3401 Martin Luther King Jr Pkwy, Des Moines, IA 50310, United States
4.7 stars based on 45 reviews from around the web


An industry pioneer and leader since 1998, PODS provides residential and commercial moving and storage services – with contactless delivery and pick-up – across a vast service network that spans North America, Australia, and the United Kingdom. The Canadian-owned business, with its unparalleled flexibility, convenience, and control, makes for a great choice as your local or long-distance moving and storage partner. A PODS portable container is delivered to you, you load it on your schedule, and you can keep it in your driveway for 24/7 access, store it at one of their secure indoor facilities, or have it moved to your new home. Click on the link to the Website to get 10% on your moving and storage container by using promo code WALDO.

Services / Products offered in Des Moines

• Storage Services
• Storage On-Site
• Store at Their Facilities
• Local Moving
• Long Distance Moving
• Commercial Moving & Storage
• PODS Container Moving
• Contents Protection
• Moving Supplies
•Coordinating Packing and Loading Assistance

Company rate

Available on demand – Save 10% off rates through MovingWaldo using promo code WALDO!

In Business Since


Area Covered

Visit their website to find out all PODS locations in the U.S.


• 10% discount available if booked through MovingWaldo
• Contactless delivery and pick-up
• They do the driving
• You control the schedule – so you can take your time
• 10X fewer damage claims compared to traditional movers*
• Flexible, easy storage options – in your driveway or in their secure indoor facilities
• Packing and loading help available
*According to AMSA (American Moving & Storage Association)


• 12 x 8 x 8 feet container only available for local moving and storage
• Do not provide online quotes

6037 NE Industry Dr, Des Moines, IA 50313, United States
4.6 stars based on 47 reviews from around the web


East University Self Storage is a locally-owned, family-run storage business serving the community since 1999. The business was created by Arnie DeWitt and his wife, Grace DeWitt. After twenty years in the industry and the company has established itself to be stronger and more successful. East University Self Storage offers its customer a friendly environment and assistance during their move-ins and move-outs. All the storage units are well-maintained, secured, and clean. One can consider storing their personal, business, vehicle, and paper belongings in East University Self Storage as they offer reasonable rates for various unit sizes. Month-to-month lease is an additional perk offered by this company. Talking about customer feedback, the company has an average rating of 4.6 on Google.

Services / Products offered in Des Moines

• Residential storage
• Business Storage
• Record Storage
• 24/7 video surveillance
• Motion detectors installed
• Drive-up storage

Company rate

• Starting at 5×5 – $39
• Starting at 10×10 – $91

Area Covered

Visit their website to find out all the East University Self Storage locations in Des Moines, IA.


• Affordable rates
• Friendly and cooperative staff
• 24/7 security with cameras and motion detectors
• Clean, safe, and maintained storage units
• Various unit sizes available


• Climate-storage units not available
• Vehicle storage facility not available
• 24/7 gate access not available

3800 E University Ave, Des Moines, IA 50317, United States
3.85 stars based on 12 reviews from around the web


Highline storage was established in 2016 with the aim to upgrade the storage unit facilities in Des Moines. The company crushed the idea of gate curfews, limited office hours, and manual gate opening. It introduced smartphone apps that would automatically open gates upon inserting passcodes unique to each customer. Moreover, Highline Storage offers 24/7 gate and office access to its customers. Taking convenience to another level, Highline Storage features online reservations, online bill pay, and autopay options. The company even delivers moving and packing accessories to their customers. Other notable features include various unit sizes for all needs, outdoor vehicle parking, climate-controlled units, and access to complementary carts and dollies. Also, security Cameras are installed throughout the property and surveyed via videos.

Services / Products offered in Des Moines

• Residential storage
• Business Storage
• Outdoor vehicle and RV parking
• 24/7 video surveillance
• Moving carts and dollies available
• Packing and moving supplies available
• Climate-controlled storage
• Drive-up storage

Company rate

• Starting at 5×10 – $49
• Starting at 10×10 – $59

BBB Bureau Rating


In Business Since


Area Covered

Visit their website to find out all the Highline Storage locations in Des Moines, IA.


• Smartphone app to access gate
• Online bill pay, auto-pay options available
• Moving supplies delivered at the doorstep
• 24/7 gate access
• Affordable rates


• Outside parking only for vehicle, RV, and boat storage

5499 NE 14th St, Des Moines, IA 50313, United States

Frequently Asked Questions about Storage Units

How much does a storage unit cost?

The cost of storage units depends on the type of storage unit, size required and the location. It can cost a few dollars per month to store specific things and hundreds of dollars per month to store an entire apartment in a climate-controlled unit.  If you need to store all your belongings for a month until your new home is ready, you should budget between 150$ to 500$ for a 3-bedroom apartment Cost of storage per item per month:
  • A bike: 10$ per month
  • A set of tires: 15$ per month
  • A couch: 30-40$ per month
  • 4 appliances: 100$ per month
*These are only approximate prices. Prices may vary depending on many factors.

What should you look for in a storage unit?

There are many things to consider in the selection of a storage unit, including:
  1. Size: do you need a large storage unit or only to store a specific item?
  2. Temperature control: will your items get damaged due to high or low temperatures?
  3. Location: does it need to be close to your home?
  4. Access: do you need 24h access? Most storage units don’t have 24h access.
  5. Frequency: how often will you visit the unit?
  6. Security: are your items so valuable they need to be watched 24/7?
  7. Insurance: do you need insurance for your items?

Does my home insurance cover my belongings in storage?

If you have a home insurance policy, you will not be covered for the items in your storage unit long term. This said, the home insurance company might only cover your belongings in the storage unit for 90 days, after which you would need separate insurance. Insurance for storage units can usually be purchased with the company itself.

Will I be able to always access my belongings?

Having access to your belongings always will depend on the storage unit company. Some self-storage units have 24/7 access, while others have late business hours.

Can I store anything in a storage unit?

Items prohibited in a storage unit usually include: 
  • Anything inflammable or explosive
  • Firearms, weapons, or ammunition
  • Perishable food
  • Plants
  • Animals of any kind
  • If it doesn’t feel right, it is probably wrong!

What size storage unit do you need?

The size of the storage unit you will need will depend on the number of things you have to put in storage. Based on the average content of a household, here’s the storage unit size you’ll need:
Size of home  Storage unit size needed
Less than 500 sq. ft. 5’ X 10’
500 sq. ft. 10’ X 10’
800 sq. ft. 10’ X 15’ 
1000-1200 sq. ft. 10’ X 20’
1600 sq. ft. 10’ X 25’
2000-3000 sq. ft. 10’ X 30’
Over 3000 sq. ft. Over 10’ X 30’

What are 5 tips for a perfect move in Des Moines, IA?

  1. Plan your move. The more planning, the better.
  2. Take measurement at your current and new address. Make sure everything fits.
  3. Create a Google Drive with all reservations, quotes, lists, insurance, and documents related to your move.
  4. Label your boxes!
  5. Always double confirm every reservation.

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