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Top 8 Best neighborhoods in Denver with the Best quality of life – 2023

Denver is a large city that is considered one of the best places to move to in Colorado. It is the fourth-best city in the United States for business and careers with a vibrant economy. It has so many high-paying jobs and a low unemployment rate. The city has something for everyone to enjoy, from arts and entertainment to sports and food. As one of the most livable cities in Colorado, Denver features unique neighborhoods offering exceptional qualities such as a low crime rate, affordable housing, top-notch education, and access to public transit. If you are planning to live in Denver, here are the 8 best neighborhoods in Denver.


With many neighborhoods across Denver, the city has something for everyone. Whether you’re a young professional, a student, a head of the family, or a retiree, our list of the 8 best neighborhoods in Denver will help you make a decision. We’ve built our ranking of the best neighborhoods based on a study from, who considered the following criteria: education, affordability, public transit, and safety. We’ve also taken into account the population and the vibe of the neighborhood.

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1. Capitol Hill

Best for walkability

1. Capitol Hill - best neighborhoods in denver
  • Population: 10,256
  • Pro: Close to many amenities
  • Con: Lack of nearby hospitals

Capitol Hill has beautiful parks, an impressive structure and is one of the best places to live in Denver. Most housing options are historic mansions, apartments, or condo buildings. It is also known for its vibrant city and nightlife. There are lots of restaurants, bars, stores, and concert venues. Moreover, Capitol Hill’s club scene is highly praised by its residents. It’s an excellent, safe neighborhood with plenty of families. You can walk just about everywhere, and everything you need is within walking distance. 

(*Niche & Bungalow)

Capitol Hill, Denver

2. City Park

80% of the area is a park

2. City Park - best neighborhoods in denver
  • Population: 3,746
  • Pro: Many green spaces
  • Con: Lack of nightlife

Located in Denver County, City Park is also one of the best neighborhoods in Denver. With 80% of the neighborhood made up of a park, you’ll always find an outdoor activity to do nearby. Most City Park’s residents rent their homes. Many young professionals live in City Park West. The public schools in City Park West are above average. It is a centrally located neighborhood that appeals to active individuals who want a residential feel, walkability, and access to the best of the city. It also has the nearest airport: Denver International Airport.

(*Niche & 5280 Magazine)

City Park, Denver


3. North Park Hill

Best for families

3. North Park Hill - best neighborhoods in denver
  • Population: 10,351
  • Pro: Above average public schools
  • Con: Not many green areas for family recreation

North Park Hill is also one of the best neighborhoods in Denver and one of the best places to live in Colorado. It is located in Denver County and offers residents an unusual urban feel, and most residents own their homes. You are only a fifteen-minute drive from downtown Denver. Many families and young professionals live in North Park Hill. The public schools in North Park Hill are above average. If you have children or plan on having one in the future, North Park Hill is an option for you. It is a great neighborhood to raise a family; it is always safe, even at night.

(*Niche & 5280 Magazine)

North Park Hill, Denver

4. Wellshire

Best for safety

4. Wellshire - best neighborhoods in denver
  • Population: 3,525
  • Pro: Low crime rate
  • Con: Lack of stores and malls nearby

Living in Wellshire offers residents a rare urban feel, and most residents own their homes. Wellshire remains one of the city’s safest areas, becoming the lowest crime neighborhood for the second year. It’s a highly educated community, with 76 percent of the adult (25 and older) population holding bachelor’s degrees or higher. When it comes to housing, almost all available units are owner-occupied, and the vast majority are families.

(*ZeroDown & 5280 Magazine)

Wellshire, Denver, Colorado, United States

5. Washington Park

Best for the outdoorsy families

5. Washington Park - best neighborhoods in denver
  • Population: 7,514
  • Pro: Various recreational spaces
  • Con: Lack of nearby hospitals

Washington Park is one of Denver’s oldest neighborhoods. It has plenty of sports amenities: basketball, soccer, and tennis courts, and it holds festivals and events and runs during the summer months. It is an excellent place for families too. It is filled with brick bungalows and restored Victorian and Tudor-era houses. It has spacious sidewalks and many parks. Washington Park has a perfect score in safety, walkability, public transit, parks and beauty. It is a place for those that like the green scene. Living in Washington Park offers residents an urban-suburban mix of feel, and most residents own their homes. 

(*Niche & Bungalow)

Washington Park, Denver

6. Cherry Creek

Best for a sophisticated & luxurious lifestyle

6. Cherry Creek - best neighborhoods in denver
  • Population: 12,496
  • Pro: Multitude of cultural activities, events & festivals
  • Con: Many commercial stores and hotels nearby

Cherry Creek has a lot of luxury shopping, fancy art galleries, and festivals. Residents can enjoy a multitude of cultural activities and events, including the Cherry Creek Arts Festival and the Cherry Creek Sneak. The neighborhood is filled with luxury townhouses, duplexes, condos, fancy restaurants, and boutiques and garnished with art galleries and wine bars. It is an excellent option for new parents looking to relive the glory days from time to time. This neighborhood has the largest and most diverse shopping space between Chicago and San Francisco.

(*Niche & Bungalow)

Cherry Creek, Denver

7. South Park Hill

Best for large families

7. South Park Hill - best neighborhoods in denver
  • Population: 9,546
  • Pro: Several nearby schools
  • Con: Lack of green spaces

South Park Hill is a charming residential district with a happening dining scene. It is a dreamy neighborhood with beautiful big homes, walking paths everywhere, and a safe place where children can play on the street. Many families live there and the public schools are above average. There are many places to walk dogs in this neighborhood. Additionally, South Park Hill is a great place to raise a family, especially a big family since all the homes are enormous. The neighborhood is considered extremely safe and child-friendly.

(*Niche& Bungalow)

South Park Hill, Denver, Colorado, United States

8. LoDo (Lower Downtown)

Best for downtown living

8. LoDo (Lower Downtown) - best neighborhoods in denver
  • Population: 15,813
  • Pro: Balance between business and leisure
  • Con: Not the best option for families 

LoDo is a bustling downtown neighborhood known for its trendy shopping and dining scene. It is one of Denver’s top nightlife and eating neighborhoods filled with hip restaurants, sports bars, rooftop cafes, and brew pubs with lovely boutiques and restaurants. It is a central nightlife area, and the clubs and bars are packed until closing on weekends. It is also known as a beautiful business area. If you are ranking the best neighborhoods to live in Denver, LoDo makes our list. It is full of communities that make the city unique and lively. LoDo’s central location gives its residents convenient access to various activities. Sports fans are guaranteed to love this neighborhood because it’s home to both the Pepsi Center and Coors Field and is just a few blocks from Mile High Stadium.

(*Point2, & USA TODAY)

Lower Downtown, Denver, Colorado, United States


Practically, Denver is a beautiful place to live, U.S. News & World Report recently named Denver the best place to live in America. Its public school is above average with decent transit, and it’s a safe place to reside. However, Denver is known for their different extraordinary neighborhood, with its qualities alongside various amenities. Denver has become a cultural hub, from a strong job market and a low unemployment rate to a thriving restaurant scene. If you’re measuring the best neighborhoods to live in Denver, where crime is low, and everyone wants to live, this is an accurate list.

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Last year's ranking (2022)

1. Capitol Hill
2. City Park
3. North Park Hill
4. Wellshire
5. Washington Park
6. Cherry Creek
7. South Park Hill
8. LoDo

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