Best states for education in the US

Top 10 Best states for education in the US with the Best quality of life – 2023

Various factors are considered when moving to a new location, and one of those factors involves the educational level of the state you wish to move to. Education is critical everywhere in the world, and it is a dominant factor in determining how developed a country is, reduces poverty, boosts the economy, and promotes low crime rates in the region. In the United States, there is always quality education present in every state. However, some states rank higher than others in terms of preschool enrollment rates, high school graduation rates, and the cost of college tuition. Here are the top 10 best states for education in the US to identify which state is best for education!

Best States for Education in the US - map


We understand that deciding where to live, while looking for the best education in the country, is one of the most difficult decisions to make. We’ve consequently built our ranking of the best places for education in America considering the following criteria:  preschool enrollment rates, high school graduation rates and cost of college tuition (in-state tuition and fees).*

In addition, we used the following data to rank the 10 best places for education in the US while also taking into account their quality of life. Health, pollution, green spaces and recreation, as well as climate are the criteria involved to determine the quality of life.

*We’ve considered both K12 and higher education.

(*U.S. Department of Education)

MovingWaldo's list of the Best states for education in the US

1. Washington

2. Washington - Best States for Education in the US in 2022
Best for excellent sports life
  • Population: 7.739 million
  • Average mont hly cost of living: $2,220

With a mass of scholars, research agencies and international government organizations, Washington is one of the best states for education. It ranks above the national average for pre-school enrollment, high school graduation and NAEP math scores. Most of its residents are students and young professionals, hence opportunities are plentiful for both students and adults. This state boasts active music, art, food, sports, and theater scenes. Therefore, students can take advantage of these and various state-wide cultural, academic, and social events. Washington is home to professional basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, American football, and tennis teams, offering an exciting extracurricular life for your children.

(*US News – Washington, & Living Cost Org)


2. New York

Los Angeles
One of the most attractive state
  • Population: 8.468 million
  • Average monthly cost of living: $2,848

“The Empire State” New York. According to a study conducted by Airport Parking Reservations, this is the tenth most attractive state in the country. Ultras (mountains higher than 1,500 meters), named mountains, national parks, waterfalls, big natural lakes, and beaches were all considered in the study. The United States’ first state park, Niagara Reservation, was established in New York, and the state was also the first to require license plates for automobiles. The Finger Lakes region of New York, situated between the central and western regions of the state, is a major tourist attraction.

(* & Statista)

New York

3. Massachusetts

1. Massachusetts - Best States for Education in the US in 2022
Best for world-class education
  • Population: 6.985 million
  • Average monthly cost of living: $2,233

With a graduation rate of 89 percent, Massachusetts places itself higher than the national average; hence is a great state for your kids to spend their elementary and high school years in. This state is home to a distinguished network of intellectuals with more than 50 colleges and universities, including world-renowned Harvard University, Boston University, the famous MIT, Tufts University, Boston College, and Williams College. Additionally, Massachusetts has produced some of Americans’ most famously creative academics, artists, writers, and musicians. However, those elite universities can be expensive and fortunately, Massachusetts also offers excellent higher education through community colleges. In addition to education, the state ranks second best to live according to quality of life, safety, etc. 

(*Census.govWalletHub & US News)


4. New Hampshire

3. New Hampshire - Best States to Retire in the US
Best for economic opportunities
  • Population: 1.389 million
  • Average monthly cost of living: $4,313

With 18 higher learning institutions and five public universities, New Hampshire is a top state for education and graduates because of its strong economic market. Students who study in New Hampshire enjoy several excellent living options in metropolitan residential cities. They also have a low student-to-faculty ratio so that students won’t be just a number to them. According to US News, there is also a strong pre-K12 education as they rank 4 amongst all the states. New Hampshire is a small state filled with vast forests, soaring mountains, and bright, bustling cities. There are extensive options of recreational activities to choose from to balance studying and outdoor life. Those activities include skiing, hiking, mountain climbing, painting, and taking pictures of beautiful scenery.

(*US News – New Hampshire, Sofi, & StudyNH)

New Hampshire

5. New Jersey

4. New Jersey - Best States for Education in the US in 2022
Best state for pre-K12 education
  • Population: 9.267 million
  • Average monthly cost of living: $2,031

Being home to some of the most prestigious universities in the nation, New Jersey has been ranked as the best state for pre-K12 education by US News. They have significantly higher than national average high school graduation rates, pre-K12 ratings and NAEP math scores. Also, students can pursue an undergraduate degree or advance their career with accommodating and supportive faculty that allows for a wealth of personal interests. Students in New Jersey also take advantage of the natural attractions in the state, where they have access to bicycling, camping, skiing, fishing, and hiking in one of the many state parks. Additionally, New Jersey offers a unique mixture of rural and quaint countryside.

(* & US News – New Jersey)

New Jersey

6. Wisconsin

5. Wisconsin - Best States for Education in the US in 2022
High school graduation rate of 89.7%
  • Population: 5.896 million
  • Average monthly cost of living: $1,777

Wisconsin’s high school graduation rate is at 89.7%, 5 percent higher than the national average. The state has a rich history of culture and a thriving economy where its top industries range from manufacturing to agriculture and entertainment alongside education. Wisconsin has both successful and culturally rich urban areas, as well as relaxing and picturesque rural ones. Here, students and residents enjoy various outdoor activities such as swimming, water-skiing, hiking, camping, or horseback riding since Wisconsin features great weather all year round.

(*US News – Wisconsin, and Living Cost Org)


7. Maryland

9. Maryland - Best States for Education in the US in 2022
Best for post-graduation employment
  • Population: 6.165 million
  • Average monthly cost of living: $2,155

Maryland is home to over 60 colleges and universities in the state, including John Hopkins University. They have higher than national average in high school graduation rates and pre-K12 education. This state is well known for vast educational opportunities and a strong economy that can put good education to work as they have the second highest share of all technology companies. Aside from education, there are lots of recreational activities to carry out in Maryland. From activities in the beautiful parks to the beaches, mountains, and numerous entertainment opportunities. Finally, you can enjoy excellent food options because Maryland has diverse cultures.

(*US News – Maryland, Study, and Living Cost Org)


8. Delaware

Delaware, USA
Best for children’s education
  • Population: 1.003 million
  • Average monthly cost of living: $1,876

With a 88% high school graduation rate, Delaware is one of the best states for education. They grade school kids have strong proficiency in mathematics, reading and science. Students here are presented with the opportunity to gain exposure to some of Delaware’s primary industries, including agriculture, manufacturing, mining, and financial services. Delaware shares a border with New Jersey and Pennsylvania, making traveling easy and accessible. Delaware is a safe suburban environment that offers various amenities of city living without the constant hum. It has a unique atmosphere filled with diverse cultures and a low crime rate.

(*NAEP report, and Living Cost Org)


9. Connecticut

6. Connecticut - Best States for Education in the US in 2022
High preschool enrollment rate
  • Population: 3.606 million
  • Average monthly cost of living: $2,098

Connecticut is home to some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the entire United States, hence has been ranked as one of the best states for education. Here, the preschool enrollment rate is 19% lower than in other states. The educational system is excellent for all ages, whether you are looking at pre-K12 level schools for your kids or college and university options.  Connecticut residents enjoy high living standards, which translates into incredibly well-developed and maintained cities, recreational parks, and transportation systems throughout the state. This state also boasts excellent regional foods alongside great local beers and wines.

(*US News – Connecticut, NCES, and Living Cost Org)


10. Virginia

7. Virginia - Best States for Education in the US in 2022
Higher grades than national average
  • Population: 8.642 million
  • Average monthly cost of living: $2,030

With a current population of about 8,642,274 people, Virginia is home to three of the top 40 public universities in the entire country. Additionally, the high school graduation rate, pre-K12 ratings and NAEP math scores are a few points higher than the national average. This state is a safe, suburban environment dripping in southern hospitality, superior education, diverse culture, and a booming economy. 

(*US News – Virginia, and Living Cost Org)



Education is paramount to any individual or family, so choosing the perfect state for education is a crucial yet essential decision. Therefore, if you are considering moving across the US, you must identify the factors that suit your or your children’s level of education and needs before choosing a state. However, choosing the best state for education, either for preschool, high school, or college, is easier with these listed states. You might also want to read about the best states to raise a family in the US.

MovingWaldo's list of the Best states for education in the US in 2022

1. Massachusetts
2. Washington
3. New York
4. New Jersey
5. Wisconsin
6. Connecticut
7. Virginia
8. New Hampshire
9. Maryland
10. Delaware

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