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How to Change My Address With Xfinity Before Moving

To make your change of address with Xfinity, you need to sign in on your account. 

  1. Visit
  2. Fill out the form with all the information on your move.
  3. Make the changes to your plan if necessary.
  4. Choose your installation preference.
  5. Review you move information and submit your request.

Moving requires you to transfer a lot of the home services you depend on like the Internet and TV. Luckily, one of the best internet providers, Xfinity, has taken the effort to make a change of address with them easy when moving to a new location. Whether you need to transfer one or all of Xfinity’s services installed at your home, you can be sure that doing so will be quick and easy. 

Changing My Address With Xfinity

When Should I Notify Xfinity of My Move?

When moving, it is best to schedule ahead of time. To make sure you have all of Xfinity’s services set up in your home on the day of your move, schedule or set up appointments at least four weeks before your moving date. 

Each move  is different, but the major steps involved with changing your address with Xfinity are;

  • First, notify Xfinity of the time you intend to move and the place you intend to move to. You need to also tell them whether you plan to use your current subscription plan or change it.
  • Secondly, you need to determine if you’ll do a self-installation or a professional one.

Is There a Fee When Using Xfinity’s Online Transfer Services?

Xfinity TV

Installation Fee for Xfinity TV

The installation fee for Xfinity TV can vary depending on different circumstances such as the equipment to be installed or the destination of your residence. The fee for an installation by a technician usually costs about $89.99.

Of course, you could cut the cost by yourself and pay just about $15 with the self-installation kit provided by Xfinity. And after the installation, you will have to pay an extra $6 for the reactivation of services.

Equipment Fees for Xfinity TV

Even if you use the Xfinity flagship X1 DVR system which isn’t charged, you still have to pay your monthly equipment fees which are around $15.00 per month ($5 DVR fee and $10 HD fee). 

Xfinity Internet

Installation Fee for Xfinity Internet

It costs zero dollars when getting your self-install kit from Xfinity when you use standard shipping. This is not the case if you don’t have a self-installation kit and you are moving because then you’ll have to get professional Installation for an Xfinity technician, this usually is around the same price as the professional TV installation $89.99.

If you want to shorten the cost then you can pay $89.99 to install both the TV service and the Internet service at a go. If you are qualified and you plan to install them yourself, you can do that for just $15.00.

Equipment Fee for Xfinity Internet

The equipment fee for Xfinity Internet will only be applied if you have to change the type of installation at your new address. This new type of installation would therefore require different equipment. In most cases you can keep the same router and modem you previously had installed. 

How to Cancel My Xfinity Service?

Comcast Cable
ATTN: Service Change Requests
1701 JFK Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Many packages and plans have contracts with strict requirements. If you choose to cancel your plan with Xfinity and you still have a contract, you may have to pay a cancellation fee. If you move to a place that does cover Xfinity, you most likely will be charged the cancellation fee. The cost of this cancellation fee is largely dependent on how early you end your contract. If you end your contract 2 months early, you will most likely not be charged. However, if you end your contract with Xfinity 10 months early, you will most probably be charged a significant fee. 

Changing My Internet Service Provider

If I Change My Internet Service Provider, How Do I Send My Modem Back to Xfinity?

If you change your internet service provider and you want to send your modem back,  you can visit the digital returns center through your Xfinity account and then follow the instructions displayed on the screen. 

Here is how to return your rented modem to Xfinity free of charge when moving to a new address. 

  1. Call a nearby Xfinity store, make an appointment and visit the store later to drop the equipment.
  2. Send your equipment back to Xfinity using a prepaid UPS shipment after you’ve initiated the return online. 

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