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The 5 Best TV Service Providers in Quebec

TV has been around in Canada since 1952 when the first stations were broadcast in Toronto and Montreal. To ensure there is enough Canadian content, the government requires that 50% of daily content is Canadian. This means that it is written, presented, produced, and contributed to at least partly by Canadians. TV service providers in Canada often aim their content to a broad North American audience.

Fun Fact! According to IMDb, Canada’s most popular TV show is Vikings, a Canadian drama Serie. Another great Canadian show is Schitt’s Creek that first aired in 2015. In terms of television channels, CTV is the most watched and the most popular according to Newswire across Canada.

If you want to know more about the internet and TV technologies available in Canada, read our handy guide

There are lots of different TV service providers in Quebec and in this article, we will discuss the different companies and the services they offer as well as some pros and cons for each. So, what TV providers are there and what do they offer? Let’s take a look!

MovingWaldo's list of the 5 Best TV Providers in Quebec

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How are TV Service Providers selected?

The best TV providers selection is carefully built based on professionalism, products, customer service, reliability, and social proofs from customers. We care to help you through the maze of information the web provides about this unique industry. You can trust the TV services listed here to entertain you and your family


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Helix TV by Videotron is a first-class platform that offers viewers the full value of live TV channels and highly demanded entertainment platforms like Club illico, YouTube, and Netflix all in a single interface. Through Helix TV, users can enjoy all the contents they love without the use of a TV set. Thanks to the Helix TV app, they can watch their favourite shows anywhere and at any time. Helix TV runs on IPTV technology.

What TV services are offered by Helix TV by Videotron?

• The Helix TV plan by Videotron includes full TV service, a Sport app, a Kids Zone, 4K content as well as the Helix TV app. Note that this plan requires a terminal.
• On the other hand, the Helix TV app allows you to watch everything from a mobile device and stream it to a TV without the need of a terminal. The biggest perk of the Helix TV app is that you can watch anything wherever you are.
• Another service worth mentioning is the Helix voice remote. Its feature allows you to do so by simply issuing voice commands. There is so much you can do with the voice remote such as performing a content search, information viewing, pause, parental control, view my recording, play, etc.
• The personalized dashboard arranges all the channels and functions on a single page for smooth navigation.
• You can watch your favourite content at a glance, record or schedule shows you hope to watch, and do so much more from the personalized dashboard.
• Popular local and international channels are available with every plan.


• Watch anything wherever you are on the Helix TV app
• Helix voice remote
• Personalized dashboard
• Easy to use and extremely convenient


• Helix TV plan requires a terminal

Why should you choose Helix TV by Videotron?

Helix is a platform that brings all your favourite TV shows and online content to a single platform for your viewing delight. With their many plans available, you’ll certainly find the one that meets your requirements. Helix TV is easy to use and extremely convenient with all the content of a usual TV cable found on their platform and more.

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Altima Telecom is an internet provider in Canada that has been working effortlessly to provide clients with top quality internet, digital phone, and digital TV services. In 1994 they started the setup in Quebec with just dial-up services and have greatly expanded since. Altima Telecom aims to provide reliable and fast internet service with no additional charges. On the verge of expanding their network across Canada, Altima Telecom is continuously looking for ways to improve their services.

What TV services are offered by Altima TV?

Altima TV provides you with local and premium channels and allows you to handpick your favorites. The Not-so-Basic TV plan includes 50 premium channels (including HGTV, CNN, ESPN, Slice, and more). The pricing for digital TV is based on the customization of channels.

Area Covered

Operates in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba & British Columbia.


• Affordable prices with the added perk of promotional offers
• No contract
• Uncompromising internet speed
• Vigilant customer support
• 30-day money back guarantee
• Referral program – $35 credit for both you and your friend!


• Service may not be available in your area. Currently it operates in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba & British Columbia only.
• Altima TV service only works if you have an internet plan with Altima

Why should you choose Altima TV?

Internet, TV, and home phone service. Altima Telecom is an internet provider that screams reliability, quality, and affordability. There is a plan for every individual demand with affordable rates to cater to the masses. The onboarding and customer service don’t miss a beat when it comes to vigilance. If at any time you feel that you do not want their service, you can cancel with no out-of-the-blue costs. With a money-back guarantee, no ties offer, easy sign-up, and scheduling, Altima Telecom is nothing but convenient for its users. To highlight more, the internet Altima Telecom may be your best bet if you are looking for value and reliability.

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You might have heard of Cogeco before, after all, it is the second largest cable operator in Quebec and in Ontario. Founded in 1957 by Henri Audet, Cogeco has carved out a big place in the telecommunications industry, offering Internet, television and home phone services to individuals and small businesses in Canada, and in the United States through its subsidiary Atlantic Broadband. Cogeco has recently launched their new service, EPICO, which transforms the way we watch TV.

What services are offered by Epico by Cogeco?

• Access channels and 1,000+ apps from one interface, without switching inputs
• Cast your photos, videos and music directly from your mobile apps to your TV
• Cloud recordings in HD or 4K, which you can watch on all your screens
• Download your recordings and watch them offline using a mobile app
• Create a profile for each family member and combine them easily to find something to watch altogether and
• Watch your shows up to 72 hours after they’ve aired with the Just missed feature (that’s the equivalent of 5,000 additional on-demand titles)
• Remote with voice commands
• Wireless 4K Cloud PVR included
• Unlimited Internet for worry-free streaming
• Easy self-installation process with a step-by-step guide

Area Covered

Saint-Hyacinthe, Drummondville, Shawinigan, Trois-Rivières, Beauce, Alma, Rimouski, Sept-Îles, Matane, Gaspé, Mont-Tremblant.


• You control your entertainment (watch when you want, where you want)
• User friendly and intuitive
• Merge your different family members’ profiles to get the perfect suggestion for movie night
• Get unlimited content


• EPICO is not available everywhere yet

Why should you choose Epico by Cogeco?

EPICO is not an option like the others, in the sense that it offers you a completely different experience. You get to enjoy all the content you want without the frustration of searching for TV shows or movies. The whole experience is easier, faster, simpler, to ensure that you benefit from the best technology. With EPICO, you get absolute control of your entertainment.

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VMedia is a pioneer in live TV streaming and IPTV technology, offering over 200 channels in low cost ‘build your own’ TV packages and “a la carte’ options, so you can customize your channel lineup. Watch VMedia TV with their VBox or stream VMedia TV with your preferred streaming device by downloading the VMedia TV app on Amazon Fire, Apple TV, iOS, Android TV and Roku, Watch all the top shows, hit movies, latest news, exciting sports, and more.

What TV services are offered by VMedia TV?

• VMedia TV offers several TV packages for your viewing preferences. Their most popular plan is the Premium Basic which includes all the major networks in Canada and the US.

• Premium Flex package is also available for more specialized viewing. It comes in four theme options of Classic, Family, Lifestyle and Sport.

• Grand Premium package is the ultimate package with more than 100 channels available, while the Skinny package is ideal for the more picky viewers.

• VMedia TV includes a long list of available channels. Complete list can be found here.

• VMedia lets you enjoy mobile viewing through its supported apps such as A&E, CTV GO, TSN GO, RDS GO, Crave, CNN, WWE, Sportsnet and Discovery GO.

• Language available are French and English • VMedia lets you enjoy shows on Crave on your TV, mobile device or computer.


• No fixed-term contracts
• One month money back guarantee
• Highly responsive customer service
• Fast and reliable unlimited internet
• Multicultural packages available
• Offers monthly freebies


• VMedia Internet is mandatory to enjoy VMedia’s TV services.

Why should you choose VMedia TV?

VMedia provides accessible and affordable TV services for the Canadian viewer. They offer a broad range of channels and support several apps to give their viewers the best TV experience.

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oxio TV offers a dynamic viewing experience. It combines all your favorite TV channels and streaming services in one place. The TV plans are customizable to give you the choice when selecting your favourite channels. All TV plans include Basic channels and Stingray Music, Replay and wireless tv Cloud recordings. It even lets you record content for viewing at your own pace, including when you’re offline.

What TV services are offered by oxio TV?

• Base TV Plan comes with the basic channels and Stingray Music. You can add more channels of your choice for an additional monthly cost.
• Premium channels like Crave, Sports Franco, STARZ and WWE are also available for an extra fee.
• oxioTV lets you record your favourite shows on the cloud and watch them from any of your devices.
• oxioTV is available in French and English.


• First receiver is free
• Cloud recordings
• Wi-Fi Receiver
• Easy installation
• Intuitive HD Guide
• Wireless TV


• Services are currently limited to some regions in Quebec

Why should you choose oxio TV?

oxio TV lets you experience TV exactly the way you want it. You get to choose the number of channels included in your plan based on your preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions about Television

Cable TV is one of the older methods of watching TV. Transmitted via cable directly to homes, it was introduced in some areas as early as the 1950s and it still has its place in the market today. From 1983, cable began to offer cable-only channels which greatly increased its appeal. Competitors in the form of Satellite TV did not really start to compete with Cable’s capabilities until the 1990s. Cable offered a much more reliable service that the analogue services at the time of its launch. At present, cable TV is provided to most Canadian towns through services such Shaw, Rogers, Vidéotron, Cable Axion, Cogeco and EastLink.

In Canada, there are two Satellite TV services: Shaw Direct and Bell TV. Satellite TV is also known as DBS or Direct Broadcast Satellite. It relays a signal to the user’s TV via a satellite receiver outside their home, transmitted directly from a satellite orbiting the earth. Many Canadians attempt to subscribe to American Satellite services, something that is not permitted by the CRTC. This black market continues to cause trouble to the Canadian satellite services.

In the 90’s, another service began to creep into the TV markets as another option instead of cable TV. IP TV is Internet Provided Television, and as you may have deduced, it is TV delivered to your home via the internet through your phone line cables. It offers a similar package to the cable services. Many homes in the west of the country have adopted this method of TV viewing.

Smart TVs are a relatively recent addition to the TV market. But how do they differ to IPTV? Essentially, they do the same job except IPTV usually has a set-top box and therefore Smart TVs are usually simpler and neater, without additional hardware. However, if you used IPTV, then your TV would potentially be able to evolve with the box and thus stand the test of time. Usually, Smart TVs have everything built in which greatly limits their possibilities when the availability of new services appears and they may not always be compatible. If using IPTV, you are not restricted by the TV’s limitations in the future.

Roku has recently launched in Canada and is a streaming channel which allows its users to access free TV shows and movies on their own platform. It is completely free as it is supported by advertising. The Roku Streaming Stick has access to over half a thousand channels and even works with the free app on smart devices. The stick can also act as a remote and can play your personal music or photos directly on the TV. There are even options for voice search too.

In Canada, there are also many TV set-top boxes that offer subscriptions and plans. Ebox is one such box. With Ebox or VBox services, you can watch live TV as well as accessing Android TV features. The Ebox also comes with a voice-operated remote control.

If you are debating with which box you should get then many people wonder whether to opt for an Android box or Apple TV. The first thing to consider is whether you use an iPhone or an Android phone – the decision should therefore be simple! But what if your household has a mix of devices? Or you are not necessarily strictly loyal to your chosen brand?

Android TV can be built into the TV itself or you can get a set-top box. Android is more of a TV platform as it is available on a vast array of devices made by different companies. Apple TV is a platform too but it’s all in one Apple device. Android has an amazing selection of apps and content that blows Apple’s out of the water somewhat. However, Apple integrates its devices so well that switching from one to the other and linking them together is seamless.

When choosing between packages such as Android or Apple, you also need to factor in the storage. You will not ever regret getting larger amounts, that’s for sure! 

CableVia existing cables
  • Has been around the longest, after analogue TV.
  • Serves most areas of Canada.
  • Available even if you don’t have the internet.
  • Have channels such as sports channels that internet streaming services do not.
  • Not as flexible as streaming services.
  • More expensive than internet streaming services.
Fibe TVVia Bell internet service originally, now others too
  • Now available on other providers, not just Bell.
  • Only available in certain areas
  • Reliant on an internet connection
IPTVVia internet service provider
  • Similar to cable but a newer service.
  • Not limited to your TVs capabilities in the future
  • There can be interruptions similar to those experience in your internet connection given that they are through the same system
Smart TVSmart device
  • Simple, neat without the need for additional hardware
  • Devices may become obsolete as new technologies come in.
  • Reliant on an internet connection
SatelliteDBS (Satellite) connection
  • Serves most areas of Canada
  • Only two providers available
  • Lots of piracy/leaching from American satellites
RokuStreaming Box using ISP
  • Completely free streaming.
  • Great content.
  • Can handle light gaming.
  • Uses advertising to make its profit
  • Reliant on an internet connection.
  • Does not currently support YouTube.
Boxes (Ebox, Vbox)Steaming Box using ISP
  • Subscription services with various packages and storage
  • Some negative reviews about the services.
  • Reliant on an internet connection
Apple TV Apple TV connected to internet
  • Compatible with existing Apple devices.
  • Smooth services.
  • Up to date technologies.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Some limitations in the device cross over.
  • Limited content.
  • No memory expansion capabilities.
AndroidCan be integrated into a TV or as a set-top box.
  • An amazing range of programs, movies and apps.
  • Reliant on an internet connection

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