Why invest in a Home Security System?

Why invest in a home security system?

Home Security Systems are one of the delightful innovations of modern times. If you choose the right home security system, it will undoubtedly deliver you a safe heaven. It is just like an extra layer of protection blanket around your home to keep it out of any harm’s way. Investing in a home security system not only prevents burglaries and other crimes, but also guarantees a relaxed and a worry-free life.

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Reasons why Home Security Systems are a great investment

For Safety & Protection

With the ever-increasing crime rates, it becomes rather essential to protect and safeguard what is most close to us. Home Security Systems ensure safety and protection in regards with:

Family and Children

To a parent, nothing is as important as providing a safe abode to their family. Home Security Systems are a great way to safeguard your children and your home. A security system makes sure that your family is guarded from any kind of danger. Home security system can provide a ‘third eye’ when being far and therefore, you can comfortably work at peace knowing that your family is out of harm’s way.

Emergency and Fire

Apart from being an effective mechanism in detecting and preventing crimes, a home security system can alert you in cases of emergency and fire through its fire alarm set-up. Home Security System can only detect and inform about the emergency to avoid any uncalled-for damages, it cannot set off the fire. This fire alarm system adds to the multinationalism of the home security system. It detects smoke, fire or carbon monoxide and immediately informs through continuous beeping, loud sirens or even sending an emergency text or call to the chosen individual. This ‘early warning’ that the home security system delivers assists in reducing emotional as well as monitory costs.

For Your Belongings

When you buy a house, you spend a good deal of money in furnishing it and making it your home. If you are fond of keeping your valuables and prized possessions in your home, you do not need to worry about shielding them if you have a Home Security System installed like TELUS Smart Home Security.


Many researches have suggested that a home security system significantly reduces burglaries. It is also believed that burglars are more likely to specifically target those homes where there is no sign of a home security system. It means that just that installation of a home security system can be worthwhile enough in keeping burglars at bay.

Lock and Doors + Cameras

High security lock system seems to be the new talk of the town, and for all the right reasons. This feature of the home security system poses numerous benefits. It is in fact a cost-effective choice from a long-term perspective. Keys of these locks cannot be easily replicated, and these locks are also very temper-proof.

We cannot skip on the most important feature of a home security system i.e. home security cameras. Cameras are very functional when it comes to home surveillance. Surveillance cameras can successfully detect criminals and reduce the possibility of a burglary happening. It can also aid in providing evidence to the police to make the right arrest. Moreover, home security cameras are useful in checking in with your family and your pets.

For Lower Insurance Costs

A powerful home security system automatically suggests that there would be less risk of house thefts, therefore, you can easily qualify for reductions in insurance costs by the insurance company.

Good Long Term Investment

Many people often avoid installing a home security system because of the high installation and monthly billing costs. However, it is highly advised that you make this one-time investment of home security system. In the long term, it will cost you much less to pay monthly bills than to bear the costs of becoming a burglary target all your life.

Discount on Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Insurance Companies are very well aware of the effectiveness of a home security system in preventing burglaries and reducing costs of fire and water damages. Knowing that there is less risk involved when dealing with homeowners with a home security system, the insurance company is confident that there will be fewer chances of them filing insurance claims. As per the Insurance Information Institute, with a home security system you can productively save up to 20% on insurance premiums. It is one of the best tip to help you save on insurance.

For Tranquility

Tranquility is something all of us want in our lives, to live without unwanted stress and constant consternation. Existence of home security systems caters to the very need of reducing stress and anxiety from our lives to a great extent.

Peace of Mind

We all desire to live in a world where there is nothing but peace. Constant worry can in fact deteriorate your physical as well as mental health. With a home security system, you can work at peace or spend leisure time away from home anywhere in the world without having to worry about anything. This brings us to our next point.

House Monitoring

If you plan on going on vacation with your family or friends but are worried about the security of your house, worry no more because a home security system can monitor your house for you while you enjoy the beach sun. If you have pets at home and leaving them behind often scares you, you can always monitor them and simultaneously be wherever you want to be.


Investing in a home security system is always a good choice. Along with creating a shield around home against any possible thefts, it also alerts you in cases of fire emergencies. You can always check in on your family if you are away from home. You can live an anxiety-free life and enjoy serene vacations. With the best home security system, you can even qualify for insurance discounts and save a handful. In today’s age and time, it seems that a home security system has rather become a necessity than a choice.



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