Packing Shoes for Moving: A Step by Step Guide

Packing Shoes for Moving: A Step by Step Guide

There are two groups of people out there. Those who neatly stack shoes in their closets, some with their original boxes, and those who just toss the shoes. No matter which side of the divide you represent, moving brings everybody to the same point. You need to know how to pack shoes for a move. This is because you don’t want them to get damaged to the point where they are unwearable. At MovingWaldo we know how moving can be stressful, which is why we are here to give you useful tips on how to pack your shoes.

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The Best Way to Pack Shoes for Moving

Step 1: Donate Shoes You Don’t Need Anymore

Along with clothes and bags, shoes are great for donation. If you are stressing over how to pack shoes for a move because you have so many, then it’s time to donate shoes you don’t need anymore. There are some shoes in your closet you barely wear; these are the type you should donate. If your shoes are still in good condition, you can donate them to one of the best charitable organizations.

Step 1 Donate Shoes You Don’t Need Anymore

Step 2: Reinforce Your Moving Boxes

Shoes can be heavy, so it is important to reinforce your moving boxes. You should secure your boxes with tape to make sure that your moving boxes will not break during your move. Therefore, the top and the bottom of your boxes should have double layers of tape. The side of your boxes could be tapped too, if you think it’s necessary, depending on the weight and quality of your moving boxes.

Step 2 Reinforce Your Moving Boxes

Step 3: Pack Your Shoes by Season

Sorting your shoes is a vital part of packing shoes for moving. Packing shoes for similar occasions and periods together makes it easier to move without losing any pairs, especially when you have many shoes in your closet. For example, sorting your shoes into different categories such as formal shoes, sports shoes, party shoes, seasonal shoes can help you label bags and boxes. Also, you can pack shoes based on priority. When you are moving, you can pack shoes in and out of season. Shoes that are out of season can be boxed first. Also, shoes you would not wear before or during your move can go into a box.

Step 3 Pack Your Shoes by Season

Step 4: Clean and Fix Your Shoes Before Packing Them

It’s essential to clean and fix your shoes before packing them. This is one of the packing tips that help prevent the transfer of dirt and odour. Dust other dirt off the soles of your shoes; use a brush to remove particles stuck under the shoe. With a damp cloth, wipe away dirt from the exterior, and leave them to dry properly. Moving and storing damp shoes can breed mould, which causes foul smells. Shoes need to be completely dried before packing. After drying, treat them with deodorizing powder or spray to handle lingering odours.

Step 4 Clean and Fix Your Shoes

Step 5: Pack the Heaviest Shoes at the Bottom

Thinking about how to pack shoes for moving depending on their weight? Then consider layering.

  • Start by filling your shoes.
  • Take your shoes and stuff your socks in them to enable them to hold their shapes.

If you do not have enough socks, you can crumble old newspapers or any type of paper at all and stuff your shoes with them. This will stop your shoes from folding and getting squashed when layered.

  • Lay every pair on its side, with the heaviest ones going first in order to protect lighter shoes from damage. It also helps even the weight of the box, making it easier to carry.

Step 5 Pack the Heaviest Shoes at the Bottom

Step 6: Pack Your Shoes in Their Original Box

The best way to pack shoes individually, in separate smaller boxes, preferably their original boxes. Once you’ve gone through the first four steps of how to pack shoes for moving, boxing comes next. For your very expensive shoes, it’s best not to pack them with other shoes. Even if you do not have the original box, you can buy shoe boxes from a local store or online. An advantage of packing shoes in their original boxes is they are a perfect size, so your shoes won’t move about and damage themselves (heels rubbing against the body could scratch or tear it). Additionally, it’s easy to identify which shoe is in which box simply by looking at the original boxes.

Step 6 Pack Your Shoes in Their Original Box

Bonus Tip: Use Suitcases to Carry Your Shoes

Suitcases are another option to carry your shoes without boxes. If you have a lot of shoes, putting them in suitcases is ideal because suitcases generally have wheels on their bottoms. It would be much easier to transport your shoes to your new place without them being too heavy. Suitcases are generally very strong and will not break as opposed to cardboard boxes.


Learning how to pack shoes for a move is not nearly as difficult as you may think. Yes, it will require you to put in the effort, but it will be worth it. You get to save your shoes from damage and simplify your move. Another thing to do is to ensure no heavy loads are placed on your shoeboxes; it could damage your shoes. With these steps, your shoes will remain in good condition during and after the move. However, at MovingWaldo we understand that moving can be a long process that can be very stressful. Packing shoes is not the only thing you’ll have to do. To make your moving process easier, don’t forget to check out our change of address platform where you can change your address with multiple providers simultaneously and for free!



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