New neighbours? How to get off on the right foot

You did it—the big move is finally over! Now that all the heavy lifting is behind you, you can take the time to get settled in your new apartment. You carefully selected your new home based on your wants and needs, but the one thing you can’t pick is your new neighbours. They’re just there. So how do you get off on the right foot with them? Here are some tips for a happy apartment community.

Se présenter à ses nouveaux voisins

Break the ice quickly!

Even if you’ve got piles of boxes to unpack and endless organizing left to do, it’s still a good idea to take a minute or two to introduce yourself to your new neighbours. Say hello, apologize in advance for any extra noise your move might cause, ask a few questions about the neighbourhood, etc.

This simple gesture can help you make a good first impression and set the stage for happy and friendly relationships!

Keep an open mind

Living as part of a community has its advantages but also comes with its share of disadvantages and inconveniences. That’s just how it is. You all live close to each other and have your own lives. So it’s really important to keep an open mind—within reason, of course. It’s not worth getting upset every time you’re startled by a noise or a barking dog! Don’t get mad at your neighbours the first time you smell a barbecue or fish cooking!

But what if your neighbours do something that really bothers or upsets you? The first step is to knock on their door to calmly address the issue. It’s surprising how a little tactful discussion can resolve a whole host of little issues. And when you build ties based on respect and reciprocity, everyone benefits. Who knows, maybe next time they’ll be the ones knocking on your door?

Be mindful of noise and odours

Talking to your neighbour is always a good start, but there are limits to how open minded you can be. If the unacceptable or disrespectful behaviour continues, you don’t have to put up with it. What do you do if your honest efforts to find common ground have failed?

Remember that you have rights and there are steps you can take. Plus, each municipality has its own rules on issues such as noise other disturbances. Some insurers offer legal insurance that you can add to your home insurance for renters. This coverage gives you access to guidance and helps cover legal fees in the event of a dispute

Keep smiling!

There’s no need to worry too much. If you make an effort to start off on the right foot with your neighbours and remain friendly and courteous, everything should be fine. You may even end up becoming good friends with them.

Enjoy your new home!

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