Moving your business: What you need to know

Moving your business: What you need to know

Regardless of the size of your business or the industry you’re in, moving your business is no small task. Planning is without question the key to success. You won’t regret the time and energy invested in this crucial preliminary step. It will not only help you avoid problems, but also save time in all the other important steps.

What are these steps? What do you need to think about? When should you notify your business insurance representative? The answers to these questions and more can be found below! To have a positive experience, read this practical guide carefully. It will help you move your business with peace of mind and efficiently resume operations in your new location.

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Focus on planning

To move your business as efficiently as possible, the key word is planning. Create an office moving checklist to make sure everything is covered. Thorough preparation should include the following:

Key dates

To determine the date of the move, you must first know the date you want to be in operation in your future space. This information is essential for calculating how much time you’ll need for preparation, the actual move, and setup.

If you neglect this analysis process, you risk incurring losses or hurting your bottom line. In short, knowing when you need to be ready to resume operations will help you accurately plan everything leading up to the move and establish the best timeline.


When is the slowest time of year for your business? If possible, it’s a good idea to move your business during that period to minimize the impact on your operations, employees, and customer service. You can also opt for a weekend move if that works for you.

Your moving budget

In the tips for moving your business, setting your budget is of course a must. Can you afford a turnkey moving service (packing and unpacking, cleaning, dismantling, setup, storage, etc.)? Or is it more reasonable or preferable for you to take care of certain aspects yourself?

Consider all the costs associated with moving your business so you can establish a realistic budget and avoid unpleasant surprises down the road. In addition to the moving costs, think about the incidental costs, such as telephone and Internet connections, change of address, new business insurance premium, purchase of signs to notify customers of the new space, acquisition of new equipment, etc. Make a list and think of all the potential costs.


Request several quotes from business moving specialists for various services and scenarios. That way, you can compare prices and know what you can really afford. It will also help you plan for the time and people needed to handle the parts you’ll be taking on.

Key people

Choose the people who will be responsible for ensuring that all the steps and tasks are completed. Clearly identify each person’s roles. Moving your business is much less stressful when you can count on efficient and trusted people.

Think of someone who can coordinate the all-important transition period and critical communications for all employees. You can also have one person responsible for each department of the company, which enables you to make the most of their knowledge.

Having a checklist that covers everything before, during, and after your move and carefully checking it off as you go along is without question the key to success. What needs to be done at each step in practical terms? Is there equipment that’s particularly fragile or very heavy? These are the kinds of questions that need to be carefully considered.


It may be a good idea to appoint a senior project manager or leader. By assigning this responsibility to one person, you can be sure they’ll be in full command of every step down to the last detail. Make sure they report regularly on the plan’s progress and give them all the means and leeway they need to be agile in their role.

Provide good communication

Moving a business requires sound and effective communication. To ensure things run smoothly, it’s in your best interest to keep your employees, service providers, customers, and others—including your insurer—well informed.

Your employees

Employee buy-in and involvement are key to a successful move. Be sure to keep staff informed of the process and its progress. Hold meetings to address their questions and concerns. Why not ask for their input on certain things? You want your employees to be engaged and enthusiastic so that you can count on their full cooperation.

Also, be clear about what you expect them to do in terms of preparation and when. Positive internal change management will enable you to make your company’s move a great collective adventure!

Your service providers

Change your address with your service providers and don’t wait until the last minute. Think about Hydro Québec or Énergir, of course, but also the companies to which you’ll entrust various work such as renovation, painting, connections, etc.

For example, contact your telephone system provider to ensure that local and long distance calls will be routed to the new location as of the desired date. The same goes for mail: notify Canada Post and take all necessary steps to ensure that delivery service is not interrupted.

Your computer system is also very important. Whether it’s servers, technical support, wiring, or other equipment, you can’t afford to miss a beat. This will help you resume operations properly and avoid any unfortunate mishaps or, worse, a network failure.

Once again, make a list! It’s so easy to forget these things.

Your customers and partners

Your business is covered if your equipment breaks down, but are you insured if something breaks down during the move? Did you know that you should call your insurer as soon as you start making your plan, that is, before you move and ideally even before you choose your new location?

When you sign the lease, the future premises must be insured. By notifying your insurer before making your choice, you’ll also have the opportunity to learn about the criteria that may affect your insurance policy, such as the type of construction of the building, the protection systems, or the neighbouring businesses. Depending on the type of business, certain compliance requirements related to the premises or equipment may also be included in the lease or negotiation with a landlord or sales agent.

This will enable you to see whether you’re covered at every stage (before you leave your old location, during the move, and when you get to your new location) by your business insurance and update or upgrade your coverage as needed. Your business insurance representative can give you all the information you need.

Ensure efficient setup

Good planning also includes a layout plan to get you properly set up in your new location. This plan shows the movers exactly where to put things in the new space. It implies that you have thought through how best to occupy the space to meet your needs and productivity requirements. Also think about the safety of the facilities, including fire extinguishers, first aid, the alarm system, and so on.

This last step is significant, and organizing it well will be critical to a happy work environment, your customers’ satisfaction, and optimal resumption of your business.

To simplify the process of moving your business, consult a moving concierge. You’ll find a wealth of information, tips, and useful resources. The time you save can be put to good use in other endeavours. On that note, we wish you a great move and lots of fun in your new location!



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