The Essential Checklist for Moving to Saskatchewan from Another Province

Moving into a new province can be a tiring and lengthy process. However, with the right checklist and guidelines, this can be made very seamless and simple for the average Canadian citizen as well as any international migrant. Moving into the province of Saskatchewan from another province is no different.

There are basic facilities that you absolutely need in order to get on with your life in this province, as well as the general requirements set up by the government. In the following article, we try to address the most primary needs and things to get done after you move to the province of Saskatchewan in Canada.

moving to saskatchewan

1. Open an account with Saskpower before moving to Saskatchewan

Saskpower is a company that deals with energy solutions in the province of Saskatchewan. The company was established by the provincial government and serves today more than 538,000 customers across the province. If you are moving to Saskatchewan, you must become a customer prior to your arrival at your new address.

How to open an account with Saskpower?

  1. Online on Saskpower’s website
  2. By phone at 1 833 585-1661

What you should know!

Saskpower charges a fee to start a New Service.

  • $35 + GST connect fee will be added to your first bill.
  • If we need to come on-site to reconnect your power, the fee is then $90 + GST

The payment options also include automatic monthly transaction facilities, so you would not have to remember paying it every month. An app developed for all common platforms is also available for customers’ convenience.

2. Set up internet with Sasktel before moving to Saskatchewan

Connectivity is the second most important thing to have at a house after power. In a province like Saskatchewan, there are limited options when it comes to such stuff. But it is the versatility in such departments that truly helps people get it all done in as little as possible. SaskTel is the company that deals with the internet, TV, as well as your home phone.

How to open an account with Sasktel?

Signing up for Sasktel is simple and easy, and can be done through their website. You will need credit card details, a home address, as well as basic information like your name and date of birth, and relevant identification cards. Their simple bundles can help you get great deals on data and landline, and their TV service is perfect too.

3. Set up Home Security System

Home security is also something that is absolutely necessary once you move into a new province and set up a new house. Within the province of Saskatchewan, there are multiple companies that handle the stuff of this kind and magnitude, especially for homes. You should investigate national company like ATD Security System that offers great packages to keep your family safe in your new province.

These companies need your basic information as well as proof that you own the house, or at least have the right to live here. Once that is done, the registration process is pretty simple, and it continues as long as the monthly payments are being made. Regular home security services include security alarms, CCTV cameras, and motion sensors to be activated at night.

4. Secure Home Insurance with an accredited insurance carrier in Saskatchewan

Home insurance is also something that is dealt with by many private companies in Saskatchewan. The fact that you currently have a insurance carrier doesn’t mean it has the authority to secure your assets in Saskatchewan. You should start by calling your current insurer and ask if they are available at your new address. Chances are they can’t help you. In that case, you must cancel your policy and start asking for quotes from Saskatchewan insurance carriers.

5. Purchase SGI Auto Insurance before moving to Saskatchewan

Unlike most provinces, Saskatchewan has a government-run auto insurance market. That means everyone must purchase their auto insurance policy from SGI, the Saskatchewan Crown corporation. SGI controls the auto insurance market in the province. Don’t worry, they offer great coverage for everyone.

6. Apply for a health card upon arrival in Saskatchewan

All new Saskatchewan residents must register themselves and their family members for Saskatchewan Health Card to receive the benefit of the public health care system.

The process to apply for a Saskatchewan Health Card is simple.

If you’re are more comfortable, you can also print and complete a health card application form and mail, fax or e-mail it along with a copy of your supporting document.

What you should know!

You can expect 4 to 6 weeks before your application is processed. It is highly recommended to keep your current health coverage until you and your family members are officially covered by Saskatchewan Health Card.

7. Obtaining a Driver’s Licence - SGI as soon as you move to Saskatchewan

If you are moving into Saskatchewan from another province where you already had a driver’s licence, it should be relatively simple to obtain a Saskatchewan licence. Most people have a Class 5 driver’s licence. There are a few basic requirements that need to be met for this. You should be able to drive a vehicle safely and properly, know the rules of the road, and understand all traffic signs.

How to apply for a SGI driver’s licence?

Licences can be obtained from any SGI office. You should visit the closest SGI office in your new area within 90 days of becoming a resident.

8. Obtaining Drug Plan benefits from Saskatchewan Health

Drug insurance is yet another feature that Canada is famous for, and the province of Saskatchewan is doing its best to help citizens reach medical care. The Saskatchewan drug insurance program is very easily accessible to the general public, as well.

How to apply for Public Drug Insurance?

You can apply for yourself and your family members (under 18 years old) by calling 306-787-3420.

What you should know!

However, it is important to know that residents whose health services are covered under existing federal programs through First Nations and Inuit Health, Health Canada, Department of Veteran Affairs, Worker’s Compensation and federal penitentiaries are not eligible for Drug Plan benefits from Saskatchewan Health.

9. If needed, get a non-driver photo ID from Saskatchewan

All kinds of identification documents are handled by the SGI within the province of Saskatchewan. It is basically known as a non-driver photo ID and has a few prerequisites that need to be followed. One may need at least two other original identification documents to prove themselves.

Along with this, two pieces of Saskatchewan residency documents will be required as well. It needs to be ensured that all of these are under the same name. These documents also need to prove your legal name, birth date, as well as signatures. The department is ready to help at any time when reached at their email or on their phones.

How to get a non-driver photo ID?

The card is available to all non-driver’s resident at any motor licence issuer. A 15$ fee is charged. Once you get your picture taken, it takes 2 weeks to get your card by mail.

In Conclusion

Moving to a new province can be hard, but with lists like the one above helping you out and guiding you through the process; it becomes a small, easy task. Saskatchewan has a lot to offer to its residents; it is time that you make the most out of it.

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