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You will shortly be contacted by one of our free booking agents who will review multiple Waldo Verified moving quotes on your behalf. The quotes are calculated across the same metrics for a straightforward comparison, so you can book your move with confidence. Your booking agent will then present you with your best option based on your move criteria.

What makes the service so unique?

Without MovingWaldo

Guaranteed trusted & only highly rated companies

Unknown level of reliability and professionalism, difficult to assess before the move

Clear pricing breakdowns

No standardization across quotes from multiple companies making it difficult to compare

Support at every step

No guidance in the decision making process can be overwhelming

Without MovingWaldo

Guaranteed trusted & only highly rated companies

Each company in our network has been thoroughly vetted by our team to only allow the top movers in the industry

Unknown level of reliability and professionalism, difficult to assess before the move

Clear pricing breakdowns

We standardized pricing to make it easy for you to compare your options

No standardization across quotes from multiple companies making it difficult to compare

Support at every step

Matched with a booking agent that you can rely on throughout your journey

No guidance in the decision making process can be overwhelming

What is MovingWaldo if not a moving company?

MovingWaldo is not a moving company, but a specialized moving platform representing a network of professional movers and service providers. Only trustworthy and verified moving companies are invited to join our network. Our verification process provides comfort over their professionalism and reliability.

Meet our booking agents

Ashley Breton

Ashley is a fully bilingual booking agent who graduated with honors in Business Marketing. Ashley takes great pride in assisting all of her customers with confidence. In her previous role, Ashley handled multimillion-dollar quotes for the Department of National Defence. Before putting your trust in another moving company, do your due diligence... or let Ashley do that for you!

Mathieu Paquette

Matt, is an accomplished booking agent with over 6 years of experience in the moving industry. Matt has earned a CAM certification (Canadian Association Of Movers), Tariff Certification (Atlas Van Lines), and has an extensive business background. Before handing off everything you own, do your due diligence
 or let Matt do it for you.

The breakdown


Your booking agent will contact you by text within 1 – 2 hours after you have submitted a request. 


They will collect key information about your move, including an exhaustive list of your home inventory.

Key information collected by your booking agent includes details about your home’s accessibility, such as the number of floors or staircases, as well as any bulky items that may require special handling. Additionally, your booking agent will need to know where the moving truck can park to facilitate the loading and unloading of your belongings.

To complete your home inventory, you have the option to choose between filling it out online through a link that will be sent to you, via phone, or through a virtual walkthrough with your booking agent. This allows you to provide a comprehensive list of your belongings, ensuring that you are quoted the most accurate price.

Moving quote

After collecting all the necessary information, your booking agent will review multiple quotes from our Waldo Verified  professional movers to find the best and most affordable option for you. You will receive a single moving quote by email based on the top recommended option, making it easy for you to make an informed decision.

We consider several factors when calculating your moving quote, such as distance, hourly labor costs, relocation time, and special item fees. Some companies have additional truck fees or include a fee for the distance travelled from their warehouse to your addresses. 

Although moving quotes are only estimates, we strive to ensure your final cost is as close as possible to the original quote. Please note, a 3-hour minimum is in place for each company, and your final cost may vary based on actual move time.

What does being Waldo Verified mean?

Waldo Verified is a verification process for moving companies that ensures they meet certain standards of professionalism and trustworthiness. To become Waldo Verified, a company must first pass a preliminary verification process based on factors such as client reviews, accreditations, and online presence. If they pass this, they undergo a complete verification in which there is an interview process where their experience, credentials, and insurance certificates are reviewed. 

Only incorporated and trustworthy companies are Waldo Verified, and they must carry a minimum of $1 million in liability insurance, as well as legal cargo protection. While it is not mandatory for moving companies to become Waldo Verified, hiring one that is not verified is a personal choice, but it is important to inquire about their incorporation and insurance certificates.

Estimate confirmation

Once you’ve made your decision, your booking agent will ask you to sign the estimate and provide a $100 deposit to secure your moving date. From there, your agent will work directly with the movers to coordinate all the details of your move.

After the details have been confirmed, you will receive a booking confirmation via email, which will include the official date of your move.

Final review

Seven days prior to your move, you will have the opportunity to review and confirm all the details of your moving estimate to ensure that everything is accurate and up-to-date. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that the movers have all the necessary information to make your move a success.

If any changes are necessary, your booking agent will work with you to make any adjustments and ensure that everything is in order. If changes are made, you will be asked to resign to confirm the updated details.

Finalizing payment

After you move, your booking agent will help you with finalizing payment and speaking to your mover on your behalf. 

To sum it up.

Your booking agent will

  • Collect key information about your move including a detailed list of your home inventory
  • Compare moving quotes on your behalf
  • Find you the best deal based on your needs
  • Confirm your booking with the moving company

Your booking agent won’t

  • Pack your boxes for you
  • Be there on moving day
  • Visit your home in person (virtual only by request)
  • Complete administrative tasks for you that are not related to your booking (like address change).

Later on

We will guide you through using the many additional moving resources on the platform. You’ll also get to review your move once it is completed.


A step-by-step checklist to keep you on track throughout your move.

Internet & utilities

Upgrade to a better deal on your home internet or residential services.

In the end, how do we make money?

As you know, MovingWaldo is 100% free and always will be. We have established partnerships with service providers to generate income. Specifically, for our Movers Booking Service, we earn a commission from the movers for every booking we make. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved!

Find a mover

Easily compare multiple quotes

Organize your move

Guided through a checklist

Internet packages

Get up to speed on the new deals

Address change

Update your address in a few clicks

Join the network

Become a trusted vendor in your service area

For agents and brokers

MovingWaldo is a one-stop-shop that simplifies tackling moving tasks

What is MovingWaldo?

We guide millions of families through each step of their moving process, helping them save time and money, and making sure nothing gets left behind.

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MovingWaldo est un guichet unique qui simplifie la planification du déménagement

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