Top 3 International Moving Companies in Laval

Moving internationally is one of the most stressful things you can ever do. Especially when you are moving out of Canada, into the United States or further across the world. Whether you are moving alone or have a whole family that is moving with you, the process can be a disaster if you don’t trust the right international moving company.

You can find dozens of recommendations over the internet. However, it is difficult to weed out the good from the bad. To help make the task easier for you, we have compiled a detailed list of the best international movers in Laval.

Read on for a thoroughly researched review of the 3 best international moving companies in Laval.

The internet is loaded with recommendations for international moving companies, which can become overwhelming almost immediately if you don’t know where to start looking. It can be difficult trying to make the right choice when it comes to international movers while you are trying to deal with everything else. At MovingWaldo, we want to help you see clearly during this stressful time. To do so, we have compiled a detailed list of the 3 best international movers that can seamlessly move you anywhere in the world.

How are moving companies selected?

We sat down with the owner to discuss their experience, credentials and credibility. Only real and trustworthy companies.

They hold a minimum of 1 million in liability insurance and protection to the cargo. You are protected.

We verified reviews across major tier party platforms like Google, Facebook, Trustpilot and more. Only top-rated movers.

We verified optional accreditations including but not limited to Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Canadian Association Of Movers (CAM)

Business experience

We sat down with the owner to discuss their experience, credentials and credibility. Only real and trustworthy companies.

Insurance certificates

They hold a minimum of 1 million in liability insurance and protection to the cargo. You are protected.

Client reviews

We verified reviews across major tier party platforms like Google, Facebook, Trustpilot and more. Only top-rated movers.


We verified optional accreditations including but not limited to Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Canadian Association Of Movers (CAM)


For moves exceeding 250 miles / 400 km, we strongly advise considering a van line or its authorized agent. Their pricing model is weight-based, ensuring precise cost calculations for your belongings. Due to the unique pricing approach of van lines and their agents, we are unable to provide exact figures and pricing is only available on demand.

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MovingWaldo's List of The 3 Best International Movers that you can trust in Laval, QC

These reviews are not sponsored, we independently reviewed all the companies we recommend. Clicking on a link may earn us a commission. Learn more.

Featured in this article

Metropolitan Movers


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Available on demand

Verified Credentials

  • 14 years of experience
  • Basic insurance of $0.60 per pound protection. The company offers additional coverage with their Replacement Value Protection (RVP).

Services offered

  • Local moves and long-distance moves (up to 500 km)
  • Interprovincial moves (over 500 km)
  • International moves
  • Canada to US moves 
  • Commercial and office moves
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Storage

Why Metropolitan Movers is recommended by our expert

As one of the most experienced moving companies in this list, Metropolitan Movers has been moving Torontonians and Canadians for over 13 years. The company uses a sophisticated system to give an accurate estimate for your local, cross-country, or cross-border move. This reduces the chance of any unexpected issues. Above all, Metropolitan Movers offers top quality moving services at fair prices. In fact, the company offers some of the most competitive rates in the industry.

Local office

Laval, QC

The company has been a MovingWaldo network partner since 2020

AMJ Campbell


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Available on demand

Verified Credentials

  • 85+ years of experience
  • BBB rating: A+
  • Basic insurance of $0.60 per pound protection. The company offers additional coverage with their Declared Value, Lump Sum Value (or Assessed Value), and Full Value Protection.

Services offered

  • Local and long-distance moves (500 km)
  • International moves
  • Commercial and office moves
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Storage
  • Special item moves

Why AMJ Campbell is recommended by our expert

With over 85 years of expertise, AMJ Campbell leads in local and long-distance moves, standing as Atlas Van Lines’ largest Canadian agent. Their tailored logistics and storage solutions cater to both residential and business needs. Backed by 30 locations and over 1,000,000 successful moves, their team of 2,500 experts prioritizes customer satisfaction for stress-free relocations, whether local or global.

Local office

Laval, Quebec, Canada

The company has been a MovingWaldo network partner since 2023

Atlas Van Lines

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Available on demand

Verified Credentials

  • 60+ years of experience
  • Basic insurance of $0.60 per pound. The company also offers additional coverage up to $6.00 per pound.

Services offered

  • Long-distance moves
  • International moves
  • Interprovincial moves
  • Canada to US moves
  • Commercial and office moves
  • Storage
  • Special item moves

Why Atlas Van Lines is recommended by our expert

Atlas Van Lines stands out as a prominent international moving company in North America, boasting over 430 agents throughout the U.S. and Canada. These agents, graduates of the Atlas Academy, adhere to the company’s high standards.

The AtlasNet app facilitates move tracking and paperwork management for enhanced customer convenience. The company also has special benefits for Aeroplan members.

With decades of international moving experience, various certifications, and operations spanning 17 countries, Atlas Van Lines is renowned for maintaining a stellar industry reputation. Choosing Atlas ensures a seamless international move, backed by their expertise, meticulous planning, and a commitment to delivering belongings safely and on time worldwide.

Local office

Laval, Quebec, Canada
Featured in this article



It is important to choose an international moving company carefully if you are planning a move abroad. Moving companies often promise the moon but lack the expertise to move your family cross-border or overseas. The logistics behind such a service are especially tricky so make sure to be informed before booking an international mover. The companies we reviewed above have the network, the expertise, the insurance, and resources to deliver on their promise. They are reputable moving companies that can help to make your international move as stress-free as possible. They follow a rigorous process to ensure that all your belongings are handled at all stages of the move, from assembling and packing the vehicle to unpacking and reassembling at your new home. With their experience, you can be assured that they know exactly what they need to do to provide you with the results that you need.

In case you are not satisfied with the services offered by these companies, you may want to consider other well-rated van lines such as Allied Van Lines and North American Van Lines, both owned by the SIRVA group.

Other authorities in the Canadian Moving industry

What’s the BBB?

BBB stands for Better Business Bureau and is a North American organization whose mission is to help buyers and sellers trust each other. Its rating is based on the number of complaints that a company may receive and how the company handles these complaints. We aim to recommend companies with a minimum rating of A- or higher.

What’s CAM?

CAM stands for Canadian Association of Movers. It is Canada’s only trade association for movers whose goal is to help its members evolve in the industry, while setting a standard of ethics and practices for moving companies. While it is a great way to gain credibility, not all moving companies are part of CAM.

Frequently asked questions

  • How to choose an international moving company?

    There are several factors that determine whether you can trust an international mover or not. The best overseas movers have years of successful history, a large network that spans the globe, and they should be well accredited. Your chosen international moving company should provide reliable damage insurance and other various moving services to take you safely from point A to point B.
  • How does pricing work for long distance/international moves?

    Weight based pricing

    To initially determine the price of your move when you are given your moving quote, van lines and agents of van lines rely on the detailed inventory list of your home that you provided them, which helps estimate the weight of your belongings

    On moving day, industrial scales are used to officially weigh the items and establish the final price. 

    Hourly pricing

    While hourly pricing is uncommon for long distance moves, some smaller local movers offering long distance moves may utilize it. Note that these local movers are often less specialized than larger moving van lines, who charge based on weight. 

    Hourly pricing may work to your advantage if you have fewer items and are moving less than 400 km away. This is because local movers, who typically charge lower rates than moving van lines, will have the proper expertise to move you a shorter distance. 

    Opting for local movers in this situation is not only cost-effective but also faster and more efficient than hiring a van line, making it the ideal choice for same-day delivery.

    However, if you are moving over 400 km away, smaller local movers may lack the expertise, therefore possibly incurring additional unexpected costs. 

    For both weight-based and hourly-priced moves, items that are highly fragile, valuable, or unusually large objects requiring additional protection, such as crating, may incur additional charges.

  • What are the shipping options for an international move?

    The choice of shipping method may affect the overall cost. The sea freight is a low-priced option for an international move, although it takes several days to ship your goods and personal belongings. If you have a bigger budget, you can choose airfreight for faster shipping. However, for bulk shipping needs, you may prefer sea freight. Other types of shipping options include door-to-door and port-to-port. With door-to-door services, movers have to pick up your goods to deliver them to the chosen destination. International moving companies will also deal with customs clearance for your stuff. With port-to-port services, you must bring your household items to the departure port and be there to get them from the destination port.
  • What items should not be included in an international household goods shipment?

    Items you must avoid shipping : 

    • Combustible items
    • Aerosol products
    • Candles, matches, and other flammable items
    • Knives and guns
    • Corrosive items, like acid and bleach
    • Seeds, fresh fruits and live plants
    • Telecommunication systems, like transmitters and walkie-talkies
    • Politically sensitive audio and books and pornographic resources
    • Precious items, like currency and silver coins

    Items only allowed in sea freight:

    • Liquid cosmetics, like cream and lotion
    • Paints, crayons, ink pens, and other items containing chemicals
    • Hygienic products, including toothpaste and shampoo
    • Magnetic products, like PC and mobiles 

    Household items that can be impacted by transport issues:

    • Shoes and clothes Temperature may damage these items.
    • Glass furniture
    • Disassembled furniture
    • CDs and books
    • Stuffed toys
  • Do I have to be present during the customs clearance process of my goods?

    You do not need to present during the process. However, you have to prepare some important documents for the customs clearance process. You may take the guidance of professional movers to learn about the rules and documentation procedure. These movers will check your documents and start the clearance process. Without proper understanding, the clearance process may not be successful. Moreover, movers will inform you about the post-shipment formalities to transport commercial and household goods. You need to have an import licence, Bill of Lading, insurance certificates, and other documents for the customs clearance process for your shipment.
  • What should I consider when choosing an international moving company?

    As an international move is a complicated process, you have to look for a reputed company with a big team of freight forwarders. Moreover, these international movers have to know the export packaging rules to make your stuff ready for transport. They should also identify the proper documentation for customs. Moreover, without experience in the international shipping process, some companies might not be suitable for your move. Be sure to select the right one for your move.
  • What are van lines?

    Moving companies provide services that cater to relocating from one place to another. A van line refers to the network of moving companies that often function jointly. Van line networks are generally created when a client is moving long distance. Moving companies across different provinces work together under a single brand name to ensure that the client’s belongings are safely delivered. A typical mover provides labor for the heavy lifting required in packing and the machinery required for moving i.e. the moving vehicles and other moving equipment. These factors are sourced from multiple inter-provinces moving companies and then combined into a single network for a successful move.
  • How do van lines work?

    When you hire the services of a van line, the brand gets in touch with its affiliate agents located en route to your destination. All of whom work together to guarantee the successful moving of your belongings. The advantage here is that the organized group of local movers breaks the entire move into smaller processes run by separate agents acting as an entity. This is very useful for long distance moves like interprovince relocations.
  • What are 5 tips for a perfect international move?

    It is not always easy to move your personal and commercial goods overseas. The purpose of your move may be different. However, we have a few tips to make your move successful.

    • When you are going to move to a new country, you must learn about the chosen location and its local rules.
    • For moving household goods, you have to pack your suitcase and print off your travel-related documents.
    • Double-check the contents before packing your goods into the carton and pallets.
    • It is important to organize personal documents, like birth certificates, academic records, marriage certificates, and insurance papers.
    • Look for providing international moving services. You must know the relocation package of the chosen company.

Looking for answers related to our services or platform? Visit our general FAQ page to learn more.

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