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VMedia Internet: Reviews, Services, Pricing & More!

Launched in 2013 by a group of engineers, software developers, and content industry veterans, VMedia is a Toronto-based telecommunications company providing internet, TV, home phone and home security services across various Canadian provinces. The company offers a distinct entertainment platform that combines specialty and conventional TV channels providing access to internet-delivered content like over-the-top or OTT. VMedia aims to help its consumers enjoy TV, movies, and the internet, either at home or on the go. As the company consistently listens to its customers, it can continuously enhance technology, features, and services. 

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Where is VMedia available?

VMedia internet, TV, home phone, and home security services are available in all Canadian provinces, with more coverage areas in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. These services are also available in certain areas of Maritime provinces; Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick.


VMedia reviews from the Web

⭐ 3.6 stars based on ‎1400+ reviews from around the web




(3.8/5 out of 1369 reviews)

“Very good service at a reasonable price. Courteous customer service. I recommend it to everyone, a very good experience with VMedia for over 1 year.”

  • Philippe C.


(4.1/5 out of 13 reviews)

Super internet service!

  • Bernie H. 


(2.9/5 out of 60 reviews)

“Very good service. Excellent value. Extremely rare to have a service outage. Usually because of the Cogeco network that VMedia uses.”

  • Ablain


Services offered by VMedia

VMedia offers high-speed internet services with various plans and speeds at reasonable prices compared to other providers. All internet plans are unlimited and without any fixed-term contracts. VMedia has both cable and DSL having a range of speeds for each household. For cable (Cogeco, Rogers, Shaw, Videotron networks), they provide plans from 15 Mbps to 250 Mbps, depending on the customer’s location. Meanwhile, for DSL (Bell Network), VMedia offers DSL 6 and 10 and FTTN 15, 20, and 50. 

1. VMedia Internet

VMedia offers various Internet speed across Canada. Find out more about the Internet speed available in your province.


Download speed

Upload Speed

Other information 

Up to 1024 Mbps 

Up to 30 Mbps 

Unlimited usage


Download Speed

Upload Speed

Other Information 

Up to 400 Mbps 

Up to 50 Mbps 

Unlimited usage


Download Speed

Upload Speed

Other Information 

Up to 1000 Mbps 

Up to 100 Mbps 

Unlimited usage


Download Speed

Upload Speed

Other Information 

Up to 1000 Mbps 

Up to 100 Mbps 

Unlimited usage

British Columbia

Download Speed

Upload Speed

Other Information 

Up to 1000 Mbps 

Up to 100 Mbps 

Unlimited usage


Download speed

Upload Speed

Other Information 

Up to 1000 Mbps 

Up to 100 Mbps 

Unlimited usage

*Subject to change 

VMedia internet pricing

VMedia has some of the best internet prices on the market. You can get a good internet plan with 25 Mbps of download speeds for under $30 in many locations. Many plans also offer free installation and free equipment, which saves you tons of money upfront. All internet plans have unlimited data, so you won’t have to worry about getting a bigger bill than expended at the end of the month. Pricing on VMedia’s website shows the amount of download and upload speeds, the recommended number of users, and the internet technology used. Since VMedia provides internet services to several provinces in Canada, prices will vary. 

*Price breakdown may vary depending on your location. See pricing in your location here.


2. TV packages

VMedia’s TV packages span several provinces across Canada, providing its customers with excellent HD resolution wherever they may be. There are about 160 channels available, including Cartoon Network, Animal Planet, CNN, CNBC, CTV Life Channel, Disney Channel, AMC, and Discovery Channel. 

With several channels to enjoy, VMedia offers various packages for its customers. The company also has flexible TV packages giving their customers the luxury to build their TV channel line-up with “starter” TV packages or from the ‘a la carte’ channels in their UChoose store section. To use VMedia TV, besides a VMedia internet subscription, customers must also have the VBox or a streaming device compatible with VMedia. 


3. Home phone

VMedia home phone offers two packages – a plan covering unlimited calls within Canada and the US. The second plan provides unlimited calling to over sixty countries. There are about fifteen features on VMedia home phone, including caller ID block, remote voicemail access, voicemail messaging and notification, call waiting with caller, caller ID with name, online account management, access numbers to save long-distance charges, call forwarding, do not disturb function, 3-way calling, call transfer, keeping your number, free VMedia to VMedia home phone calls, and phone application. 

VMedia has advanced features on its VoIP application that customers can have the option to extend home phone plans and long-distance benefits to their smartphones. 


4. Home security systems

VMedia home security systems ensure customers that their homes are safe and secured even when not around. The company offers advanced, easy-to-use, wireless home security to protect families from unwanted intruders and break-ins. VMedia’s Protect Package includes a 24/7 professional monitoring and response, mobile application, and wireless and DIY installation. It is also internet-based, so customers do not need to use a phone landline. 


Why MovingWaldo recommends VMedia?

MovingWaldo recommends VMedia primarily because of the provider’s effort to provide unlimited, high-speed, and reliable services at very affordable rates. Its unlimited internet packages allow customers to maximize internet use without worrying about overage charges on their billing statement. Besides television and home phones, VMedia provides an easy home security setup with its DIY approach for every household. The company’s add-on services are not just offered just for the sake of it; every extra device or service is designed to enhance its four primary services.


Pros & cons



  • Unlimited internet plans
  • Referral program ($25 discount)
  • Fast and reliable internet connection
  • No fixed-term contracts
  • Custom schedules for internet access controls
  • Content filters (site blocking for parental control)
  • Built-in ad-blocking
  • Free VMedia to VMedia home phone calling regardless of phone plan
  • Advanced VoIP application
  • DIY home security installation with 24/7 professional monitoring and response
  • Customer support available by phone and live chat at specific times
  • 30-day money-back guarantee on VBoxes
  • Volatile customer reviews
  • All unlimited home phone plans do not include calls to Nunavut, Alaska, Hawaii, Yukon, and N.W.T.
  • Cannot purchase TV on is own without internet


Frequently asked questions about VMedia

Do I have to install the equipment myself, or will a technician come to my home?

You can install the equipment yourself if you are using the DSL 6 service since all you need to do is connect and link your modem to an activated phone jack. Meanwhile, a technician should assist you with the FTTN service. You will receive a confirmed installation date from VMedia through email. 

On the other hand, the homeowner can do a home security setup. A set up guide is provided on VMedia’s website for proper execution.

Do I have to install the equipment myself, or will a technician come to my home?

If you are moving, Transferring VMedia services can be done in just a few clicks. 

Step 1: Log in to your VMedia account.

Step 2: Navigate through the interface and click “Moving Request.”

Step 3: Input your new address, select your desired plan and preferred installation dates.

Step 4: Review your move, request details, and confirm your payment. 

How does VMedia’s referral program work?

VMedia’s referral program gives you and a friend a $25 discount on your billing statement. Once you have the referral code, you can share it directly with your friends and family. Since the program does not have referral limits, you can refer VMedia to as many friends as you want. Once they sign up, you both get a $25 credit which will take effect after your friend’s first complete billing cycle. 

How can I contact VMedia if I need help?

You can contact VMedia if you need help by phone at 1-855-333-8269 or on their live chat

All customer service outlets are available daily from 10 AM to 9 PM. 


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