5 Best Streaming Services Alternatives to Netflix

Today, streaming services are undeniably the main outlet when it comes to home entertainment. Having access to top-quality TV series and films has become a top priority for most viewers,  who all have different tastes and needs. In response to such high demand, an abundance of platforms have emerged on the streaming market in the last few years, expanding the content diversity, but also multiplying the number of options available. 

Netflix, the streaming Giant, has already proved its notoriety, knowing that more than a third of Canadians are subscribed to their services. But that doesn’t mean there are no other streaming platforms worth trying. If you feel like you have already gone through all of Netflix’s content twice, or are simply looking to expand your entertainment options, we picked out the best streaming services for you, summarizing their different offers, availability and subscription options all to be watch on the best streaming devices.

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Prime Video is a streaming platform presented by Amazon, and considered today to be Netflix’s biggest competitor.

What type of content does Amazon Prime Video offer?

Many chose to go with Amazon Prime for their vast catalogue of classic collections (TV and movies), as well as for the quality of their children’s programming. Constantly growing, their library of original exclusive TV shows is getting a lot of prestigious recognition, accumulating more and more prizes and distinctions.

How much does Amazon Prime Video streaming services cost?

For a monthly cost of 7,99$, you have access to a large array of films and series, as well as Amazon exclusive productions. Moreover, an account with Prime Video can be shared between up to 6 people.

Additional Amazon products

Other Amazon products are available as complements to enhance your at-home streaming experience ever further.

  • Amazon Music: Amazon Music is a music streaming service to which you can subscribe to get access to their large song, playlist and podcast selection. You can use this platform on almost all of your electronic devices. 
  • Alexa: With its worldwide popularity, Alexa is Amazon’s virtual assistant that is compatible with all sorts of technology within your house, and that can control your devices for you. To use Alexa, you can select between 3 product options from their “Echo” collection.   
  • Fire TV Stick: Easy-to-use HDMI key, the Fire Stick can be plugged into your television and allow you to access all of your favourite apps, channels and games, directly on your big screen. 
  • Fire TV Cube: Amazon’s TV Cube is a product designed for the ideal smart home: connected to your virtual assistant Alexa, this compound can also be connected to your television, allowing you to play your music and stream your favourite TV shows. 

Bonus : When subscribing to Amazon Prime Video for a year, you get full access to their music streaming platform Amazon Music, a free Kindle book each month, as well as free and quick delivery for all of your Amazon purchases.


  • TV show and movie selection is diverse and high-quality
  • Excellent content for children
  • Up to 6 people sharing capacity
  • Exclusive original productions
  • Yearly subscription comes with a bonus


  • Platform is less user-friendly than others
  • Some content cost extra

In 2019, Apple finally launched its streaming platform, announcing a very promising offer. This is still the case; many interesting projects are underway, and will only be available on Apple TV+.

What type of content does Apple TV + offer?

The selection of TV series and movies offered by Apple is still quite limited for the moment, which explains the very affordable subscription cost. But rest assured; their catalogue is growing fast, with high-budget productions that are already well liked. Moreover, rumour has it that Apple TV+ streaming service will considerably enlarge the selection by accepting to stream some older content on their platform. 

How much does Apple TV + streaming services cost?

Subscription costs for Apple TV+ is at 5,99$ per month. You can test it out and see if you like it by enjoying their 7-day free trial period.

Additional Apple products

  • Apple TV 4K: This multimedia product by Apple allows you to stream all of your online content on your television. When connecting your Apple TV 4K to your TV screen, you can watch and listen to all of the shows and music you can access online, while enjoying Apple sound and image quality. 
  • Apple Music: Apple’s music streaming service allows you to stream all of your favorite music on all of your electronic devices. As with other streaming platforms, it is a paid subscription, although with Apple Music, you get the first three months for free.


  • Promising upcoming productions 
  • 7-day free trial period (or 1 full year when purchasing an Apple device)
  • Service costs are very affordable
  • Sharing option is up to 5 people


  • Content is currently limited to Apple originals only
  • Catalogue is still limited compared to others

Crave is a Canadian streaming platform offered by Bell Media. Founded in 2014, Crave streaming service is now regarded as being the Canadian equivalent of Netflix, offering more than 10 000 hours of streaming content.

What type of content does Crave TV offer?

With its diversified offerings, Crave TV is the ideal option for Canadians who wish to enjoy local content as well as international content, which is not necessarily possible with all streaming platforms. A subscription to Crave then gives you unlimited access to their selection of films and series, including Crave’s exclusive productions, as well as HBO and SHOWTIME content from past years.

How much does Crave TV streaming services cost?

A monthly subscription to Crave TV costs 9,99$. Other paid packages or available, offering you the flexibility to add the content you are missing.

* Note: For people using Bell’s as their service provider, Crave TV’s costs can vary.


  • Crave gives access to both Canadian and international content
  • Crave TV exclusive productions


  • Content catalogue with base plan can seem limited compared to other services
  • Website configuration is less fluid than others

Disney’s streaming platform has rapidly become one of the most popular streaming services. However, content offered on Disney + stands out from its competitors, due to their original and specific signature. 

What type of content does Disney + offer?

In a nutshell, the content on Disney + is divided into 5 main categories: Disney, Pixar, Marvel Studios, Star Wars and National Geographic. This means that you get unlimited access to all of your childhood’s Disney movies, the integrality of The Simpsons’ seasons, as well as Marvel’s latest productions. Even though this platform is ideal for children, many will find the offering very interesting, with high-quality movies and documentaries.

How much does Disney + streaming services cost?

A subscription to Disney’s streaming service costs 8,99$ per month, with a 7-day free trial period.


  • Original and refreshing content selection
  • Sharing option with a Disney + account is up to 7 users
  • Possibility of downloading content for offline watching


  • Content is limited to the 5 main categories
  • All movies and series are adapted to suit a younger audience.

Introduced in 2016, Hayu is a reality TV-lovers paradise. If you are looking for the next show to binge-watch, Hayu has some of the trendiest reality TV drama there is. 

What type of content does Hayu offer?

Hayu does only have reality TV shows, but their catalogue is impressive; with more than 250 shows and 6400 episodes, Hayu has a lot of diversity in its content. Mostly coming from the U.S, some if its content is British, and covers a wide range going from celebrities drama, dating and travelling shows, as well as interior design and cooking. 

How much does Hayu streaming services cost?

Subscribing to Hayu will cost you 5,99$ per month, but the first month is free for you to test out the product beforehand.


  • New episodes are released on the platform at the same time then in the US
  • You can browse their catalogue even before being subscribed
  • Option to download shows for offline streaming
  • Supported by a lot of devices
  • Free trial period of 30 days


  • Content limited to reality TV only
  • Some say the platform is not as intuitive than others
  • No option to have multiple user profiles

Because we can, we decided to still include Netflix in our list! We are certain that you haven’t watch everything on Netflix. Get out of your confort zone and try something new! Animes, musicals, documentaries, there are so many movies and tv series to choose from. You can do it!

All over the world, the streaming Giant has already proved its notoriety. With more than 183 million subscribers worldwide, Netflix is by far the most widespread and valued streaming service there is. Consequently, Netflix’s library offers an unmatched variety of content, satisfying everyone’s tastes and needs. 

What type of content does Netflix offer?

On top of the vast array of critically acclaimed movies and series, Netflix has produced since 2013 exclusive content, specifically adapted to the public’s tastes and expectations, with an enormous budget in constant growth. Today, more than a dozen Netflix originals have received prestigious awards, and spark the interest of millions of people.

How much does Netflix streaming services cost?

Considering the product’s quality and stature, the monthly cost of 9,99$ is significantly advantageous. Other offers are now available, such as the Premium subscription, for extra costs.


  • The extent of their selection guarantees you will find something you like
  • Most competitive quality/price ratio on the market
  • Netflix originals are numerous and respected
  • Sharing capacity of up to 5 users


  • High-speed Internet connection might be needed for optimal experience
  • Extra costs for Premium content


Being the main source of entertainment, streaming services have to ensure us access to a diversified source of content, to allow us to learn, to laugh and to stay up to date with the latest cinematographic trends! With Netflix dominating the streaming market, it is possible that you are missing the opportunity to come across some amazing content to be watch on your streaming device. The advantage today is that there are tons of options available in terms of streaming services, each of them broadcasting and producing a vast range of high-quality content. Knowing what each of these different streaming platforms offers, you will now be able to choose which Netflix alternative corresponds best to your preferences when it comes to TV shows and films, while also suiting your budget.

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