HMRC: How to Report a Change of Address to HM Revenue and Customs

HMRC: How to Report a Change of Address to HM Revenue and Customs

How to change your address for HMRC?

When looking to change your address on HMRC, you have three options to pick from:

  • Online through the online portal
  • By phone by calling 0300 200 3310
  • By post to Self Assessment, HMRC – Tax Credit Office, BX9 1ER

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Major life changes such as moving into a new home require updates across relevant quarters. Just as you are expected to inform friends and family of your move, you are also expected to inform certain institutions, as a matter of duty. His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is one such institution and should ideally be notified within 28 days of relocating

Understandably, changing your address is a busy business and among all the things you have to keep up with for an easy transition, updating your records with the government can easily get sidelined. Or perhaps it’s even top of your list but you aren’t sure how to go about it. MovingWaldo has got you covered, in this article, we’ll outline in detail exactly how to notify HMRC of your change of address.

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Who needs to notify their change of address to HMRC

As the designated department for tax collection and administration, HMRC is entitled to timely records updates from UK citizens who pay income tax and national insurance as well as recipients of state pension, tax credits, and child benefits

By updating their address with HMRC, the agency in turn helps citizens to update their address across all other relevant agencies (Income Tax, National Insurance, State Pension, tax credits, Child Benefit, etc.), instead of phoning around or mailing every single department.


Why you need to notify HMRC of your address change

Government agencies, such as HMRC, follow due process to ensure the wheels keep turning as they ought. When records aren’t kept accordingly, it creates administrative bumps that threaten the smooth running of the agency. Important correspondence such as tax reminders and policy adjustments are truncated and apart from its troubles to the agency, it also creates troubles for the citizens. In addition to missing important tax information from HMRC, a person’s inaction could also lead to hefty fines. In certain cases where such negligence becomes more complicated over time, such a person could even be guilty of tax-related fraud.

By simply notifying HMRC of your address change, you can avoid all the hassle and your cooperation will also further the agency’s effective administration. Note that you are advised to report your address change after your relocation, either on the day you move or within 28 days after your move.


How to contact HMRC to change your address

To make things easier for you, there are several options to choose from. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to go about changing your address with HMRC:

1. Online

The fastest option

HMRC has an online portal that lets you update your records. You can either access this directly by signing into the “HMRC Services” section on the UK government website or through the “Tax Credits” option on your personal tax account. 

Once you’re signed in to your personal tax account, click the following prompts: 

  • “Manage account”
  • Then select “View or Change Your Account Details”
  • Lastly, select “Manage My Government Gateway Details”
  • And when you eventually reach the page containing your personal information, select the following tabs:
  • “Add, View or Change Contact Details” 
  • Following, “Change Your Address”. 
  • Enter the relevant details and wait for a confirmation telling you that your address will be updated within 48 hours. You’re advised to print or save the last page for record keeping.

2. By phone

The easiest but longest option

This is perhaps the easiest way to update your address with HMRC but it is also the longest. To change your HMRC address via a phone call:

  • Dial the HMRC self-assessment helpline at 0300 200 3310. The helpline is open on Mondays to Fridays from 8 am to 6 pm. Note that in addition to being closed on weekends, the helpline is also not available on bank holidays. 
  • For faster reception, HMRC recommends calling from Tuesday to Thursday between 8:30 am and 10:30 am or 2 pm and 4 pm. Ensure you have your Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) when you call.

3. By post

The old-fashioned way

If you’re feeling more traditional, you can write to HMRC to update your address and other personal details. 

  • Simply address your letter to the following:

Self Assessment 
HMRC – Tax Credit Office

  • Ensure that your letter carries the correct information to avoid errors.
  • It is advised that you keep a copy of the letter for future reference.


FAQ – Frequently asked questions about HMRC change of address

How do I change my company’s address with HMRC?

You can change you company’s address with HMRC either by: 

National Insurance Contributions and Employers Office 
HM Revenue and Customs

Can I contact HMRC by email for my change of address?

Unfortunately, this option is not available. There is currently no HMRC contact email address that enables the change of address. According to HMRC, the following are the reasons why emailing your address change is prohibited:

  • Confidentiality/privacy – there is a risk that emails sent over the internet may be intercepted.
  • Confirming your identity – it is crucial that we only communicate with established contacts at their correct email addresses.
  • There is no guarantee that an email received over an insecure network, like the internet, has not been altered during transit.
  • Attachments could contain a virus or malicious code.

Can I fax a change of address to HMRC?

HMRC rarely communicates by fax but there are certain situations where documents may be sent by fax. However, these do not include the change of personal information, such as a change of address. Only urgent correspondence like queries and enquiries may be faxed.

Does Royal Mail redirection notify HMRC of my change of address?

Royal Mail is one of the services that should be notified of your address change, this ensures that your mails are posted to the right address. Royal Mail offers a paid redirection service that reroutes your mails from your old address to your new address. This service works for HMRC posts but only for addresses within the UK. However, Royal Mail Redirection only offers temporary ease pending your address update with HMRC.

What time is HMRC typically open?

HMRC is typically open Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm. The agency is closed on weekends and bank holidays. Additionally, the best time to contact the agency is usually from Tuesday to Thursday. This exempts you from the Monday and Friday rush. If you would like a physical meeting at an HMRC office, the agency generally prefers that you make an appointment first by calling ahead of time.



Moving house can be very exhausting, between packing all your belongings from your former residence and trying to transition smoothly into your new one, it takes up a lot of time and attention. Consequently, some other responsibilities may be overlooked in the process. However, certain responsibilities are germane and require swift action; changing your address with HMRC is one of them. Failing to notify HMRC timely could lead to severe consequences. As such, you are advised to take advantage of the available update options to avoid complications with your taxes and other benefits. Don’t forget to also update your Council Tax address!


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