How to change my address with the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) and Old Age Security (OAS)?

The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) is known to be the backbone of Canada’s public retirement income system. The Old Age Security (OAS) program is the Government of Canada’s largest pension program. Anyone who benefit from any of the federal programs below must inform the CPP and the OAS when moving into a new place.

Learn how to easily inform them of your move in this article.

address change Canada Pension Plan (CPP)

Who must notify the CPP and the OAS of a change of address?

If you benefit from any of the following program, you must change your address with the CPP and the OAS.

  • Retirement pension
  • Post-retirement benefit
  • Disability benefits
  • Survivor’s pension
  • Death benefit
  • Children’s benefits
  • Guaranteed Income Supplement
  • Allowance
  • Allowance for the Survivor

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How to change your address with the CPP and the OAS?

To change your address with the CPP and the OAS, you will have two options, depending on how you registered for the program in the first place :

  • If you did not register online : that means that you submitted a paper application. Therefore, you can contact the CPP and OAS directly by phone (1-800-277-9914, Toll-free), or send a letter to the nearest Service Canada office. You can find a list of offices here. If you chose to call the CPP, make sure you have your Social Insurance Number (SIN) in hand.
  • If you registered online : you just have to log in to My Service Canada Account (MSCA) on the government’s website. When you’re logged in to your personal profile, you can change your address by clicking on “View/change my address”. Sometimes the change may take a few days to be effective. If you need your address do be updated today, you should contact the CPP by phone (1-800-277-9914, Toll-free).
address change Canada Pension Plan (CPP)

I don’t have an account yet but I would like to create one. How can I do that?

Creating an account on Service Canada can be really useful, since you can update your personal information without having to contact anyone. With your account, you can also follow and apply for the different benefits you may be eligible for.

To create your account, go to My Service Canada Account (MSCA), and make sure that you have the following information with you :

  • Social Insurance Number (SIN)
  • Date of birth
address change Canada Pension Plan (CPP)

Where can I find my access code ?

If you’re already receiving Employment Insurance, CPP, or Old Age Security, you already have an access code. If you don’t remember it, you can find it on the mail you received from Service Canada when you applied for those benefits. You can also request a new code via the government’s website.


What if I don’t have an access code ?

If you don’t have a code, you can request it online. To do so, visit this page and request one. Once you’re on the page, make sure that you have your Social Insurance Number with you before starting the request.

Other government agencies ?

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