Calgary C-Train Future Green Line (Phase 1): Average Rent and Property Prices Near Every Station – 2024

Calgary is a thriving city where housing is still relatively affordable considering the quality of life it offers, including its diverse culture and proximity to the Rockies just an hour away. 

It has become quite an attractive place where people want to move, which results in a lot of traffic, especially during the long winter months. Acknowledging this traffic issue, Calgary is committed to enhancing public transportation, through initiatives like the C-Train expansion. 

MovingWaldo understands the importance of accessible transportation and knows that moving near C-Train station can greatly reduce commute time in anyone’s daily life. That’s why we’ve compiled housing cost data near the future Calgary C-Train Green Line (Phase 1). Phase 1 of this line commences construction in 2024, facilitating individuals in adopting a car-free lifestyle. 

Read on to discover our highlights like the cheapest and most expensive stations to live near!


Considering the future benefits the Calgary C-Train Green Line (Phase 1) brings to Calgary, we conducted a thorough analysis using property purchase price data sourced from Zillow.

Additionally, we incorporated the average rent price of 1-bedroom apartments obtained from RentFaster. We also sourced local demographic data from Local Logic

The outcome is a carefully compiled list and an easy-to-use map that show the average price for one-bedroom rentals and the average property buying price near each of the Calgary C-Train Green Line (Phase 1) 13 stations.

*Rent covers 1-bedroom apartments, while housing includes condos and single-family homes listed for sale. Data for housing, derived from the 24 latest listings, was gathered within a radius of 1 to 4 kilometers from the future stations, and rental data was also collected from the same radius.



⭐ Best for families: Ogden station

Cheapest to purchase: South Hill station

Cheapest to rent: Lynnwood/Millican station

⭐ Most expensive to purchase: Eau Claire station

⭐ Most expensive to rent: 7 Avenue S.W. station

⭐ Most ideal for young adults: 4 Street S.E. station


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Calgary C-Train Future Green Line (Phase 1): Average Rent and Property Prices Near Every Station

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1. Ogden station

  • Predominant dwelling type: Single detached

Average Rent Price (1-bed apt.)

Average Home Price




Average Rent Price (2-bed apt.)

Average Rent Price (3-bed apt.)



Ogden Crime Rate (April 2024)Zillow (April 2024) & Rentfaster (April 2024)

About the area

Ogden, from its railroad roots to its future as an affordable living hub. Its serene ambiance, low crime rate of 29.48 crimes per 1000 people, and proximity to major roads like Glenmore and Deerfoot offer peace of mind for families. With future access to the green line, commuting becomes convenient, ideal for those seeking a high quality of life without compromising connectivity.

The neighborhood fosters a close-knit community spirit, noted by friendly interactions and abundant green spaces like George Moss Park and the Ogden Off-leash Dog Park. Schools like Almadina Language Charter Academy cater to students with a unique emphasis on English language acquisition. Recent developments, including approved affordable housing units, underline Ogden’s commitment to diverse family needs, with amenities like child-care centers and community kitchens enhancing its appeal.

Although some people mention occasional strange smells coming from the nearby factory, distillery, animal waste plant, and train yard, they don’t last long and are overshadowed by Ogden’s numerous positive attributes. Overall, Ogden offers a serene, safe environment with convenient access to amenities, making it an attractive choice for families seeking a high quality of life.

Ogden Road S.E. and 72 Avenue S.E. Calgary, Alberta

2. South Hill Station

  • Predominant dwelling type: Single-detached

Average Rent Price (1-bed apt.)

Average Home Price



Zillow (April 2024) & Rentfaster (April 2024)

About the area

South Hill station stands out as the cheapest station to purchase a property nearby due to its distance from amenities, and it is one of the farthest stations from the city center. South Hill has significant Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) potential, with studies projecting a substantial increase in multifamily units over the next three decades. The envisioned transformation into a vibrant mixed-use hub, centered around the station and plaza, offers a unique investment opportunity, with nearly 20 acres of City-owned land available for development.

Located near the Foothills Industrial Area and with local and regional transit connections, South Hill is to become a major transit hub, attracting residential and commercial development. Plans for rezoning and construction of townhomes and multi-residential buildings further enhance its appeal, promising a thriving community within walking distance of the future LRT station. 

However, concerns about safety and traffic congestion have been voiced by some residents, particularly regarding proposed road expansions and the anticipated increase in population density. Despite these challenges, South Hill remains an enticing prospect for buyers seeking to capitalize on future growth opportunities.

86 Avenue S.E. and Shepard Road S.E. Calgary, Alberta

3. Lynnwood/Millican station

  • Predominant dwelling type: Single-detached

Average Rent Price (1-bed apt.)

Average Home Price



Zillow (April 2024) & Rentfaster (April 2024)

About the area

Lynnwood/Millican station emerges as the cheapest station to rent nearby due to its distance from the city center, and online reviews mention a rough-around-the-edge atmosphere, possibly influenced by historical issues like the Hub Oil contamination in the 1980s, though the site has since been cleaned up. 

Despite its past, the station’s connection to the C-Train Green Line project has sparked renewed interest. Its proximity to recreational facilities like Pop Davies Park, with soccer and baseball facilities, adds to its appeal. Efforts to modernize the park and create additional parking facilities aim to enhance transit and recreational opportunities in the area, complemented by amenities such as an outdoor pool, indoor rink, and ample green space.

Collaborations with the community and developers have led to plans to revitalize the area, focusing on preserving affordable housing, enhancing green spaces, and improving community access. The station provides convenient access to the bus terminal, park and ride facilities, and customer pick-up and drop-off points. 

While noise from nearby industrial sites like the Evraz metal plant may still be a concern for some, the station’s affordability and ongoing development make it an attractive option for renters seeking value in Calgary’s housing market.

Ogden Road S.E. and Millican Road S.E. Calgary, Alberta

4. Eau Claire Station

  • Predominant dwelling type: Apartments

Average Rent Price (1-bed apt.)

Average Home Price



Zillow (April 2024) & Rentfaster (April 2024)

About the area

Eau Claire station, currently under construction, is the most expensive station to purchase a property nearby due to its integration into the future development of the Eau Claire Market site. The station’s underground design allows for potential private development above, fostering a climate for new businesses and amenities. Eau Claire’s ongoing improvement projects, including the completion of the Eau Claire Plaza and downtown flood barrier, enhance the area’s vibrancy and appeal.

Despite its high prices, buying property in Eau Claire offers unparalleled convenience and access to numerous amenities, including cultural destinations like Prince’s Island Park and Chinatown. The area’s connection to the Trans Canada Trail provides additional recreational opportunities, while its proximity to outdoor events and festivals enriches the community experience. However, challenges such as a changing climate with increased flooding risk and limited grocery options may impact residents’ lifestyles.

Eau Claire’s transformation marks the closure of the Eau Claire Market, signaling a shift towards upscale riverside condominiums, urban parkland, and curated community spaces. While locals lament the loss of this historic hub, the area’s evolution promises a sophisticated blend of modern living, cultural richness, and urban vibrancy, making it an attractive yet pricey choice for property investment.

2 Street S.W. and 2 Avenue S.W. Calgary, Alberta

5. 7th Avenue SW Station

  • Predominant dwelling type: Apartments

Average Rent Price (1-bed apt.)

Average Home Price



Zillow (April 2024) & Rentfaster (April 2024)

About the area

The 7th Avenue SW station is the most expensive station to rent nearby, primarily due to its prime downtown location. Situated at the intersection of 7th Avenue and 2 Street SW, it offers unparalleled connectivity to key destinations, community amenities, and employment hubs. As a vital transfer point between various LRT lines and bus services, including the Green Line and MAX routes, it provides seamless access to downtown Calgary’s vibrant urban landscape.

It is surrounded by towering commercial, residential, and mixed-use buildings, the area boasts a dynamic skyline punctuated by iconic landmarks such as the Calgary Tower and the Telus Sky. Despite limited green spaces, the station’s proximity to Stephen Avenue Mall, the Glenbow Museum, and the TELUS Convention Centre, ensure a lively urban experience.

Potential drawbacks such as noise and crowds are overshadowed by the station’s central location and accessibility, making it the top choice for those willing to invest in premium downtown living.

2 Street S.W. and 7 Avenue S.W. Calgary, Alberta

6. 4 Street S.E. Station

  • Predominant dwelling type: Apartments

Average Rent Price (1-bed apt.)

Average Home Price



Beltline Crime (April 2024), East Village Crime (April 2024)Zillow (April 2024) & Rentfaster (April 2024)

About the area

The 4 Street S.E. station emerges as the most ideal station to live nearby for young adults, offering easy access to bustling neighborhoods like the Beltline and East Village with numerous high-rise apartment buildings that create a dynamic urban atmosphere. The station serves as a vital link to prominent Calgary attractions including the Calgary Stampede, Scotiabank Saddledome, BMO Centre, and the Bell Studio National Music Centre.

Moreover, the station’s proximity to the 12 Avenue Cycle Track, the Elbow, and Bow River pathways, and various parks along the Green Line provides ample opportunities for outdoor recreation and commuting options. As part of the Rivers District Masterplan, it contributes to the ongoing transformation of the East Victoria Park area into Calgary’s Culture + Entertainment District, fostering growth and development in the region.

Despite occasional safety concerns, particularly at night, the area generally maintains a relatively safe environment during the day. However, with a reported 52.88 crimes per 1000 people in the Beltline and East Village over a 12-month period, residents are advised to remain cautious, especially after dark. 

5 Street S.E. and 6 Street S.E. Calgary, Alberta

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Frequently asked questions


When can we expect the Calgary C-Train Green Line to open?

With the primary construction slated to commence in 2024, spanning approximately six years, the projected unveiling is tentatively set for 2030.


How many passengers are expected to use the Green Line?

The Phase 1 of the Green Line is anticipated to serve up to 55,000 daily riders, with an additional 18,000 new transit riders expected. Transit users along the corridor are projected to save approximately 10 minutes per trip, resulting in around 10,000 hours saved daily for Green Line LRT customers. 

For those traveling from the southeast to downtown, potential time savings could reach up to 25 minutes compared to existing bus services. Moreover, drivers on Deerfoot Trail and other major roads may experience up to a 10% reduction in commute time due to decreased road congestion.


How is the Calgary C-Train Green Line supporting local businesses during the construction phase?

The Green Line offers a Business Support Program with a dedicated team to keep businesses informed and prepared for nearby construction impacts. Business owners are encouraged to register for direct updates. Support includes communication on construction updates and disruptions, as well as featuring local businesses on social media and the website.


What measures are being taken to ensure the safety of passengers on the Green Line transit system?

The City of Calgary is committed to improving safety and security on the transit system, such as increasing staff and making improvements to lighting and surveillance. The Transit Public Safety page outlines measures to improve transit safety and provides weekly snapshots of safety incidents. In May 2023, a report on implementing a “closed system” was released.


Why was a low-floor Light Rail Vehicle (LRV) chosen for the Green Line?

Low-floor LRVs are increasingly preferred for new LRT systems in North America due to improved accessibility, enhanced safety for vehicles and pedestrians, and seamless integration into communities. They eliminate the need for lengthy ramps, stairs, or large platform structures at street-level train stations, resulting in simpler station designs and cost savings during construction.


Will the Green Line LRVs be able to share tracks with the existing Red and Blue lines?

The Urbos 100 low-floor LRVs for the Green Line will solely operate on this line. Their low-floor design means they won’t work with the higher station platforms on the Red and Blue Lines. Additionally, there are fundamental electrical network differences that would prevent these LRVs from running on the Red and Blue Lines.


When can we expect more information about Phase 2 of the Green Line project (from Eau Claire to 16 Avenue N)?

The Green Line is currently concentrating on Phase 1, which spans from Sheppard to Eau Claire. The Green Line Board is dedicated to handling costs and risks effectively. If there are no unexpected cost increases or risks during Phase 1, the Board will determine the timing and direction for Phase 2. However, the timeline for this decision has not yet been established.


Is there a plan for the Green Line to connect to the Calgary International Airport?

There are plans for a Green Line future connection to the Calgary International Airport. An LRT extension can be built to the airport terminal from 96 Avenue N. station.


Housing projects, properties for rent, and properties for sale near Phase 1 of the green line


Housing Projects

Eau Claire station

7 Ave SW station

Centre Street S. station

4 Street S.E. station

Ramsay/Inglewood station

26 Avenue S.E. station

Highfield station

Lynnwood/Millican station

Ogden station

South Hill station

Quarry Park station

Douglas Glen station

Shepard Station



Since 1981, the Calgary C-Train has been an important part of the city’s transit network that offers accessibility and affordable mobility across neighborhoods. Its extensive network enhances connectivity, especially for those with limited mobility, and the ongoing construction of the Green Line Phase 1 serves not only as a transit system but also as a platform for future city-building opportunities. 

It’s important to note that purchasing properties for future stations now, while still under construction, offers cost advantages. If you choose to live near these stations in the future, our data on renting and buying properties can assist you in deciding where to settle, while booking movers will simplify your relocation process.

Stay tuned for our future projects about transit expansions in Calgary by visiting our studies page


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