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How Much Does It Cost to Live in Rochester, NY?

What is the average cost of living in Rochester, NY?


The average cost of living in Rochester, NY, is $1566 per month.

Rochester, NY, presents an entirely different life from what New York City is known for. Residents strongly differentiate Rochester from New York City by calling their city “Western New York.” The city is regarded as the birthplace of amateur photography. The Kodak corporation is still headquartered in Rochester, where its founder grew up. There’s so much to be said about this city. However, this article will focus on the cost of living in Rochester, NY. If you plan to move to Rochester New York, this is for you.

Cost of living in Rochester, NY - 2023

Housing Cost in Rochester, NY

Many people are fond of using the standard of living in New York City to judge the rest of New York. For this reason, many assume that living in New York must cost a lot. This is far from true. Forbes recently ranked Rochester, NY as the 6th most affordable city to buy a home with a median home listing price of $151,000. Rochester also presents its residents with affordable rent. On average, it costs $940 to rent a 1-bedroom, $1,030 to rent a 2-bedroom, and $1,300 for a 3-bedroom apartment in Rochester.

(*Numbeo & Best Places)

What is the average home price in Rochester, NY?


The median home price in Rochester, NY, is $151,000.

What is the average rent in Rochester, NY?


The average rent in Rochester, NY, is $1030 per month for a 2-bed apartment.

Average Cost of Utilities

Electricity Costs in Rochester, NY

The deregulation of energy in New York started in 1999. New York Independent System Operator, NYISO, handles New York’s power grid and the competitive marketplace, providing residents with affordable electricity supply and the privilege of choosing who supplies their energy. On average, residents in Rochester, NY, consume 603 kWh / month. Below is a table of different electricity providers and their rates per kWh.


Rates per kWh

FirstEnergy Solutions9 months Savings Offer

9 months

$0.046 / kWh

Constellation -12 Month Fixed Default

12 months

$0.068 / kWh

TriEagle Energy – Eagle 12

12 months

$0.099 / kWh

Champion Energy – Champ Saver-24

24 months

$0.103 / kWh

Bounce Energy – Amazing 18

18 months

$0.103 / kWh

Just Energy 3-Year Price Protection

36 months

$0.073 / kWh

(*Power 2 Switch, Energy Bot & Electricity Local)

How much does electricity cost in Rochester?


The average cost of electricity in Rochester is $120 per month.

Internet Costs in Rochester, NY

In Rochester, NY, internet type is one of the most important aspects to consider when getting a new plan. Rochester has a variety of internet providers to choose from that offer cable and satellite. Internet costs in Rochester, NY, are dependent on your internet type and provider. Below is a chart of the various internet types, their speed, and estimated costs.

Home Services

Type of Internet Connection

Mbps (speed)





Satellite Internet



How much does internet cost in Rochester, NY?


In Rochester, NY, internet costs on average $35 per month.

Cost of Public Transport in Rochester, NY

Here’s an overview of what transportation costs in Rochester, NY.

How much does the RTS monthly bus pass cost?


The RTS monthly bus pass costs $35.

RTS Fares

The public bus system in Rochester is operated by Rochester Public Transit (RTS). The RTS has bus stops all over the city marked with blue and green signs. On the dashboard of each bus, a sign indicating the bus route is visible through the front windshield so you can easily find the bus heading in your direction. Here’s an overview of what it costs to ride the bus in Rochester.

Type of pass/ticket





Children shorter than 40″ and accompanied by an adult


Senior Citizen 65+

Valid Photo ID with age required


All Day Pass


Student Semester Pass


Monthly Student Pass


Monthly Pass – Full Fare


Monthly Pass – Half Fare


Entertaiment Costs in Rochester, NY

The city of Rochester is the cultural center of Upstate New York. It offers a wide range of cultural events and institutions. You will always find something to do as you explore the creative, vibrant, and inspiring arts and entertainment scene, from public art on city streets to music, dance, and theatre. Entertainment costs in Rochester, NY, vary based on what activity you do. Here’s a table of what to expect.

Type of activity 

Cost per month

Meal for 1 person at a mid-range restaurant + domestic 2 beers


Gym membership 


Movie theatre ticket



How much does entertainment cost in Rochester, NY?


In Rochester, NY, it costs $75 per month for entertainment.

Grocery Costs in Rochester, NY

Grocery costs in Rochester, NY, like every other essential cost, are very affordable compared to NYC. There are many grocery store options in Rochester, including family-run stores, big chains, and organic stores. Here’s what a 2 weeks’ grocery run looks like.





Loaf of bread






Local Cheese






Fruits and Vegetables





$110 ($220 for 1 month)


How much do groceries cost in Rochester, NY?


In Rochester, NY, groceries cost $220 per person per month.  

Healthcare Costs in Rochester, NY

In Rochester, residents have various healthcare providers. They can choose from several private healthcare insurance providers or sign up for the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which is basically government-subsidized insurance. Self-employed professionals and entrepreneurs can leverage this opportunity if they meet the required criteria. Health insurance costs through an employer in Rochester, NY, are estimated to be $199 per person.

What is the average cost of health insurance per month in Rochester, NY?


The average cost of health insurance per month in Rochester, NY, is $199.

Taxes in Rochester, NY

Taxes in Rochester, NY, are well regulated by the city’s department of finance. In the City of Rochester, the property tax is a bit more complex than regular taxes. Properties are assessed at Full Market Value resulting in an Equalization Rate of 100%. On the other hand, the sales tax rate is more straightforward. Rochester’s 8% sales tax is derived from 4%from New York state and 4% from the Monroe County sales tax.

What is the sales tax in Rochester, NY?


The sales tax in Rochester, NY, is 8%.


One of Rochester’s great qualities is that it feels like a small town in the middle of a big city, despite being the 3rd largest city in New York. Rochester also provides a lot of economic opportunities. If you’re moving to Rochester, you’ll enjoy many fun activities from sports to arts and culture. When you finally decide to move to Rochester, be sure to hire one of the best movers in Rochester, NY. A moving company that will handle your property and belongings with care, is necessary for any move.


Average Monthly Cost of living in Rochester, NY

Illustrations-Mes changements d’adresse (1)





Average rent price for a 1 bedroom



Champion Energy – Champ Saver-24



Cable internet



Monthly Pass – Full Fare



Restaurant, movie & gym



Fresh produce & refrigerated items X2


Health Insurance

Through employer





Note: If you are sharing cost with someone, it will be significantly lower. Also, if you are budgeting for a family, you’ll need to add the cost of each family member.

This is an approximation. Price will vary.

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