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How Much Does It Cost to Live in Grand Rapids, MI?

What is the average cost of living in Grand Rapids, MI?


The average cost of living in Grand Rapids, MI, is $1929 per month.

Grand Rapids is the second-largest city in the state of Michigan. It is a city on the Grand River, east of Lake Michigan. The Grand River also functions as a major state waterway that runs through the city’s center. Grand Rapids is also known for its culinary arts and craft beers. The region is home to a “Beer City Ale Trail” of 30-plus craft breweries, including one of the world’s best breweries, Founders Brewing Company, and America’s best brewpub, HopCat. Grand Rapids holds a lot of nature and allows plenty of time to get in more golf, fishing, biking, and hiking into your recess activities. The cost of living in Grand Rapids, MI, is generally cheaper than the national average, meaning that it’s one of the affordable places the country has to offer. Here are more details on the living costs in Grand Rapids.

Cost of living in Grand Rapids, MI - 2023

Housing Cost in Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids has a unique housing market. Unlike many other states, it experiences a high level of demand which slightly outweighs the number of houses. This high demand forces interest rates and housing costs in Grand Rapids. MI to dip, thereby favoring the buyers in the market. Although the demand also signals a rise in the growth potential of real estate, with room for developers to build more affordable homes to meet the demands. On average, it costs around $230,000 to get a house in Grand Rapids, MI. apartments in the city are also affordable. The average cost of rent in Grand Rapids for a 1-bedroom is $1238, and a 3-bedroom is $1900.

What is the average home price in Grand Rapids, MI?


The median home price in Grand Rapids, MI, is $230 000 per month.

What is the average rent in Grand Rapids, MI?


The average rent in Grand Rapids, MI, is $1238 per month for a 1-bed apartment.

Average Cost of Utilities

Electricity Costs in Grand Rapids, MI

The Energy, Lighting, and Communications (ELC) Department provides power to Grand Rapids from the Coldbrook substation. Power is sourced from Michigan Consumers Energy and used to power buildings, streetlights, traffic lights, parks, fire stations and more. On average, residents in Grand Rapids, MI, consume 676 kWh/month, about 25% less than the national average. Below is a table of what it costs to get electricity in Grand Rapids, MI.


Rate per kWh

ELC/Consumers Energy


How much does electricity cost in Grand Rapids, MI?


The average cost of electricity in Grand Rapids, MI, is $109 per month.

Internet Costs in Grand Rapids, MI

There are quite a few internet providers in Grand Rapids. All of which offer at least one type of internet connection. Your internet costs in Grand Rapids, MI, are dependent on the internet provider you choose, the internet type (Fiber or Satellite), and your preferred plan. Below is a chart that shows the average cost of internet depending on the type of internet connection.

Home Services

Type of Internet Connection

Mbps (speed)





Satellite Internet



How much does internet cost in Grand Rapids, MI?


In Grand Rapids, MI, internet costs on average $53 per month.

(*AT&T & All Connect)

Cost of Public Transport in Grand Rapids, MI

Here’s an overview of what transportation costs in Grand Rapids, MI

How much does the Grand Rapids Wave Card cost?


The Grand Rapids Wave Card costs a $47 for 30 days.

The Rapid Fares

Residents of Grand Rapids can ride The Rapid to and from the metro area and beyond. Beyond its fixed routes, The Rapid also offers demand response services for people with special abilities, as well as carpooling programs for those living outside the fixed-route service area. Here’s a summary of what it costs to ride the Rapid.

Type of pass/ticket








Reduced Fare


30-Day Fare

Adult: $47.00

Youth: $33.75

(*Ride the Rapid)

Entertaiment Costs in Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids is Michigan’s second-largest city. And for a city of its size, you can expect a lot of fun places and activities. The exciting places to visit in Grand Rapids range from historical sites like the Meyer May House to malls like River Town Crossings. In addition, entertainment costs in Grand Rapids, MI, can range from free to affordable, depending on what you decide to do.

Type of activity 

Cost per month

Meal for 1 person at a mid-range restaurant + domestic 2 beers


Gym membership 


Movie theatre ticket



How much does entertainment cost in Grand Rapids, MI?


In Grand Rapids, MI, it costs $68 per month for entertainment.

Grocery Costs in Grand Rapids, MI

Eating in Grand Rapids is quite affordable when compared to the national average. Grocery costs in Grand Rapids, MI, vary depending on diet and family size. The city is also blessed with several neighborhood supermarkets, so you do not have to go too far to shop for groceries. Below is an average of 2 weeks’ worth of grocery costs in Grand Rapids, MI.





Loaf of bread






Local Cheese






Fruits and Vegetables





$120 ($240 for 1 month)


How much do groceries cost in Grand Rapids, MI?


In Grand Rapids, MI, groceries cost $240 per person per month.

Healthcare Costs in Grand Rapids, MI

Today, healthcare and health insurance are a necessity in all families. In Grand Rapids, individuals, firms, and the government play specific roles in ensuring everyone is adequately covered. The state of Michigan has one of the lowest healthcare costs in the country, with an average benchmark premium of $347 per month, compared to the national average of $452. Employers are also required to provide coverage for their employees. The Department of Insurance and Financial Services (DIFS), Michigan, says that if an employer fails to provide employees with affordable coverage (at least 50%), it may be subject to a tax penalty.

What is the average cost of health insurance per month in Grand Rapids, MI?


The average cost of health insurance per month in Grand Rapids, MI, is $174.

Taxes in Grand Rapids, MI

Michigan’s state constitution protects homeowners from significant increases in property taxes. In Michigan, the constitutional limit to increasing taxable value is 5% or the inflation level, depending on which is lower. Sales tax in Grand Rapids is 6%, and it’s paid directly to the state. There is no applicable county tax, city tax or special tax.

What is the sales tax in Grand Rapids, MI?


The sales tax in Grand Rapids, MI, is 6%.


Grand Rapids offers a stable and friendly living environment with affordable housing, cheap healthcare, great outdoor recreation, a budding art scene, excellent food and beer, and a low tax rate. This city offers big-city amenities while keeping its small-town affordability and charm. Grand Rapids is also one of the best places to work with top employers like Steelcase and Herman Miller, which have earned the city the nickname “Furniture City.” Grand Rapids also offers some of the best beaches in America on Lake Michigan, located about an hour drive from the city. All this and more are enough reasons to choose to move to Michigan. When you are moving, be sure to hire one of the best moving companies in the city to make your transition as smooth as possible.


Average Monthly Cost of living in Grand Rapids, MI

Illustrations-Mes changements d’adresse (1)





Average rent price for a 1 bedroom



ELC/Consumers Energy



Cable internet



30-Day Fare/Adult



Restaurant, movie & gym



Fresh produce & refrigerated items X2


Health Insurance

Through employer





Note: If you are sharing cost with someone, it will be significantly lower. Also, if you are budgeting for a family, you’ll need to add the cost of each family member.

This is an approximation. Price will vary.

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