Top 10 best places to live in Florida

Top 10 Best Places to Live in Florida with the Best Quality of Life - 2022

Families are looking for an affordable, safe, and comfortable place to live. This critical decision allows you to start afresh and discover a new home. The US has some of the best cities in the world that offer good quality of life, and one of them is Florida. Florida is ranked among the best cities in the United States with a flourishing world-class economy, low crime rates, and affordable real estate market. There are lots of cities that offer reasonable costs of living and a comfortable environment guaranteed to fit every lifestyle. With that in mind, if you are moving, here are the top 10 best places to live in Florida in 2022. While these cities may not be the biggest or most popular, they have been chosen based on their quality of life.


“Best” being a subjective word, below is our methodology to compile the best places.

Using our existing ranking of the safest and cheapest places to live in the US, we based our ranking on 3 criteria: safety, affordability and access to recreational facilities and parks

Safety is measured based on the 3 following criteria: the violent-crime rate, the property crime rate, and the total crime rate (the sum of both property and violent crime rates). Statistics come from the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program. As a reference, the United States of America recently registered an average rate of 308 violent crimes per 100,000 people and a property crime rate of 1958.

Affordability takes into account the prices of housing and renting. Statistics come from the Council for Community and Economic Research (C2ER). 

Finally, we used the following data to rank the 10 best places to live in the US while also taking into account their quality of life. Health, pollution, green spaces and recreation, climate, education and employment are the criteria involved to determine the quality of life.

MovingWaldo’s list of the 10 best places to live in Florida - 2022

1. Sebastian

1. Sebastian - best places to live in Florida

Best for safety & low cost of living 

Sebastian is a small fishing village located on the mainland side of Florida’s east coast. Sebastian boasts beautiful parks, hotels, resorts, great public and private schools, an unobstructed view of the intracoastal waterway in the Indian River Lagoon along its dazzling riverfront district, and proximity to Atlantic beaches. Sebastian is indeed one of the cheapest places to live in Florida. In Sebastian, you can find a good home for $145,900. And for an apartment, the average rent price in Sebastian is $1,015 per month. Moreover, Sebastian also ranks as one of the safest cities in Florida, with a violent crime rate of 1 per 1000 people.

(*AreaVibes & FBI Uniform Crime Reporting)

Sebastian, FL

2. Fort Myers

2. Fort Myers - best places to live in Florida

Best for job opportunities in healthcare, retail, education & tourism sectors

Situated between Tampa and Miami on Florida’s Gulf Coast, Fort Myers, known as the “City of Palms,” is one of the best places to live thanks to its budget-friendly housing, excellent weather, beach access, and incredible restaurants. Residents enjoy year-round warmth, lush flora, waterways, and proximity to white-sand beaches alongside fishing, mini-golfing, and mountain biking on the trails. If you are looking for job opportunities in Fort Myers, sectors like healthcare, retail, education, and tourism offer the best job opportunities in Florida. In Fort Myers, Public transportation is easily accessible, and the food scene is diverse enough to satisfy any craving. Additionally, Fort Myers has been recognized as one of the best cities to retire in because of its active lifestyle opportunities.

Fort Myers, FL

3. Satellite Beach

3. Satellite Beach - best places to live in Florida

Best for families

With a population of 10,873, Satellite Beach is located in the county of Brevard and is ranked among the safest and best cities in Florida. The violent crime rate in Satellite Beach is 0.3 per 1000 population, which is 92% lower than the average rate in Florida. Living in Satellite Beach offers residents a dense suburban feel with many restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. Living in Satellite Beach is ideal for families looking for more space than larger densely packed cities and is an excellent place to raise children.

(*FBI Uniform Crime Reporting)

Satellite Beach, FL

4. Naples

4. Naples - best places to live in Florida

Best for luxurious lifestyle

Naples, a small Gulfcoast town, is best known for its high-end shopping, an abundance of golf courses, and pristine beaches with beautiful sunsets. Residents can take a walk on one of the nature trails in the area. Fun fact: the nation’s smallest post office is located in Ochopee, Florida, near Naples. Low crime rates and safe downtown streets are the norms in Naples. With a violent crime rate of 0.4 per 1000 people, which is 89% lower than the average violent crime rate in Florida, residents in Naples can rest easy knowing that it is one of the best and safest cities to live in Florida. 

(*FBI Uniform Crime Reporting)

Naples, FL

5. Sarasota

5. Sarasota - best places to live in Florida

Best for medical sector workers

Sarasota is one of the best cities in Florida that has a distinct vibe that’s different from other cities. This city is a relatively coastal city with its vibrant arts scene, unique charm, beachy atmosphere, and burgeoning food culture. The Sarasota environment offers side streets filled with vintage bungalows and bayfront condominium towers with majestic views. If you enjoy the more outdoor life, there are plenty of options for you with the bustling Sarasota nightlife. Residents can access bars, entertainment venues, restaurants, beach clubs, and themed events. Additionally, schools in Sarasota consistently earn high ratings, and the Sarasota job market is bustling. There are several great employment opportunities for you to apply to, especially in the medical sector.

Sarasota, FL

6. Pensacola

6. Pensacola - best places to live in Florida

Best for tranquility 

Pensacola is one of the best places to live in Florida. Here, residents enjoy the city’s warm climate and desirable setting. Pensacola offers a small-town charm with rich historical heritage, emerald-colored Gulf waters, and affordable housing. Pensacola is a great place to live in, especially if you love the outdoor life because the city is filled with many public parks and access to brackish bays and expansive beaches. Additionally, the city’s food scene is anchored by fresh seafood, with many area restaurants. Pensacola has a climate ideal for everyone because the temperature remains mild even during the coldest months of the year. Top employment sectors in the Pensacola area include tourism and hospitality, medical and healthcare services, education, retail, and professional services.

Pensacola, FL

7. Palm Bay

7. Palm Bay - best places to live in Florida

Best for affordable cost of living

Palm Bay is central Florida’s secret gem filled with natural resources for those adventurous enough to explore. It is located southeast of Orlando in east Central Florida, nestled between Jacksonville and Miami. As one of the best places to live in Florida, Palm Bay offers residents elegant dining, scenic waterfront views, and unique shopping experiences. The Fred Poppe Regional Park, formerly Palm Bay Regional Park, was built in the 1990s, and it’s the largest in the city. Palm Bay also offers affordable accommodation. If you plan to live in the area, the average home price in Palm Bay is around $110,000. As for an apartment, the average rent in Palm Bay is around $949 per month.


Palm Bay, FL

8. Oviedo

8. Oviedo - best places to live in Florida

Best for recreational activities

Oviedo is in Seminole County with a population of 40,370 and is one of the safest and best places to live in Florida. The property crime rate in this city is 9 per 1000 people, which is 58% less than the average property crime rate in Florida. Living in Oviedo offers residents a rural feel, and it is a great place to raise kids. Residents in Oviedo have access to aquatic facilities, a fully equipped fitness room, basketball courts, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, and an indoor rock-climbing wall. Other city facilities include a sports complex with several fields and a playground.

(*FBI Uniform Crime Reporting)

Oviedo, FL

9. Melbourne

9. Melbourne - best places to live in Florida

Best for young professionals 

This is one of the best places to live in Florida that is committed to blending the arts, science, and economic development into its energetic community. In Melbourne, there are plenty of outdoor recreation activities as most residents enjoy golfing on public courses, hiking, water sports, and biking, and they are generally warm and welcoming. There are many restaurants and shopping worth checking out, and residents enjoy easy transportation. Additionally, Melbourne is home to some of the most outstanding schools in the nation, and there are a lot of job opportunities in Melbourne. The community is pet-friendly, and the residents are warm and welcoming.

Melbourne, FL

10. Gainesville

10. Gainsville - best places to live in Florida

Best for excellent education & healthcare facilities

This is one of the best cities to live in Florida because it offers its residents a mixture of urban and suburban life in a quiet and welcoming atmosphere with many friendly faces. The city is home to the University of Florida and also exudes a southern charm, as seen through its natural array of large oak and palm trees, limestone rock, and flowing spring waters. Gainesville is an attractive city full of art, culture, and business opportunities. On the other hand,  there are a lot of employment opportunities awaiting you, and out of all of the workforce industries, education services and healthcare are thriving more in this city. The city’s cost of living is significantly lower than the average, and residents enjoy lots of outdoor recreation sites and healthcare facilities.

Gainesville, FL


Florida has a vast range of cities to choose from if you are moving to Florida. These cities are excellent places for singles and young professionals looking for a career change, retirees who want a place to relax, and families; therefore, no matter where you go, you can always find a place to call home. There is something about Florida that attracts people from all walks of life, and almost anyone can find something interesting in an eclectic state. You might also want to learn about the cheapest places to live in Florida! Are you moving soon? Discover the best moving companies in Orlando, FL.

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