11 Things to Know & Do When Moving to London

11 Things to Know & Do When Moving to London

Are you thinking of moving to London? London is one of the most appealing cities for people who know how to get the most out of it. London has a lot of things to do and see.

The high quality of life and great public transportation in London make it easy to get around, work, and have fun. London is also home to some of the best institutions, hospitals, and schools in all of Europe. To help you make an informed decision about relocating, here are some things to do and know before moving to London.

What to know before your move to London

1. Before your arrival in London

Find a trusted removal company or van rental

Being able to move your entire home to a new place is one of the most stressful events in life. Finding a trusted removal company can be a time-consuming task. Save yourself time and energy by hiring a removal company or renting a van. To find the best van hire or removal company, look for good reviews, a professional-looking website and years of experience. Planning a move to London? Check out some of the best removal companies in London.

Royal Mail Redirection

When you relocate, it is imperative that you let your loved ones and friends know as quickly as possible where you will be relocating to. This would ensure that you do not miss out on any correspondence regarding your new address, with the exception of parcels. You can send mail to your new address in a number of ways, such as through Royal Mail Redirection.


Donate or sell excess items

When you need to relocate, it is necessary to give away or sell any extra belongings that you have. Donating or selling these goods will assist you in decluttering your home and making space in your life for the new additions you are about to make.

2. Upon your arrival in London

Update your address

It’s thrilling to move into a new home, but there are a number of things you need to do to notify the appropriate people and institutions of your new location. If you’re moving, make a list of organizations to call and consider while changing your address. Here are a few to write on your checklists: 

  • Government – Your driving license and vehicle registration must be updated with the DVLA. This should be done after the move because you may need your license to rent a van or complete the house sale. You can update your driving license for free on the DVLA website, and a new one will arrive in two to four weeks.
  • Financial Institutions – Your financial institutions must be notified of your new information. This is important for current account and credit card providers, who may use your address to verify your identity or security. Contact your banks, credit card companies, loan and HP companies, investment funds, and store loyalty card companies.
  • Utility Companies – Your utility companies must be notified of your change of address so they can transfer your account. Your gas and electric supplier may ask for final meter readings and date-stamped photos of your old and new meters to ensure accurate bills. 
  • Health Services – Notify your doctors, dentists, and other health practitioners. Make an appointment before you relocate to maintain your regular schedule. This helps maintain your routine during the transfer. Update health care documents and note changes in coverage or providers.
  • Work and School Connections – Informing your coworkers and school about your move and benefits will assist ease the transfer. It also helps them remember you when a job opening arises.

Make sure to also notify your broadband provider and various online subscriptions of your address change.

Healthcare in the UK

Does the UK have free healthcare?  

The National Health Service (NHS), which is run by the government, is the main provider of healthcare in England. Patients don’t have to pay to use the NHS, but there are fees for eye exams, dental care, prescriptions, and many other types of personal care. All permanent residents of England get free health care through the NHS. The organization is one of four that make up the National Health Service in the United Kingdom. Because health is a devolved issue, healthcare services are not the same all over the United Kingdom. NHS England is in charge of healthcare in England. Even though the public sector provides most of England’s health care, people who are willing and able to pay can get private health care and a wide range of alternative and complementary treatments.

11 Things to Know & Do When Moving to London 2

3. Best places to live in London





Richmond (South-West)


This beautiful riverside location has everything a modern family could want in a suburban city: lots of good schools, a very English feel, a charming main street, and a wide range of nice homes.




Do you and your partner enjoy going out to eat together? There are both cereal cafes and fancy restaurants in this part of London. Spitalfields, Brick Lane, and Boxpark are all in the area.




Bexley is an affordable London neighborhood. Bexley has properties for sale or rent at prices you’d expect outside the capital. Distance from London is the only downside. From Bexley, it’s pricey to commute to central London. If this isn’t a worry, it’s one of the UK’s greatest values.




Students love Islington. It’s peaceful, with plenty of green spaces, and good transport connectivity. The region has pubs, bars, bistros, restaurants, cafés, clubs, galleries, parks, and other places to hang out, explore, and relax.

4. Housing and Renting in London

London has become a leader in the world in the creation of jobs and opportunities in recent decades. Yet it was unable to provide enough new dwellings to meet demand. A whole new generation of Londoners are struggling to make ends meet, and as a result, many are living in substandard or overcrowded housing. Buying a home is a pipe dream for many members of this generation. 

(*New Statesman)

How to find a flat in London?

If you are looking to get a flat in London, try these websites:

  1. SpareRoom
  2. Rightmove
  3. Homes24.co.uk

How to find a house for sale in London?

If you would rather buy a house in your new location, check out these websites:

  1. GLP – Greater London Properties
  2. Prime Location
  3. HomeViews

5. Cost of living in London

If you’re thinking about moving to London, it’s important to know the cost of living in that area. The average cost of living in London for a single person per month is 2,185.13 £

Cost of living breakdown in London




Flat 1 bedroom outside city centre


1,365.69 £


Gas, water, electricity, phone, internet

272.99 £


Grocery list from Numbeo multiplied by 4 weeks

154.76 £


Restaurant, fitness club, cinema

87.58 £


Monthly transit pass

152.11 £


I.e. material goods

152.00 £


2,185.13 £


6. Setting up utilities in London

Electricity, Water, and Gas in London

If you are renting a home, your rental agent or landlord may be able to help you set up your utilities. But if you buy a home in London, you will have to make your own plans for utilities. In the UK, most utilities are privately owned. You can usually choose the gas and electricity company you prefer. 

The electricity in London comes from the grid. Large power stations outside of London make the electricity for this grid. Local energy, also called “decentralized energy,” is any heat or electricity that is made and supplied in London.

Thames Water serves London. Renters aren’t responsible for setting up or maintaining the service, but they must report occupancy. 

Broadband and mobile phones in London

It can be hard to find the right broadband deal because there are so many companies that offer different packages based on the user’s needs, expectations, and online activities. There are different speeds depending on how broadband is used and how many devices are connected. This will allow you to get started on your online communication without hassle or trouble. You may choose the best broadband according to your needs. 

There are four “main” mobile operators in the UK, each of which is the owner of their respective portion of the mobile network infrastructure. They are Vodafone, EE, O2, and Three, and collectively they are referred to as the “big four.” Numerous more companies offer mobile phone service, and these companies are referred to as mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs). 

7. The weather in London

Weather affects daily life. You are strongly affected by the weather, especially if you travel and spend much of your time outside. London’s winter weather is unpredictable, so dress appropriately. If you’re considering moving to London, here is some weather/seasons advice.

  1. Moving to London in the springtime is a wonderful time. The atmosphere is amazing. You can feel the excitement as everyone prepares for their summer days out. You can expect warm, sunny days with higher chances of rain, but the rain will only last a short period of time. April’s temperature average is at 13°C (55°F).
  2. Summertime in London is a great time for so many reasons. The people of London gather together in parks, gardens, and squares to enjoy the weather and spend quality time with friends and family. London summers are moderate but not without occasional rain showers. The typical high during the day is around 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius).
  3. Autumn is one of the best seasons in London. The temperature is pleasant, and the weather forecast is usually very predictable. It’s 15 °C (59 °F) during the day and 6 °C (43 °F) at night. Northern locations are colder than southern ones. However, there is also a downside: between September and December, you can get some rain or fog. 
  4. Wintertime is when you may expect snowy days, long evenings, and frequent power cuts. In winter, the sun rises about 7 or 8am and sets around 4pm. Winter temperatures range from 5 and 7 °C (41-45 °F) while at night it may drop slightly below 0 °C (32 °F), and bright days are frigid. Snowy walks, hot cocoa, mulled wine, and all kinds of fun stuff are waiting for you! On the other hand, winter is a great time for shopping in London as many shops are closed during the summer.

(*Seasons of the Year)

11 Things to Know & Do When Moving to London 3

8. Public transport in London

Understanding the local public transportation system is essential if you are relocating to a new city. Below are the available public transportation options that you can consider when moving in London.

Trains that operate in tunnels below a city are sometimes referred to as the Metro or the Underground. The London Overground provides a convenient alternative mode of transit in and around London. When riding the DLR, you can transfer to the London Underground. Both London City Airport and the IFS Cloud Cable Car can be reached via the DLR.

9. Where to shop and eat in London

Want to know where to shop in London? Or maybe where to eat? Here’s a few lists for you to try.

Restaurants that you can try when moving to London

  • Wedgwood The Restaurant is a stylish place to eat that serves Scottish food that is in season and wild herbs with Asian touches.
  • Amber Restaurant is a modern restaurant and bar with a bottomless weekend brunch.
  • Kricket White City is London’s modern Indian restaurant.
  • Shikumen is a popular Chinese restaurant in London.
  • The Wolseley is London’s best English pub. This landmark restaurant serves British food in a European-style architecture. The interior is as impressive as the exterior, so you can have a polished lunch. You can visit for a fine-dining supper, afternoon tea, or any other meal.
  • Bibendum in South Kensington is home to world-famous chefs. The historic Michelin building is now a fine-dining restaurant under chef Claude Bosi. They create contemporary English and French cuisine with locally sourced ingredients and French specialties.  

Shop till you drop at these shopping places

  • Oxford Street is home to more than 300 shops, including designer outlets, high-street chains, and landmark stores.
  • St. James’s is renowned for its high-end fashion and art boutiques, some of which even have the royal seal of approval. Venture along Piccadilly to stop at stylish department store Fortnum & Mason, while Jermyn Street is so typically British, it’s enough to bring out the old-fashioned gent in anyone!
  • Westfield is the answer if you want to shop all day. White City and Stratford are Westfield’s two London shopping centers. Westfield’s shopping centers are some of Europe’s largest, with 250 shops and 80 restaurants. 
  • Under Carnaby Street’s iconic arch, you’ll find independent boutiques, heritage brands, and emerging designers. Carnaby’s 13 shopping streets have 100 brands and 60 restaurants, bars, cafes, and pubs.
  • The City of London is a historic area with quality shopping centers. Buy luxury and high-street goods among skyscrapers and ancient buildings.

10. Things to do in London

The best way to get to know a city is by knowing what to do and where. You can get a good idea of what you can see, experience, and enjoy in London by picking a few of these suggestions—we’re sure you’ll find the best activities once you’ve moved in.

This is our list of the 10 best things to do when moving to London

  1. Explore your passion for art by visiting well-known museums such as the Museum of London and the British Museum.
  2. Go shopping at Borough Market.
  3.  You and your loved ones can visit St. James’s Park and enjoy the view.
  4.  Be amazed by Buckingham Palace, which is open to the public with the exception of the private quarters.
  5. Go back and learn history by visiting the Houses of Parliament.
  6. Check out the beauty of Westminster Abbey, where royal weddings and coronations are held.
  7. Take your family to the West End Theatre District to see a Broadway play.
  8. Go and walk on one of the busy roads named Piccadilly Circus, similar to New York’s Time Square.
  9.  Face your fear of heights by visiting The London Eye, or simply enjoy the view.
  10.  St. Paul’s Cathedral is a must-see church in London.

11. Fun facts about London

  • Hugh Grant isn’t as well-known in the UK as the area of Notting Hill in London, which is known for its amazing Carnival. Every August, for two days, people from London’s Caribbean community take to the streets for Notting Hill Carnival. Music, floats, food, and a general sense of fun bring a million people to the event every year.
  • The City of London is the smallest county in England and a tiny. section of the metropolis.
  • London buses carry 6.5 million passengers every day.


The main advantage of moving to London is that it’s one of the most vibrant global cities. There are many things to do and see if you are into culture and history, as well as exciting nightlife. London has a lot of people who come from other countries and cities, which means there is an exceptionally high chance that you will find friends with the same interests as you. Moving to London offers more than culture and history alone, but the city isn’t just great-it actually has some unique features that separate it from other major global cities. Are you moving soon? You may be searching for the top van hire companies in London.

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