Centris and MovingWaldo unite to help Quebecers plan their moves

Montreal, May 17, 2022 – We are pleased to announce that Centris and MovingWaldo, two Quebec technology companies, are partnering up to offer more services to real estate brokers and their clients. Clients can now enjoy integrated planning services for moving day as real estate brokers guide them through this crucial transaction.

Quebec technology pitching in on moving day

Buying, selling or renting a property is a major undertaking, and organizing the move itself can be complicated. This new alliance allows brokers to accompany clients to the very last step with turnkey service from MovingWaldo. 

MovingWaldo serves 1.5 million people a year, helping to arrange professional movers and residential services (television, telephone, Internet) on one site, while simultaneously registering changes of address with utility companies, financial and educational institutions, and more.

“The idea of collaborating with real estate professionals stems from our experience of the frequently stressful challenges people face when planning an imminent move. This partnership allows our technology to integrate perfectly with services already available to Quebec real estate brokers.”

Philippe Tardif-Michaud, Co-founder and Head of Sales and Business Development at MovingWaldo

“Centris seeks to empower professional brokers with innovative tools to optimize their practice and respond to market demand. With this new partnership, we hope to broaden the range of real estate services brokers can provide, and help promote a great local start-up with a technological platform uniquely tailored to each user.”

Éric Charbonneau, President, Centris

Team up with a broker and reap the rewards

Real estate brokers benefit from a full array of Centris technological tools. These tools help real estate transactions go more smoothly, from searching for properties to buying and selling, and they can now perform relocation planning, too. This is the first step in an evolving partnership strategy to integrate Centris client partners.

About MovingWaldo

MovingWaldo is a Quebec technology company that streamlines North American relocation planning. The online concierge service offers users an efficient, painless move through a single window.

About Centris

Centris is a technology company offering innovative tools, such as Centris.ca, which groups Quebec real estate brokers’ sale and rental listings in a single portal. It also serves as an important source of data for Quebec real estate.

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