The 5 Best Vancouver Moving Truck Rental Alternatives to U-Haul

So, you’ve probably heard about the big truck rental company, U-Haul, right? Well, did you know that they are not your only option when it comes to renting a moving truck? Moving is already very stressful, so you don’t want the added stress of researching a truck rental company. Let us help you out with our Moving Truck Rental Alternatives to U-Haul in your area.

If you still have U-Haul in mind after reading about these alternatives, you can visit U-Haul’s website to book online or call 1-844-937-3001 for more information or to rent your U-Haul moving truck. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

MovingWaldo’s list of the 5 best moving truck rental companies in Vancouver

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Truck Rental at the Home Depot

Visit Website


‱ Starting at 99.95$/day for a Cargo Van and 130$/day for a Moving Van

Services offered

Home Depot rental service has 5 different vehicles available for rental: cargo vans, pickup trucks, moving vans, open trailers and closed trailers. Depending on the size of your move, you can select which vehicle option is best suited for you, as all of the size and capacity information are available on their website.

Why Truck Rental at the Home Depot is recommended by our expert

Home Depot is one of Canada’s favourite hardware and home supply store chains. Founded in 1978, the company now offers an array of home improvement services. These services include truck rentals that transport small to big loads. Since their stores are found across the country, you can easily rent a truck for a long-distance move.

Local office

2388 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V5Z 2T8

Enterprise Truck Rental


Visit Website


Available on demand

Services offered

Enterprise offers rentals at daily, weekly, and monthly rates. They have a good selection of pickup trucks, cargo vans, and straight trucks which range from 16’ to 26’ in size. They also offer commercial rentals which makes sure that each customer has a truck that’s suited to their needs.

Why Enterprise Truck Rental is recommended by our expert

Enterprise is the car rental company that’s known worldwide. The company is not only a rent-a-car service but they also have a truck rental extension. They have the same great reputation globally for both services. They are certainly giving industry leaders a run for their money.

Local office

5249 Regent St, Burnaby, BC V5C 4H4

Penske Truck Rental


Visit Website


‱ Starting at $30/day

Services offered

Penske has a wide range of trucks in its fleet. They have cargo vans, 12 foot, 16 foot, 22 foot and 26 foot trucks for hire. Penske also sells and rents moving supplies like boxes and tape.

Why Penske Truck Rental is recommended by our expert

Penske started out in 1969 and they’ve been growing ever since, helping thousands of people each year with their moves. With Penske, you’ll get a great variety of moving trucks to select from that will fit your needs.

Local office

2916 Norland Ave, Burnaby, BC V5B 3A6

DYSCO Services

Visit Website


Available on demand

Services offered

The DYSCO website states that prices only include the rental rates and that insurance, km rate and fuel, etc. are an additional charge.

Why DYSCO Services is recommended by our expert

DYSCO is a small privately owned and run business within Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. They offer a wide range of services both to corporate renters and private renters. They also offer moving services as well as truck rental.

Local office

2350 Beta Ave, Burnaby, BC V5C 5M8

Truck Rentals & Moving

Visit Website


Available on demand

Services offered

This company mainly supply cars but they do offer pick-up trucks, cargo vans, 1-tonne trucks, and rate-based cargo vans.

Why Truck Rentals & Moving is recommended by our expert

This company is a local rental company that serves the community in West Vancouver, North Vancouver and Horseshoe Bay. Lo-Cost Rent-a-Car mainly rents out cars but they do have an offering of vans and small trucks in their fleet.

Local office

1835 Marine Dr, North Vancouver, BC V7P 1V5

Lo-Cost Rent-A-Car

moving company
Featured in this article

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the best commercial and business truck rental companies?

    Ryder and United Rentals are considered among the best commercial truck rental companies in North America.
    • Ryder: Established in 1955, Ryder has over 837 locations nationwide. No matter what kind of truck you need for your business operations, they are sure to have it. From sprinter vans and refrigerated box trucks to dry van and flatbed trailers, they can offer you several options to pick from.
    • United Rentals: Founded over 20 years ago, United Rentals has over 1000 locations in the United States. They have a large collection of world-class equipment and tools and a customer service team available 24/7 to assist you.
  • How much does it cost to rent a moving truck for one day?

    Average cost of renting a truck for a day varies between $20 to $35 for small local moves (one or two bedrooms) and $40 to $80 for mid-sized moves (two to three bedrooms). Cost per mile for both types of moves is approximately $1. It is advised that you should at least look at 4-5 moving truck rental companies, compare prices and services they offer, then decide upon the one that seems most satisfactory to you.
  • Should I hire movers or rent a moving truck?

    Depending on your budget, availability and physical abilities, hiring movers or renting a moving truck could be the better option for you.
    Moving Truck Rental  Moving Company 
    You drive the rental truck The professionals drive for you
    More affordable move Quicker move
    You have to unload and unpack your stuff yourself Lower chance of an accident to occur because of professional drivers
    Storage and packing supplies available at affordable prices Reduced flexibility in terms of making decisions
  • Can I drive a box truck with a regular license?

    Your regular license usually allows you to drive all 2-axle trucks weighing less than 4,500 kg. Companies that rent moving trucks have most of their trucks weighing under 4500 kg. Box trucks that can be rented with a regular driver’s license are often those less than 20 feet in height, as they are usually under 4500 kg. In most places, to drive a 3-axle truck regardless of the weight, as well as 2 axles over 4,500 kg, you must obtain a different type of driver’s license. Get in touch with your local transport regulator for more information.
  • What size moving truck do I need?

    Depending on the size of your home and the number of items to transport, the size of the moving truck you will need may vary. Typically a 12 foot moving truck = 450 cubic feet
    Home Size Truck Size
    Studio 10-12 ft.
    1-bed apartment 12-16 ft.
    2-bed apartment 16-22 ft.
    3-bed apartment 22-26 ft.
    2-bed house 16-18 ft.
    3-bed house 22 ft
    4-bed house 26 ft.
    5-bed house 28 ft.
  • Do I need a special permit to reserve a parking space for my moving truck?

    Special permits are often required to reserve a parking space for your moving truck in big cities. Of course, the cost of the permit depends largely on the size of the moving truck, as larger units will incur more in the way of permit fees.
    • Residents and or moving individuals within big cities are required to contact the boroughs of the areas where they are moving to inquire about the permits. Follow the provided instructions to apply for a temporary permit, valid on the day of your move.
    NOTE: Some moving companies take the initiative to acquire the permit on your behalf, and it is charged as a part of your moving bill with them. Check to see if they offer such services on behalf of clients. If not, you will have to apply for the permit yourself.
  • Will my credit card insurance cover my truck rental?

    It is very unlikely that your credit card insurance would cover your truck rental. This is usually the case because of the size and weight restrictions. Besides, it is considered rather important that you confirm the insurance policy with your credit card company just to be more certain. Most truck rental companies will offer insurance at an additional cost (starting at as little as $20).  However, if you are interested in getting moving truck insurance, collision damage waiver and supplemental liability insurance are regarded as safe bets. This is only possible if you have the option to choose your preferred type of insurance coverage because many moving truck rental agencies offer these insurance types in bundles. In that case, you will have to make a decision based on your needs.
  • What are 5 tips to drive a moving truck?

    • Always examine the truck to get an idea of how it works. Make sure that everything (headlights, breaks, lights, turn signals) works perfectly, tires are properly filled with air and the truck has enough gas.
    • Check if there is any damage to the exterior of your truck to avoid getting blamed for something you did not do.
    • Remember to release the emergency break before you set off on your journey.
    • Do not start off with high speed, rather build your speed gradually as you go.
    • Maintain a safe distance with the car that is in front of you while driving.
  • Can I move my apartment with a trailer instead of a moving truck?

    You can either use a moving truck or a trailer to move your apartment. Deciding between these two options depends upon several factors. If you have too many belongings, a moving truck will be more appropriate as it offers more floor space and you can easily stack your boxes on top of each other. But, if you are considering using a trailer, you will find it easier to load and unload your belongings since a trailer is closer to the ground. Cargo trailers and utility trailers are the most common types of moving trailers. Cargo trailers are fully enclosed whereas utility trailers are open and cannot be locked.
  • What do I need to know before I rent a trailer?

    Most important thing that you need to know is that there are different types of moving trailers. The common ones are cargo trailers and utility trailers. If you are looking for a more secure handling of your belongings, cargo trailers would be the more appropriate choice since they are enclosed and can be locked. You need to have a vehicle to pull your trailer. The vehicle should have a hitch system that can afford to pull a specific weight. Such hitch systems can be very expensive. Moreover, if the weather isn’t looking so good or you have expensive belongings, it is recommended that you choose a moving truck or a cargo van instead.

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