Where to buy Moving Boxes?

Moving itself can be hard enough without the hassle of having to search for good sturdy moving boxes. Finding good packing boxes for free is always ideal, but it takes a lot of time, so movers short on time tend to buy them to speed up the process. If you’re preparing for a big move, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we share information about places where you can get moving boxes and some useful moving tips. 

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Where to find new boxes to move?

To prepare for your big move, you need to know where to buy new boxes from in order to compare different options and determine which offer works best for your budget and timeline. Here’s a list of 6 places to buy moving and packing boxes from:

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As one of the world’s largest online retailers, Amazon sells a wide variety of high quality moving boxes and ships them directly to your doorstep. It has plenty of different options so you are sure to find the boxes that fit your needs. Each item has customer reviews so that you can compare the quality of the moving boxes to make your decision. When purchasing moving boxes from Amazon, you can take advantage of your Prime membership if you have one and benefit from 2-day free shipping. 

Home Depot is by far the largest direct-to-consumer home improvement store and they sell moving boxes. If you shop for your moving supplies on the website, you can pick up your purchase in store after ordering it online. In addition to its large selection of moving boxes, the website shows you a visual representation of the box’s dimensions and tells you if they have the model you are looking for at your local store. 

You can choose to get the boxes shipped to your house or to pick them up at the closest  Home Depot store for free. What’s good about Home Depot is that the company allows you to make purchases of moving boxes in any amount you like even if it’s just one box of a particular size.

Walmart carries just about everything you need under one roof, including a large variety of moving boxes both online and in-stores. You can order your boxes on Walmart’s website and pick them up at one of its 400 stores in Canada on the same day of your order. If you choose to have your purchase delivered, you can get a free 2-day shipping on orders over 35$.

U-Haul is known as a moving company that rents moving trucks but it also sells a large variety of moving boxes to help make your moving day a success. It also sells specialty supplies like storage bags and disposable moisture absorbers for long or short-term storage. If there’s a U-Haul close to where you live, you can opt for in-store pickup to avoid paying shipping fees. 

Where to find used boxes to move?

Used boxes tend to be cheaper than new ones. To help you save some extra money, here’s a list of websites that sell used moving boxes.

In order to reduce waste through corporate recycling contracts, this company gets new and slightly used boxes from manufacturers, retailers and distributors and sells them to you for half the price of the new ones.

In order to reduce waste through corporate recycling contracts, U-Haul gets new and slightly used boxes from manufacturers, retailers and distributors and sells them to you for half the price of the new ones.

In order to reduce waste through corporate recycling contracts, this company gets new and slightly used boxes from manufacturers, retailers and distributors and sells them to you for half the price of the new ones.

In order to reduce waste through corporate recycling contracts, this company gets new and slightly used boxes from manufacturers, retailers and distributors and sells them to you for half the price of the new ones.

Where can I get free boxes for moving?

By seeking out free moving supplies, you can avoid spending big bucks on moving boxes. If you don’t know where to find them, here are different places where you can get free boxes to save money on your move.

Cardboard boxes

Your apartment building’s recycling bin

We’re not referring to dumpsters, recycling bins are much cleaner and they are bound to contain boxes of various sizes. People order a staggering number of things online that get delivered to their homes so you’ll probably be able to find plenty of empty boxes in the recycling bins of the building you live in.

Grocery store

In order to reduce waste through corporate recycling contracts, this company gets new and slightly used boxes from manufacturers, retailers and distributors and sells them to you for half the price of the new ones.

Your workplace

You can stop by your local convenience store or any market in your neighborhood to ask if they have any empty boxes to give. Grocery stores receive tons of deliveries in numerous large boxes. You can also ask them to save their apple and banana boxes for you, which could be perfect to store your fragile items.

Liquor stores

Liquor stores regularly receive large shipments of wine and spirits and they always set aside boxes for customers who buy in bulk. You can ask your local liquor store if you can take their extra cardboard boxes to add to your moving kit. Try and ask for boxes with lids too. These boxes tend to be small so you can use them for your books or smaller items.

U-Haul has created a convenient message board to connect with customers who want to sell or give away used boxes. You can search by location for free moving boxes in your area. If you’re lucky, you may also score other free moving supplies like packing tape and bubble wrap. It’s a smart way to save money on all your packing supplies.


Bookstores, whether large-chain or locally-owned ones, have plenty of boxes you can use to pack your things. You can be sure that these boxes will be anything but flimsy, given how heavy books can be.

Friends and neighbors

The easiest way to get free moving boxes, and probably the first idea that comes up in mind, is to simply ask friends and neighbors. You may have a new neighbor who has just moved into the neighborhood and who happens to have kept his boxes. You can also call your friends to see if anyone has extra boxes from recent deliveries.

Moving boxes dimension guide

The dimensions of moving boxes are usually expressed in volume (e.g., 1.5 cubic feet), edge length (e.g., 16 ” X 13 ” X 12 ”) or in generic terms (small, medium, large). Small boxes are perfect to store heavier small items such as books or tableware. It is best not to fill large boxes with books or heavy items because it will be very difficult to move them. Instead, you should use large boxes to store bedding, clothing, pillows, plastic toys, etc.  Here are the dimensions of moving boxes: 

  • Small moving boxes have a volume of 1.5 cubic feet (16 in X 13 in X 12 in) 
  • Medium moving boxes have a capacity of 2 cubic feet (20 in X 13 in X 13 in) 
  • Large moving boxes have a volume of 4 cubic feet (19.5 in X 15.5 in X 23 in)
  • Very large moving boxes have a capacity of 6 cubic feet (24 in X 19 in X 23 in)

How many boxes to I need for my move?

In order to get a general idea about the number of boxes you will need for your big move, here’s a guide to determine how many boxes each room needs on average. Keep in mind that this is just an estimate considering that rooms can drastically vary in size and contents. 

  • Living room : If your living room does not double as a library or a museum, it should be fairly easy to store everything with 2-4 small boxes, 3-4 medium boxes, 2-4 large boxes, and 1-2 extra large boxes.
  • Dining room : The dining room shouldn’t take more than 1-2 small packing boxes, 1-2 medium boxes and 2-4 dish barrel boxes if you store fine dishes in it.
  • Kitchen : For kitchen items you usually need 2-4 small boxes, 5-6 medium boxes, 4 large boxes, 2 extra large boxes and a 4-6 dish barrel boxes.
  • Master bedroom : Of all the rooms in your house, the master bedroom will likely require the most work and the most boxes. You will need 1-3 small boxes, 5-6 medium boxes, 5-8 large boxes, and 4-6 wardrobe boxes. 
  • Other bedrooms : If you have more than one bedroom in your house, you will have to pack more clothes. In general, you will need 1-2 small boxes, 3-5 medium boxes, 3-5 extra-large boxes, and 2-4 wardrobe boxes. 
  • Bathroom : Depending on the size of your bathroom and the number of items you keep in there, you may only need 3 small boxes and one medium packing box.

Besides moving boxes, what packing supplies do I need to move?

There are a lot of things that you need when you’re preparing to move and not all of them are as obvious as cardboard boxes. When you move out, you should prepare a moving checklist to write down everything you will need to make your big move a success. To help you out, we’ve prepared a comprehensive list of the moving supplies and moving equipment you will need to pack your things.

Packing tape

While you might go for the cheapest packing tape you find, we actually recommend spending a few dollars more on quality tape. You’ll need it to build and seal boxes, so purchase a durable one. To make sure you don’t run out of packing tape, have one roll of tape for every 30-60 boxes.

Packing paper

You’re going to need packing paper for your fragile items or your sharp items. It will provide extra cushioning and stability in the boxes. You can use newspapers, but packing paper is easier to squish and fill spaces between to make sure that nothing in your boxes shifts.

Bubble wrap

You will need bubble wrap for your fragile items, especially those made of glass, ceramic and porcelain. You can also use it to provide some padding around items once they’re placed into boxes.

Moving blankets

You will need moving blankets (furniture padding) to protect your large heavy items when moving. You can also use them to prevent your items from shifting while they are in transit.

Stretch wraps

Stretch plastic wrap can be helpful to you in many different ways. It can help you wrap a dresser or cabinet to keep the doors and drawers in place as well as bundle items together (silverware or other kitchen items).

Hand truck

They’re ideal to help you move heavy boxes and bulky furniture from your house to the moving truck or the other way around.

Markers and labels

Markers are a must to easily label your boxes so that you can find what you need quickly once your boxes are in your new home. You can label right on boxes with a permanent marker or use labels and a marker if you don’t want to damage the boxes. You can opt for color-coded stickers too.

Where can I store my moving boxes?

When you’re planning to move or remodel your house, you often need somewhere to store your belongings in the process. If you opt for a moving company, you will get a careful, detailed and temperature-controlled experience. Your items will be carefully pad wrapped and remain intact until they are delivered. You can also get a detailed inventory of your goods for long-term storage. With the full service of moving and storage option, you pay for peace of mind.

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