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What are USDOT, MC, and MX Numbers? And why they are crucial for movers.

When searching for the ideal mover for your upcoming relocation, it’s crucial to note that moving companies are required to possess a USDOT number, and in certain cases, an MC number and an MX number. Failure to hold these numbers, when mandated by law, can lead to fines and penalties imposed by the US government, and these companies may not be authorized to operate legally.

This guide aims to provide you with more information on the significance of the USDOT number, MC number, and MX number for moving companies, shedding light on why their possession is essential and what these designations signify.

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Why are the USDOT number, MC number and the MX number important to my move? 

The USDOT number, MC number, and MX number play a vital role in your move because they serve as regulatory identifiers assigned by the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) to motor carriers, including moving companies. These numbers are pivotal in ensuring safety measures and accountability within the transportation industry.

They act as an easy checkpoint to verify the credibility of your chosen moving company. Essentially, having these identifiers means the company is complying with regulations and safety standards. This simple check ensures your move is entrusted to a legitimate and dependable team, promising a smoother, stress-free experience.

Let’s break it down:


USDOT Number 

This number, issued by the FMCSA, serves as a unique identifier for a moving company’s vehicle safety data. Every commercial vehicle must be registered and obtain its USDOT number. While some companies consolidate their fleet under one number, others might have individual numbers for each vehicle. Moving companies are required to secure a USDOT number if their vehicles transport hazardous items requiring a safety permit or if their truck weighs over 10,000 pounds.

Purpose of a USDOT Number

This number is crucial as it ensures the company adheres to road rules for both commercial and private vehicles. It’s used for audits, crash investigations, and inspections to monitor their compliance with these regulations.

The USDOT Number is mandatory for any moving company operating on public roads, whether within a state or across state lines. The USDOT number is obligatory in all states with a few exceptions in New Hampshire, New Mexico, and North Dakota. 


MC Number

An MC Number, also known as a ‘motor carrier’ number, is issued by the FMCSA. It monitors the safe transportation of specific goods across different states. It’s particularly crucial for ensuring safety and compliance, especially when trucks transport regulated items across state borders.

Purpose of an MC Number

The MC number guarantees regulatory compliance and enables authorities to monitor safety performance and enforce transportation regulations effectively. It acts as a safety badge for trucks associated with moving companies, providing transparent access to a carrier’s safety record for informed decisions.


MX Number

An MX number, or Mexican Carrier Number, is an ID for motor carriers owned or controlled by Mexican citizens or those based in Mexico. It’s also for carriers operating between the U.S. and Mexico.

Purpose of an MX Number

The FMCSA issues MX numbers to ensure movers follow regulations and maintain safety standards during transportation, simplifying compliance with complex regulations associated with cross-border operations. 



The USDOT, MC and MX numbers are very important for adhering to safety standards, regulations and for credibility. While these identifiers are often crucial for moving companies to obtain, it also ensures a reliable and secure moving experience for all customers.

Each number is a unique identifier for each moving company. You can typically find these identifiers at the bottom of their main webpage.


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