5 Smart Tech Gift Ideas for Smart Homes

5 Smart Tech Gift Ideas for Smart Homes

Today, smart homes are way more than just a science-fiction ideal. More and more people are choosing to connect their house, in order to make their daily lives safer, cheaper, greener and simpler. Technological products bringing connectivity into your home are not only practical, improving people’s daily lives, but are also cool, and really fun to use. That being said, these devices make the perfect gift to give to your loved ones, or to buy for yourself as an end-of-the-year treat. 

Whether you are trying to find a gift for your most technophile friend, or for your grandparents, smart devices are specifically designed to offer a simplified experience, using some of the most advanced technology there is. This means that you don’t have to worry about how skilled your closed ones are with technology, nor whether they already have a smart home or not. These products can easily be used with a smartphone only, without requiring the whole smart home system. However, the market is overflowing with technological products for smart homes, which can make it even harder to find the ideal gift. We did some research for you, and compiled the 5 best smart tech gifts for smart homes.

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1. Voice Assistant

The voice assistant remains the ultimate symbol for smart homes. This speaker, equipped with a microphone, allows you to dictate all sorts of commands out loud, for the speaker to execute them. Simply by connecting the voice assistant to the Wi-Fi, you can use it like an actual computer: ask about the weather forecast for the weekend, make an online purchase, pay a bill, get the definition of a word, put a song on, etc. Furthermore, since it has constantly been perfected by the best tech companies in the world, these voice assistants are not only powerful, but are also very esthetic, making this a perfect gift.

Perfect gift for: friend or family member who doesn’t yet have a smart home, but who you think would love it.


Amazon Echo Dot (3rd generation)

At first sight, you could never tell what this little device is capable of. The Echo dot by Amazon offers all of the functionalities of a voice assistant, only this one is the third generation of the same product, meaning it’s an improved version. This time, the device also acts as an alarm clock, allowing you to tell your voice assistant what time you would like to wake up at, and get a smooth and customized morning.

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Sonos One

Leader in the sound industry, the company Sonos presents a smart speaker that stands out from its competitors by its sound quality. On top of its fair price, the speaker Sone One is loved for its refined design and for its small size. Compatible with the smart products of Amazon and Google, or simply with a Wi-Fi connection, you can buy this voice assistant for everyone on your list!

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Google Nest Mini (2nd generation)

Just as affordable as the Echo Dot, the latest version of Google’s voice assistant, hence the second version of the Nest Mini, is the best of all versions according to consumers. On top of being affordable, the smart speaker is easy to configure and offers a great sound quality. Also, you could mention while gifting it that this new version of the Nest Mini has a cover that is 100% made out of recycled bottles.


2. Smart Clock

Since nearly everybody has to wake up in the morning, offering an alarm clock as a gift is a safe bet. Technology has been contributing to better our daily lives for a long time now, and that does not exclude early morning awakening difficulties that many experience every day. Smart clocks are specifically designed to offer an optimized sleeping and awakening experience, so that you feel alert and well rested. 

Perfect gift for: Someone for whom waking up is particularly difficult, or for those who cherish their precious sleep.


Lenovo Smart

Working hand in hand with Google’s voice assistant, this device works both as a voice assistant and an alarm clock. You can easily shut down the “assistant” function, to only use the main function, which is to wake up on time. With a wide smart screen at the front, the device auto-adjusts its brightness depending on the time of day, and can keep you up to date with real-time weather forecasts.

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Philips Wake-Up Light

This device by Philips is classified as a “sunrise simulator”, a new type of alarm clock that has a “natural awakening” approach. Instead of a traditional sound alarm, this one, equipped with a large smart light bulb, progressively enlightens your room in order to permit a healthier sleeping cycle. Many say that this technology, combined with the smart light bulb’s intensity, could have positive effects on seasonal depression during the darker months. It is also possible to connect the Philips Wake-Up Light to your smart home’s lighting system to synchronize the morning throughout your whole house!

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iHome Wake-Up Light

The company iHome has been specializing for a long time in the production of accessories and supports for tech devices. Their alarm clock is one of their most remarkable products, allowing a 100% customized wake-up at a competitive price. Also, the iHome device offers a flexible experience, with its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection, as well as its USB port and self-charging station.

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3. Smart Lighting

Proper use of light is an art, and to master your home’s lighting can make all the difference. Thankfully, smart homes technology allows a complete optimization of indoor lighting, aiming to reduce energy consumption and to enhance the ambiance of your rooms. Even if we make our home as smart as possible, lighting might be one of the last steps of the “smart home” shift, which makes this a perfect gift for your loved ones!

Perfect gift for: someone who loves entertaining and creating the perfect ambiance for all occasions, or someone who simply prioritizes at-home comfort.


Philips Hue

This lighting system has been the leader in the smart lighting market for a while already. Its functionalities are numerous and impressive: remote control of the luminosity intensity, shut off or turn on lights via the mobile app or a voice assistant, program a customized lighting schedule for each of your rooms, variety of light colors, etc. To offer Philips Hue lighting system as a gift is offering a special and comforting at-home environment.

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Like most smart lighting systems, LIFX can be controlled from your smartphone. You can change the intensity, the colors, program a schedule to be woken up with a natural light gradient simulator, and more. However, unlike some other lighting systems, LIFX simply works through a Wi-Fi connection, making it easier for those less comfortable with technology.

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4. Streaming Device

After security and energy efficiency, the ultimate advantage of having a smart home is to relax and enjoy the comfort of a recently connected home. Since this is the time to give, why not offer the best relaxation experience to your closest friends and family, who most likely deserve to unwind? Streaming devices provide a simplified and improved streaming experience, by bringing all content sources together in one place.

Perfect gift for: someone who is always lost navigating multiple content apps and sites, or someone who simply deserves to relax and access a quality streaming experience


Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

This product by Amazon is said to be, according to online customer reviews, the easiest and fastest to use. The Fire TV Stick is an HDMI key that you simply plug into your television and connect to your Wi-Fi, and comes with a remote, which has an integrated microphone to let you dictate to Alexa’s voice assistant your commands. This is the perfect gift for those who are already using Amazon products, such as Prime Video or Alexa.

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Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast offers one of the best quality/price ratios on the market. By connecting it to your television, you get access to all the content that you usually access through your other technological devices, on a simple and pleasant interface. Furthermore, no remote is necessary because everything is managed through your smartphone! Although it is compatible with Apple and Android products, the experience is more optimal when used with other Google products. 

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5. Smart Speakers

What rhymes with “ambiance” and “domestic comfort”? Music! Smart homes’ goal is to better people’s everyday lives, by using high quality technological tools. This way, listening to music or watching a movie is not the same sensory experience it used to be, and smart speakers are evidence of that. Combining other functionalities of smart connectivity, smart speakers are changing entertainment standards. 

Perfect gift for: music and cinema lovers, as well as dedicated hosts


Sonos One SL multiroom

Sonos presents an ideal product for those who dream of having a complete sound system. These speakers can be connected to Wi-Fi, and to each other! You simply have to equip the main rooms of your house with a Sonos One SL speaker, and create an immersive experience with a perfect audio quality.

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Bose Soundbar

Integrating Google and Amazon voice assistants, Bose Soundbar is one of the most powerful smart speakers on the market. Its lengthened shape gives the speaker a minimal design look, as well as creating sound effects worthy of a movie theatre. The speaker’s quality also allows you to dictate commands over loud music or movies, and the speaker will detect them with precision.

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Finding the perfect gift for the people we love is always a difficult task. However, this year seems to be the perfect occasion to offer a tech gift to your friends and family members, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of a smart home. These suggestions are varied in terms of price, and in terms of needs and preferences, giving you the chance to make the right decision for each person on your list. Your gifts will be beautiful, useful and popular


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