rent plastic moving boxes in Toronto, Canada

Best Places to Rent Plastic Moving Boxes in Toronto

Moving can be tough, no matter how big or small the job is. Even if you think you can do it all yourself, you may still need to rent plastic moving boxes to transport everything. There are a number of great plastic moving box companies in Toronto, helping you to solve this problem. These businesses provide empty plastic boxes for you to fill so that you can move all of your possessions, and then they come and pick the boxes up when you are finished with them. There is no waste or leftover boxes to deal with, and you still get to move independently and in full control of all of your belongings.

If hiring plastic moving boxes sounds like a good idea for you, read on. We have gathered the best plastic moving boxes companies in Toronto, to help you find a company you like, and that you can trust.

These are companies you can trust for moving bins rental in Toronto and the GTA.

All of the moving boxes rental companies listed below are evaluated based on professionalism, years of experience, accreditation, awards and social proofs from customers.

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How are Plastic Moving Box companies selected?

Our network of plastic moving box you can trust is carefully built based off professionalism, years of experience, accreditation, awards and social proofs from customers. We care to help you through the maze of information the web provides about this unique industry. You can trust the companies listed here to provide quality plastic boxes for your move.

Are you a remarkable moving box rental company?

1. Frogbox Toronto


4.9 stars based on 91 reviews from around the web

About Frogbox

Frogbox is a proud Canadian company, founded in 2008. They were created in an attempt to make moving easier, but also to reduce the amount of waste products that the moving process incurs. Frogbox’s plastic moving boxes are recyclable and so are many of their other moving supplies, helping to reduce the eco-footprint of your move in the most convenient way possible.

Locations of Frogbox

Frogbox offers its services in a range of different locations throughout Canada, even some in the United States. A list of all of the cities/locations that are serviced can be found on the website, and clicking on the location closest to you can provide you with more detailed location information.

Durham Region

British Columbia



Price per size*

Size (in liters)**

1 week

2 weeks

3 weeks

4 weeks

Every additional week





























































*On the website, Frogbox states that their prices may vary when you are hiring the boxes for inter-city or inter-province moves
** In some cases, the available sizing options will differ between store locations. The sizing allocation is broken down into different combinations of small and large boxes, meaning that customers can find an option that works best for them given the sizing.

BBB Bureau Rating

Not Accredited

In Business Since


Area Covered

Toronto and the Greater Toronto area.


  • Offers drop-off and pick up service
  • The company utilizes environmentally-friendly packing boxes
  • They offer long-term storage options
  • They offer a wide range of service locations, including some United States options
  • The boxes come pre-assembled


  • They don’t offer packing services

Why choose this company to rent plastic moving boxes?

Frogbox Toronto has proven itself to be a reliable company, providing clients with high-quality, durable packing boxes. One of the main draws to this company is the fact that their services are so eco-friendly. Their moving boxes are made from recyclable plastic so that when they need to be retired, they can be recycled to serve another purpose. Many of their other moving supplies are also ecofriendly, such as the biodegradable mattress cover, or the wrapping paper made from recycled paper (that can be recycled again after use).

Another great draw to this company is that they offer their services for long-haul moves, including to some locations in the United States that are close to the Canada/America border. This is perfect for those who are immigrating but don’t want the hassle of transporting all their belongings themselves.


4.5 stars based on 17 457 reviews from around the web

About U-Haul Ready-To-Go Boxes

U-Haul is perhaps one of the most well-known moving companies in the world. It was first established in 1945 in America but has since branched out into Canada. Their Ready-To-Go boxes are their plastic moving boxes that are available to rent, helping to make your moving process easy and eco-friendly, with no waste.

Locations of U-Haul Ready-To-Go Boxes

U-Haul has a wide range of locations throughout Canada, including many in the Greater Toronto area. Although the company is so widespread not all locations may carry the Ready-To-Go boxes. In order to make sure that U-Haul can accommodate your move with their plastic box rental services, you are encouraged to type in your postal code, in order to find out whether or not there are Ready-To-Go boxes near you.

Price per Size*

Size (number of boxes)

1 week

2  weeks

3 weeks

4 weeks

Every additional week






$1.50 per box ($18 per week)






$1.50 per box ($36 per week)






$1.50 per box ($54 per week)






$1.50 per box ($72 per week)






$1.50 per box ($90 per week)

U-Haul also offers its customers the opportunity to hire a specific number of bins according to their needs. This custom offer fits the same cost pattern as all of the other package options: The first week costs $2.50 per box (so if you hired 15 boxes for one week it would cost $$37.50), and then $1.50 for each additional week (15 boxes for 2 weeks = $60).

BBB Bureau Rating

Not Accredited

In Business Since


Area Covered



  • There are a large number of U-Haul locations across the country
  • The boxes can also be hired for international moves to the United States
  • They offer plastic box packages (and customized options) for moves of all sizes
  • U-Haul also offers a range of other moving services if you require them
  • Very cheap compared to some alternatives


  • The plastic boxes only come in one size

Why choose this company to rent plastic moving boxes?

U-Haul is perhaps one of the best well-known companies that offer a variety of services related to moving, including plastic moving box rental. This company is a great choice if you are also looking into hiring other moving services as well. Consolidating all of your moving services into a single company will make the process so much more efficient, and you can be certain that things will all run smoothly. U-Haul has numerous locations all over Canada, meaning that no matter where you are going, there is likely to be a branch nearby.

Another great benefit of choosing U-Haul is the fact that it can accommodate the needs of any size. Their customizable option means that you can rent a single box for moving or as many as you need. This way, you are only ever paying for the boxes that you use.

3. Canadian Tire (Plastic Storage Bins, Containers & Totes)


Not many reviews available online

About Canadian Tire

Unlike some of the other companies listed here, Canadian Tire does not offer plastic moving boxes for short-term (or long-term) rent. Instead, they have bins and containers of various sizes for sale. Canadian Tire was founded in 1922 and was created to help Canadians out in their everyday lives, which is why the company offers such a broad range of products and services. At almost 100 years old, this company has the experience to help you find exactly what you need.


There are numerous Canadian Tire locations throughout the Greater Toronto area, making it easy to visit one of their stores, no matter where you are. Because their plastic bins are for sale and not just for hire, you can purchase these online and have them delivered directly to your home, regardless of your location.

If you do wish to purchase the bins yourself, simply select the one that you want online. At the bottom of that page, the Canadian Tire website will show you a list of stores in your region where that particular bin or container is in stock so that you know it will be there when you arrive.

Price per size*

Size (in liters)**

Price (to buy)























*These prices are not garanteed and may change in time. It represents the market price from June 2020.
**Canadian Tire stocks a range of brands, at slightly different price points. These are some examples of the bins for sale, but you may find different prices from different brands. This is why some of the smaller bins may appear to cost more than some that are slightly larger.
***This is only a sample of the various bin sizes that are available from Canadian Tire. There are many other sizes that you might find more convenient, listed on their website.

BBB Bureau Rating


In Business Since


Area Covered



  • These bins are for purchase, so you can keep them and reuse them
  • There are a large number of Canadian Tire locations throughout the country
  • You can also buy these bins online and have them delivered to your house


  • This is not an ideal choice if you do not want to keep the bins after you have moved

Why choose this company to buy moving boxes?

Canadian Tire is a great choice for those who want to keep their storage containers after. The cost of purchasing high-quality bins is relatively low, and you can then use them for whatever storage needs you have. Conversely, this would not be a good choice if you did not require large amounts of plastic storage units.

Canadian Tire offers plastic bins and containers that come in a wide range of sizes so that you can find options to fit your specific needs. Whether it is larger bins for bigger groups of items or smaller bins for one or two things, Canadian Tire has you covered.

4. ULINE Canada


3 stars based on 75 reviews from around the web

About ULINE Canada

ULINE is a proud family-owned business, which began in the United States but has since expanded into Canada and Mexico as well. This company does not offer rental services, but rather they sell packing and shipping materials, including plastic moving boxes. The company has over 40 years of experience in the industry, and their massive catalog of products is able to meet almost every single need.


ULINE is actually an American business that have a location in Toronto and Edmonton. 

This should not be a problem for customers who live outside of this area, because ULINE ships all of their products to you, and they can deliver your goods to you no matter where in the country you are. Products are purchased online and delivered to you, a convenient method that does not require you to be in any specific location at all.

Price per size*

Size (in QTS.)

Cost for one carton

Cost for 3+ cartons


$58 (the carton contains 6 boxes)



$73 (the carton contains 6 boxes)



$89 (the carton contains 4 boxes)



$143 (the carton contains 4 boxes)


*These prices are not garanteed and may change in time. It represents the market price from June 2020.
**The pricing for this specific product is done based on cartons, not the individual boxes. Each carton contains a varying number of boxes, from 4 to 6. The cost of cartons becomes cheaper when you purchase more than 3 at a time.

It should be noted that this is only an example of the size and pricing of one kind of plastic storage box that ULINE has available. They have a wide range of plastic containers suited for moving needs, which may be different sizes and prices in comparison to this option.

BBB Bureau Rating


In Business Since


Area Covered

Toronto  & Edmonton but ship everywhere in Canada.


  • These bins are for purchase, so you can keep them and reuse them
  • The bins can be conveniently purchased online and shipped to your house
  • The cost-per-unit gets cheaper when you buy in bulk
  • ULINE also offers a range of other products that can be used for shipping/moving


  • This is not an ideal choice if you do not want to keep the bins after you have moved
  • The range of sizes is relatively small compared to some other companies

Why choose this company to buy plastic moving boxes?

ULINE Canada is another great choice who need storage not just for moving, but for afterward as well. Purchasing plastic storage from this company is relatively cheap, and then you can do whatever you need with it. ULINE offers a range of plastic containers and totes in various sizes, allowing you to easily find a solution that matches your needs. All of their products are sturdy and long-lasting, meaning you will be set for years to come.

ULINE offers great savings for customers who buy in bulk (the cost-per-unit decreases after you buy a certain amount). This makes it a great choice for commercial customers, who may need to transport large amounts of goods.

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