5 Tips for Planning a Long-Distance Move

5 Tips for Planning a Long-Distance Move

There are many reasons for moving long distances, though relocating for work is one of the most common. This is especially prevalent in the tech industry, as workers tend to migrate to the highest-ranking cities for related jobs, such as the ones outlined in CBRE’s “Canada Scoring Tech Talent 2019” report. In Canada, these hubs include the Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa real estate and Waterloo real estate markets.

Wherever you’re moving to, and for whatever the reason, though, a long-distance move is quite a daunting task. Here are some things to consider while planning a long-haul relocation.

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1. Planning the Move

If you can, try not to rush the process; there are so many different aspects that go into preparing for a long-distance move, and it is important that you take your time. For example, do plenty of research as you may need to hire different types of professionals to make your move happen, such as cross-country movers. While some movers may only work within a limited area such as a specific city or province, others specialize in longer-haul jobs.

One issue that some people experience when moving to a new city is incurring extra charges or unexpected fees, especially if a moving company is charging by weight. A recent long distance moving survey showed that 33% of movers were charged more than quoted when their estimate was based on weight.

Also be aware of any rules or regulations, permits or permissions you may need to acquire prior to your moving day, to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible. Depending on your final destination, there may be regulations on what can and can’t be moved by ground transportation there, and it’s good to know this ahead of time.

Finally, prepare for any changes to services or service providers that may be necessary when you arrive at your destination. Many of these services, such as utilities for your new home and finding new medical service providers, are best set up ahead of time.

2. Calculate Your Moving Day Costs

Moving can be expensive, especially over long distances – be sure to set a budget and price out your professional moving company ahead of time. If it’s not feasible to hire a pro, then explore DIY options such as having friends and family help out – however, there will still be costs associated with gas, travel, and manpower for the loading and unloading process.

One alternative to getting a moving company or vehicle, is to consider a shipping company. This may save you some trouble on the logistical side of things and allow you to fly and arrive at your new home with much less hassle. Deciding which option is the most cost effective will require budgeting and quotes from different moving companies. While a plane ticket to your new destination may seem quite expensive in comparison to driving, don’t forget to factor in extras like the cost of food and accommodations on the road. As well, if you are planning on taking your car with you but you would rather fly to your new home because of the distance, shipping it allows you to do just that.

If you know that you are moving well in advance, start saving for moving costs sooner. As well, be sure to book your moving services ahead of time, especially during peak moving periods, in order to avoid worrying about finding a long-distance mover in a short time frame.

3. Declutter Before You Move

Moving long distances with a lot of stuff is less than ideal. Instead, seize the opportunity to declutter!

Whatever you do not want to keep, think about giving it away to friends or charity. Another option could be selling off more valuable items, which can help with moving costs. It’s smart to familiarize yourself with the layout of your new home too, as this will be a good indicator of what you should bring with you. If you are downsizing, this step is of particular importance as it will give you an idea of whether or not you will have room for all of your furniture and belongings in your new home. Getting rid of items that won’t work in your new space is a good way to avoid incurring unnecessary long-distance moving costs.


4. Getting Organized

To make your move smoother, label boxes as you are packing them – this will make it much easier to find things once they’re at your destination! Be mindful that some moving companies, due to the distance of your move, may not be able to give you a firm date on when your belongings will arrive. Instead, you will be given a range as to when you can expect them. For this reason, pack your essentials separately and keep them with you to ensure they’re accessible. This will help avoid scrambling in the case of a delay.

Make sure to pack the truck well in order to make sure that nothing shifts or breaks on the way to your new home. However, even with the utmost caution and care, there is still a risk that something might get damaged over the long distance.

For this reason, it’s smart to get moving insurance for items with high value or importance. This will ensure that you are reimbursed in some capacity for any damage that may occur during the moving process. As well, keep a list of all of the items you are moving, complete with photos, in case a dispute arises. Having this inventory of your belongings may also help you to ensure that nothing is lost or forgotten.

5. Saying Goodbye to an Old Home and Hello to a New One

A long-distance move is not just a logistical process – it can be quite an emotional one as well. Allow yourself to reminisce on the good times in your current house, but make sure to also focus on the positive new memories you will make in your new space. Be sure to say goodbye to friends before you leave. While it is quite common to make empty promises to stay in touch, it really is good idea to maintain a strong connection to current home even after you move as it can help with the homesickness.

To help calm the nerves you feel about moving far away, focus on what life will be like when you arrive. Familiarize yourself with your new neighbourhood in order to help you feel settled a little faster. Try getting to know your new neighbours by inviting them over for dinner or joining local clubs or activities.

Moving long distances can be quite an expensive and emotional undertaking. It is really important not only to look for properties in your chosen city but also to plan ahead for the move itself. The key to a successful long-distance move is not to underestimate the emotional, physical or financial toll it may take.

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