7 things to consider before moving to another province for school

Education is one of the most powerful things that help us evolve as individuals, together with understanding the world better. Many times when we seek a certain school or domain that we want to study more into, we will see that moving to another province will be required. This is because you can’t find a certain school in all regions and to go to one that you like you might need to go for a long-distance move.

The article is great for anybody that is interested in moving to a new province for education purposes. You are going to find out what are 7 things that we think are relevant to check before making such a decision.

1. Take a look at the housing around your new school.

It might sound very basic, but this is probably the best and first step you need to do before you move out. Explore the housing options that are available around your new school and see if you like anything. 

If you are in your first year, for example, a residence can be a cool option as it gives you time to check the campus and decide if maybe in the next year you want to go for something bigger. Be aware that residences also come in different packs. Some of them are full service, while others are self-catered. Knowing this is going to help you make the right call. 

Prepare all the documents that you need to have on you, so you don’t waste time when you get there. Speaking with the new landlord is also important, so you understand all the details of your new deal with him. 

2. What is the cost of living in this area?

Knowing how much money you will have to spend by living there is also important to figure out. This is because you need to make sure you can afford it and to be able to plan out your budget on a month to month basis. Sometimes you also need to include fees that you might not consider in your original plan. So make sure that your budget is a bit flexible as unexpected costs are going to appear for sure, at least in the first months of your stay.

The cost of living can vary from province to province, even from city to city. It is important to do your research in advance to be aware of the differences from where you live at the moment and the impact on your lifestyle.

3. Have a look at the public transport in this area.

It is important to know how you are going to move around in the new province. If you already have your own car, that is great, but maybe you don’t need to take it with you as you will move most of the time on foot. 

Usually, schools have public transport close by, but you should double-check this anyway. You want to be able to move on long-distances fast as well, and public transport can be very reliable. On the contrary, if your school is going to be located quite far away from the housing, you choose you might need to have a car available.

See what are the best transport options that you have and make sure to add them on your list.

4. Take a look at the scholarships that might apply to you

You might also think about applying to different scholarships. When you make a long-distance move to go to a new school, having a scholarship can help a lot. Usually, there are different types that you can apply to, so make sure that you check what your school can offer. 

This is going to reduce seriously the cost of your move and is going to help with your monthly expenses. So there is no reason why you would not want to apply to one. The procedures are easy and you find out quite fast if you get accepted for one.

5. Visit the region before moving if possible.

One of the best things that you can do for yourself is to pay a visit to the region. It is going to help you to get a feel to what is happening there and what is the general atmosphere of the space. It can also be a nice travel destination at the same time, you don’t have to make it so official.

While you are there make sure you check different neighborhoods to see what are the ones that you like and would love to move into. Why not drop a visit to the school as well. Seeing with your own eyes the campus, the activities and the people that are there is going to give you more info on what to expect. 

6. Check the impact of your move on your tax credit.

When you are full-time student, some expenses that are related to your move are tax-deductible, but you need to inform yourself about those because there are some criteria and limitation. Here are some of the expenses that might be tax deductible:

  • Your travel expenses
  • Your transportation and storage costs
  • Even your temporary living expenses

However, like we said, there might be some criteria and not all expenses are eligible. Make sure you take a look at the government of Canada’s website to make sure you gathered all the information necessary.

7. Is there extracurricular activities that interest you?

If you are going to a new school, be aware that sometimes it can get stressful. If you don’t know anybody, making friends can be a challenge sometimes. Join all kinds of extracurricular activities, they are a great source for new people, and it helps you integrate into your new school and your campus.

When you have the time go for walks or a run, exploring the neighborhood can be a relaxing activity and also an opportunity to meet people. In the end, make sure also to have some fun while doing it, there is no reason to get to serious about it.


You just saw the 7 things to consider before moving to another province for school. We do hope that they are going to help you make better decisions in your search for a smart long-distance move. Another advice that we want to give is to not be in a rush. Make sure you go down through all the options that you have before making your final call. After that, it should get easier to move out into the new place that you were looking for so long. Have a great year at your school, and make sure you get the best memories you can! 


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